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How to Remove Snow from a Pool Cover

How to Safely Remove Snow From a Pool Cover

When you have a pool, you may need to care lots of things included pool cleaning, especially snow from the pool cover. Is it a big deal to remove the snow from a pool cover? Of course not. You don’t need to pay much time to remove the snow. So, what is the process to remove the snow?

Before starting the process, you should know what happens when the snow keeps on your pool cover. Generally, snow damages your cover and invites lots of germs, bacteria, and other elements. However, let’s know the process without taking any more.

Why Should You Remove Snow from Your Pool Cover?

There are couples of the reason we found which suggest us to remove the snow from the pool as soon as possible. But why? Let’s check out the point; you may clear your concept from the points.

  • When the snow keeps on the pool cover, it is heavier, which hassle enough to remove the pool cover.
  •  When the snow stable on the cover long-time, indeed, the snow damages your pool cover.
  • Some worms may attack your pool.
  • And others.

How Heavy the Snow?

Different snow has different weights. You should calculate the snow weight with your calculator or using google calculator. You may use inchcalculator to know the snow weight.

For example, your pool is 10 feet long and eight feet wide, and you click one foot of light, then your pool snow weight maybe 250 to 350 pounds. You may check out other snow types of long or wide to know the weight level.

What is the Temporary Solution to Remove the Snow?

Whatever, you may use the temporary technique (most of the time work) to prevent the snow. But what is the process? You need to heat the cover to increase the temperature; when you heat the cover, the snowmelt becomes water.

When the snowmelt, the snow weight becomes 1998 and 4146 pounds. Yes, you hear the right weight. But, now it is easy for you to remove the snow like before. Note, you should carefully heat your pool cover otherwise; it may damage your pool cover.

Above Ground Pool Cover with Snow

When you are the owner of an above-ground pool, the snow may tricky for you. On the above pool cover, extreme snow pressure on the cover, which may damage the pool cover. On the other hand, snow invite stain and other harmful elements.

Whatever, you may use an above-pool ground pillow to protect the cover. It reduces the weight and keeps safe your pool cover. But when the weight is much more, then it may not work perfectly.

Protect Your Inground Pool Cover

You may be happy to hear that there is no danger when extremely fall your inground pool’s snow. But the cover may scratch when the snow has on the cover for a long-time. But when you use a high-quality pool cover, you can easily avoid this issue. Note, if the snow has a small amount, then you can use a normal pool cover.

Remove the Snow Before Damaging the Pool Cover

It is an advanced method, not like a temporary which means you need to spend some money. You need to purchase some tools to remove the snow comfortably. So, let’s check out the below steps to clean the snow easily.

  • First of all, you should use a soft-bristle to push the new and fluffy of the cover.
  • Secondly, you can use a pool snow cover remover tool for older ones, comfortably removing the snow from your pool cover.
  • If your snow is a light or small amount, then you can use a leaf blower to prevent the snow.
  • Don’t use any sharp tool which tears your cover.
  • When the temperature normal, you can use a pool cover pump to remove the snow as fast as possible.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do I get the snow off my pool cover?

A: You can get the snow off your pool cover using a leaf blower on light, powdery snow to blow of the snow from your pool cover, and finally, the pool cover pump helps you a lot to instantly clean the snow from your pool cover.

Q: How do I remove snow from my pool cover?

A: It is no big deal to remove the snow from the pool cover. However, you can prevent the pool cover snow using some tools. You can use a leaf blower, pool cover pump, and some other elements.

Q: Should a winter pool cover touch water?

A: Your pool cover may not lower quality. It should keep some water after stopping the snow. The pool cover always becomes waterproof. So, your winter pool covers touch water when it maintains the quality.

Final Verdict!

Keep down snow of pool cover is not bad enough, but when it stables, then snow may harmful for the pool. So, you should remove the snow from your pool. We already told you that different method to remove the snow.

You should try them carefully and remove your snow without any issues. How to Remove Snow from a Pool Cover, the question is not suitable for you when you have a small amount of snow.

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