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How to Get Rid of Worms in Your Pool

How to Get Rid of Worms in a Swimming Pool

Worms of the pool water are helpful but sometimes hamper our health conditions. When you jump into the pool of worms, it may hamper your health. It is tricky to get rid of worms from the pool, but still not impossible. So, how to get rid of worms in your pool?

To provide your question answer, today, I am going to share with you a complete process to get rid of worms from the pool. Actually, the method doesn’t kill all of the worms but all to kill most of them. The article also ensures your pool that worms don’t come again.

Are Worms Good for My Pool?

Of course, they are a very important purpose, and mostly you can find them in a witty place. They fertile your soil, which helps you to grow different plants. They also keep the soil much better. However, if you want to remove them from your soil beside the pool, it may hamper your soil plant.

When the Worms Invite Several Problems?

Most the pool expert doesn’t think about pool worms because they don’t provide any harmful issues. Worms always work their own and don’t disturb humans. But the problems occur when they come into the pool and also died in the pool. When you are a business pool owner, your customer may not like to see the worms on the pool.

How to Get Rid of Worms in Your Pool [Step by Step Simple Process]

No matter how good they are. You may don’t want to cultivate besides your pool or also cultivate the fish on your pool. If you have not this type of idea, you should take the proper step to get rid of the worms. But what is the process?

Let’s check out the below steps to prevent them deeply as much as possible. So, let’s get them away from the pool.

Step 1: Use a Pool Cover

The pool cover may not work perfectly when you have a small amount of worms problem. But it is proofed that a large amount of worms problem solved by the pool cover. A pool cover helps to get rid of worms from the pool and filter.

Sometimes the pool worms attack the filter when your pool is open, especially at night. Note, you should use the cover when it becomes too cold or rainy day. Try to collect a pool cover that is easy to take-off and on when the pool is ready to swim.

Step 2: After Storming Check Out Your Pool

It may always not possible to check out the pool storming. However, it would help if you tried to check out when the storm is finished and try to clean the pool. After rain or storm, the worms come out. So, you can catch them and get rid of them from your pool before falling into the pool.

Step 3: Move Your Pool Landscaping Area

When you don’t want to plant or grow the garden around the pool, you may be made the place with concrete and other decoration. When the soil becomes concrete, the worms don’t come into your pool.

If possible, you should transfer your landscaping approximately 200 feet away from your pool. When you do this job, the worms come out but don’t reach your pool because the Sun kill them before each your pool.

Step 4: Try to High Your Deck

Does the concrete of your deck meet dirt with your pool landscape? Then it is time to high the pool as much as possible. Though the high deck is not stopping to reach the worms of your pool, it kills some of them before reaching the pool.

But reduce the number of worms you can use a skimmer on your pool. It catches the worms from your pool and saves you from worms.

Step 5: Use Some Crushed Limestone

It would help if you used some crushed limestone around the perimeter of your concrete pool. You do it just topsoil besides the collection. The crushed is increases the PH of the soil, which doesn’t have the worms. When they come out, they find themselves unnatural elements.

Warning! Crushed limestone may be harmful to your pool when the rain comes. The rain washes it and keeps through on the pool, which destroys the pool chemistry.

Step 6: When Other Steps Fail, You Use Insecticide

This method may be dangerous, but you can go for this method when all of the processes are failed. But if possible, you should avid your level best. However, spray the landscaping and grasses around your pool. This method kills all living elements and discourages to go other elements. So, you can apply this method to your pool.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do I get rid of worms from my pool?

A: It is tricky enough to get rid of worms from the pool. But you can apply the upper method to avoid this type of issue.

Q: Will chlorine kills worms?

A: No, chlorine doesn’t kill the worms. Chlorine kills bacteria and some other harmful elements from your pool. On the other hand, chlorine keep balance the pool water chemistry.

Final Verdict!

It is true that worms are not much harmful which you think. They always work their own way and never harm your pool. However, if you think that you need to clean the worms or get rid of worms from your pool, you may check out the steps and follow them strictly. Though it is tricky enough to remove them, you should reduce maximum worms from your pool.

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