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How to Fix a Green Pool Fast (in 5 Days or Less)

When you look out in your pool, you may feel proud and fun to swim. But, your fun and proud feeling prevent a moment when you see the green water of your pool. When you know the reasons for green water, you can easily take action and aware of it in the future. What are the reasons to make your pool green, and how can you solve it?

According to pool experts, the pool water makes it green because of algae and lacking chlorine. Most of the time, when you balance these two elements, your pool water becomes fresh and provides awesome chemistry. But when your poll water already green, then you need to prevent them and bring them back to pool water chemistry; how to let me explain.

Why do I Have a Green Pool (Some Major Reasons)

Pool green water is not only sucked for your pool but also unhygienic for pool users. The majority of pool experts believe that algae are only the reason to make the pool water green. It is true, and I have not to doubt. But when your pool is also lacking chlorine, your pool may invite green water in your pool.

When the algae come into your pool, it comes in your pool when the pool filtration is much weaker. When you don’t test your pool water for a long, it brings a couple of issues and algae. Moreover, algae also come when the mat keeps on the pool very long-time. However, you should avoid these types of elements at any cost in the future.

If your pool is already affected, then check out the below steps to prevent green elements from your pool from spending a very little amount of cost.

How to Fix a Green Pool Fast & Effective Way (Step by Step)?

Don’t rush when you clean the green elements from your pool. The process is very simple and takes a very little amount of time. Try to follow each of the steps. You may need to purchase some elements before starting to clean the green water. They are:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Pool Brush
  • The digital water test kit
  • Calcium hypochlorite shock
  • Pool water clarifier
  • Pool algaecide

After collecting these elements, you need to follow the below steps properly.

Step 1: Vacuum Your Pool to Remove Waste

Don’t worry; you don’t need to prevent or clean the pool deeply. But it is a rule to clean the pool before taking any kind of step. So, vacuum your pool deeply; if possible, take some time and clean it perfectly.

Whatever set the valve on your filter to pool waste, then vacuum away the waste. Try to remove algae as much as possible from your pool. Moreover, don’t forget to remove sediment from the bottom of your pool.

Step 2: Brush Your Pool Floor & Walls with a Strong Brush

Though it is old school stuff method, it is a rocket science method. A strong and soft nylon brush is capable of preventing algae. Use the brush, wall, and floor and clean them heavily. Most of the time, algae clings to the walls and tough to remove.

Try to use the brush in each of the areas where the algae cling. You may sometimes stay in a place and need to remove the algae forcefully. Don’t hurry; try to apply the brush heavily; I assure you that you can successfully clean the pool.

Step 3: Test Your Pool Water, Specially PH & Alkalinity

You may already have a digital water test kit. Am I right? If yes, use the kit and check out the PH and Alkalinity level. If you find a lacking of chlorine, then you should apply some chlorine or stabilizer. When you don’t use the chlorine or stabilizer, that means it nonexistent.

Is chlorine level perfectly on your pool as before? You should not apply this step to remove the algae from your pool.

Step 4: Shock Your Pool to Resistant Algae

Hey! Are you ready to apply the most innovative, most powerful, practical, and actionable method to resistant algae and green water deeply? Then shock your pool right now. Pool shock has lots of chlorine, which kills algae and sanitize your pool by taking a very short time.

To apply the shock of your pool means you will increase 70% of chlorine and 90% reduction of algae. (Note, apply the pool shock only for one time when your pool is not much green or affected by algae).

But what happens when your pool is dark or extreme green? Don’t worry; use the shock three to four times. If your pool still looks dark but already resistant to the green elements, you need to apply the shock once more time.

Step 5: Run the Pool Filter

Well, you already shock your pool and prevent the green of your pool. Now, it is time to clean the water and fresh it. However, run your pool filter and don’t turn it off until the water is clear. You may need to wait a couple of days (we need to wait for around 5-days).

But when you haven’t a large amount of time, you can apply a pool water clarifier. Note, you may only use the clarifier when you use your pool filter for at least 24-hours. Overall, you should check out that you use the shock perfectly in your pool.

Step 6: Test Your Pool Water and Enjoy Yourself

I hope that your pool isn’t green anymore. Check out your pool water sanitizer, chlorine level, PH, and alkalinity. Moreover, you should also check out the pool water balance or chemistry. If you find them all are perfect, then you should use and enjoy your pool again.

The pool is Green, but Chlorine is High?

If your pool is green, but the chlorine is high, then your pool must be attacked by algae. Try to apply the upper steps, especially brush the pool floor and walls and also use shock. Wait some days and then check out the water again; I hope that your pool clean or resistant to green elements.

Take an Easy Step to Stop Returning the Algae

Now, your pool is clean and free of algae. You may spend some money and time cleaning the pool. You may don’t need to algae again. Am I right? If no, you should take proper steps so that the algae don’t come again.

First of all, you always make sure that your pool water sanitizer level is much better and working fine. It is one of the best methods for you to check out the level every day. If the checking process is not possible every day, then you must check it out weekly at any cost.

If you notice your pool sanitizer is low, you should apply chlorine immediately. It helps you to avoid green and other harmful elements in your pool.

Do You Need to Worry About Pool Phosphates?

Yeah, you may need a little bit worried. Phosphate is not only harmful to the pool water. It is also harmful to the human body. How can you remove them from your pool? That’s very simple using pool phosphate; you can easily remove the phosphate.

I don’t recommend using phosphate remover because it destroys the pool chemistry. You can remove the phosphate from your pool naturally. When you always keep your pool clean from debris, particles, and other elements, then phosphates automatically clean.

Phosphate is also called the food of algae. You need to maintain the phosphate but don’t need to remove it extremely. It also provides some vitamins in your pool other elements. If you don’t want to worry about phosphates in your pool, you need to be concerned about your pool sanitizer, filter, and filter.

Are you Confused about Clean Your Green Pool? Hire a Pro

Most of the time, we afraid to clean the green elements from our pool, or we haven’t enough time to clean the pool perfectly. If you have these types of problems, you will hire a pro to kill the green elements from your collection.
How much cost should you spend to remove the green element from your pool? To bring your green pool back to life and users useable, you may need to spend 100 to 200 USD. It also depends on pool size, area, and affected green amount.

There is a couple of the company provide you this type of service. You can contact them to prevent the green elements from your pool. My suggestion is that you need to try the upper steps by yourself and clean your pool. The process is very simple and cost-efficient.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

Q: How much cost should I need to spend on hiring a natural green pool?

A: Though it depends on company to company and pool size to pool size, the standard cost is 15 to 80 USD. The first time, I spend 45 USD cleaning my pool.

Q: What do you do when your pool is green?

A: First time, you need to check out how much green or dark green in your pool. If your pool is less green, then you need to use shock or another method. When you think to apply shock, you need to use the shock 3 to 5 times, depending on the green level.

Q: Is Your Pool Green No More?

A : The upper steps are scientific methods to clean the green elements from your pool and bring them back to use the pool with fresh water. Apply each of the steps properly and clean the pool deeply. I hope that you may already clean your pool and enjoy it a lot.

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