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How to Remove Pollen from Pool

Pollen is often ready to kill your pool beauty and unhygienic. We see pollen several times in our pool when we delay cleaning the pool perfectly. You may be proud of your pool, but when you see the pollen, it may bad enough on your mind. So, how to remove pollen from the pool without wasting money and time?

You may be happy to hear that it is easy to remove the pollen from any pool (inground, ground, and others). To prevent them easily, you just need to follow 5 simple steps. So, let’s check out the steps below and remove the pollen from your pool.

Why Pollen Comes in the Pool?

When you plant the flowers, trees, and other elements, then you may not avoid the invitation of pollen in your pool. In fact, when you have not any flowers or trees near the pool, it comes from your neighbors. So, it is a wise thing for you to take action to remove the pollen.

Are you Sure It Pollen or It Algae?

If you are confused about marking the issues, you can mark the pollen, which looks awful and much like mustard algae. So, before going to remove the pollen, make sure your pool’s element truly pollen.

Algae often stay on your pool ground and the pool wall. The filter does not easily clean the filter of the pool. But when the elements are on top of the pool and capable of removing with the filter, it is pollen. If the elements are pollen that you already marked, then check out the below process to remove the pollen.

How to Remove Pollen from Pool?

As you know, removing the pollen is not a complicated process; you must carefully apply each of the processes. However, let’s check out the process and clean the pollen deeply.

Step 1: Run the Pool Filtration System

You don’t need to run your filter 24-hours or 7-days a week. But the pool filtration is a good defense to prevent the pollen from your pool. Though it is not a powerful method to clean all of the pollen from the pool, it is one of the best starting methods.

You just need to start your pool filter so that other harmful elements from your pool easily clean. When other elements are prevented, it is easy for you to clean the pollen.

Step 2: Skim Your Pool Water Regularly

You should use a skimmer every morning. When you use a very fine mesh head, it picks any kind of pollen in a very short time. If you think a regular skimmer just kills your time and money, you just need to apply a fine mesh head to clean the pollen deeply.

Step 3: Try to Add Some Aluminum Sulfate

Aluminum sulfate is suitable for very small pollen. Small pollen keeps your pool because it does not prevent by filter and skimmer or fine mesh head. To get rid of this small pollen from your pool, you may add some aluminum sulfate. It instantly vanishes the pollen from your pool.

Step 4: Shock Your Pollen Pool

Shock is not actually killing the pollen, but it helps you to get rid of pollen from the pollen. Moreover, it is ensured to don’t come to the pollen again on your pool. The right time to shock the pool is evening and morning. After shocking the pool, it helps the pollen easily get rid of from the pool. You can also use a skimmer after shocking the pool.

Step 5: Vacuum the Pool If Necessary

If you are not satisfied with using a fine mesh head and shock to prevent the pollen, then you may use a vacuum. This is my final stage for you. The vacuum is true works to prevent pollen. But it is an electrical product and this why you may think about electricity. However, remove the pollen to use the vacuum in your pool.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Does Chlorine kills pollen?

A: Chlorine is actually used for killing bacteria and other harmful elements of water. It also keeps balance the water chemistry. However, Chlorine also kills pollen, but it is not working intensely.

Q: Does pollen sink to the bottom of the pool?

A: No, pollen always stays on the top level. In the bottom, you may see the algae. Pollen is a very light element, and they stay on the water.

Final Verdict!

It is harmful to the health when you jump into the pollen pool. However, it is not complicated for you to prevent the pollen from the pool. The upper steps are actionable and perfect to kill the pollen. You may avoid the vacuum steps if you solve the problem by using the upper steps. The vacuum is expensive and increases your electricity bill.

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