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How to Remove Copper from Pool Water?

Having your own swimming pool provides recreation and fun right in your own backyard or other places, but you may find out your pool’s maintenance issue. However, demand on the water condition in your certain metals, the region can be detrimental to maintaining the swimming pool clean. Minerals such as copper and iron leave deposit can be difficult to prevent.

Moreover, copper and iron are one of your pool’s great hinders because most of the pipes and fittings are made with these materials. Today, I will share some tips and tricks with you and how to remove copper from pool water. So, without delay, let’s get started.

How to remove copper sulfate from the pool

Generally, copper sulfate is used in some of the products sold to eliminate algae from the swimming pools. This chemical is able to stain the pool and occurs cloudiness in the water. The best method to avoid the copper sulfate from the pool is using an algaecide that doesn’t contain copper sulfate. If your pool currently contains copper sulfate and wants to prevent it deeply, you can remove it using a straightforward procedure.

Testing the water in your swimming pool using a pool chemistry test kit, and you must know how much copper your pool actually has. Make sure you purchase a copper sulfate kit because most of the people purchase iron or other kits, following the below instruction for testing the copper of your swimming pool without any hassles.

  • Copper sulfate is used in some products which sold to eliminate algae from the swimming pools.
  • Test the swimming pool water using the copper testing kit and check out how high your pool’s copper sulfate level.

You can add a chelating agent to the water in quantity per instruction on the kit level according to your pool size and the level of copper sulfate level present on your pool. The chelating agent will bind with the copper sulfate and allows it to be carried out the filtration system. You can purchase a chelating agent from your local or online store without any hassles.

However, your pool store gives you guidelines for purchasing the right chemical for preventing copper sulfate from water. You need to allow the chelating agent for several hours so that the chemical works perfectly and deeply. You are testing the water again and if the copper sulfate is still present at a high level, and more of the chelating agent and circulating it.

  • Allowing the chelating agent to the water in quantity per the instruction on the level according to the pool and focusing on how much copper level is present in your pool. When both mixed perfectly, I hope that your pool water totally free from copper sulfate.
  • However, test the water again, and if the water sulfate is still present, you need to apply a more chelating agent so that the pool can completely prevent copper sulfate, and you will get fresh water.

After doing them perfectly, I think you will be successful in preventing the copper sulfate deeply. Make sure you purchase the right testing kit and a powerful chelating agent. Please follow the guidelines perfectly for getting the best result. I hope that the information is crystal and clear to you.

Remove the moss from trees with copper

You need to choose a day with no wind or no rainfall within 24-hour spray your trees. Use the spray on the day when no leaves on the trees so that your work becomes easier and can comfortably do your work. Remember, you need to spray on your pool trees, which harmful for your pool water. Don’t spray the chemical on the evergreen tree; otherwise, you lost the tress.

An Alternative method

If you are still unhappy with the above removing system, you can surely follow the below steps to easily remove the copper from your pool.

Step 1: Turn off your pump

First of all, you turn off your pump and bypass the timer so that you can hassle-free prevent the copper.

Step 2: Lower chlorine to 0.3 ppm

You need to lower your chlorine around 0.3 ppm and keep it a few days for successfully starting.

Step 3: PHP level below 7.2

The lower PHP is to 7.2 by adding muriatic acid. If necessary, you will add more without any side-effect.

Step 4: brush

After 6 to 12 minutes, you need to entire the brush on the pool and clean the pool perfectly.

Step 5: Rebalance

However, most of the people rebalance the pool, so hurry it is a wrong method. It would help if you rebalanced the pool slowly. Once your PHP above 7.2, you need to turn on your pump rightly.

You need to follow this alternative method if you don’t understand the above method. Both are workable and actionable. According to experts, copper comes the pool because of fittings and pipes, which make the water copper. It would help if you always focused on your pool copper or other things level so that your pool water becomes healthy and fresh.


How to remove copper from pool water? It is a common question of every pool owner. They fall great to suffer when they use the pool up to 5-years. The copper things are increased when you use your pool commercially. Most of the pool owners do not use solid pipe and fittings, so copper and iron occur. So, it would help if you prevented them badly for getting fresh water.

In the above section, I discuss two methods so that you can easily follow any of them. The first method is more actionable than the second. I hope that the information helps you a lot to prevent the copper from your swimming pool.

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