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The 10 Best Pool Chemical Calculator Apps

Pool Chemical testing Apps

A swimming pool gifts as the refreshment we need during a hot season. It’s also a perfect place to relax during a chilly night if you heat it. But to keep it clean and safe for swimming, you have to give it effective maintenance, which requires you to calculate various factors like Chlorine level, pH, water hardness, Acid level, Phosphates, Alkalinity, and more.  

Mostly it’s about maintaining the water chemistry at an optimal level all the time. It’s crucially necessary as it ensures the water is safe for your skin, prevents algae growth, protect your pool plumbing from harsh chemical levels, and much more 

Of course, you can do the calculations on your own. However, you will need some pool maintenance skills. At a time, the worst is you might forget something or make a miscalculation that could lead to something regrettable. The test kits are also expensive, especially those with pool calculators. 

Some good news is, today’s pool technology has taken another step, and I think you know this; that’s why you’re here. Right? You can install a mobile app and do all the calculations right from your comfort and with all the mobility convenience. What’s more, advanced pool chemical calculation apps can offer you maintenance reminders to help keep the water chemistry optima.

Best Chemical Calculator Apps

Today, Chemical Calculator Apps are quite many. The industry is growing each day, with more and more apps getting developed. 

And, of course, some are operational and effective but there also some that are time-wasting. That means, you have to get it right by getting the best app for your needs, and that’s why I prepared this article.

Below is a list of the top-best apps you can use with your pool chemical calculations. Some are free, while others require subscriptions and other purchases. 

Let’s get to it! 

iAquaLink by Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. (Editor’s Choice)

Price: Free

Compatibility: Apple® and Android™

Website: https://www.iaqualink.com/

It’s one of the highest-rated pool control apps both in Apple Store and Google Play. It’s all free and makes pool automation easy and straightforward.

With the app offering a complete pool and spa control, it’s a way to enjoy the ultimate convenience. With this app on your smartphone, you don’t need to visit the pool pad to turn your valves or even set up the pump speed. You can do it all from the app.

What’s more, it can control up to 32 pool features. You can use it to monitor and control industry-leading swimming pool equipment anytime you want and from anywhere.


Price: Free

Compatibility: Apple® and Android™

Website: https://pooli.app/

Pooli, the world’s most advanced application for the pool maintenance, is the next on the list. It has a delightful user interface and some intuitive instructions; it makes anyone a pool expert with few clicks.

The app is built to give access to the most affordable pool solutions, equipment, and chemicals. And the best part is, it’s all free with no in-app purchases or ads.

You can use it for instant calculation of everything about pool chemistry. It does also give you step-by-step instruction on how you should add the chemicals for proper balancing.

Clorox® Pool Care

Price: Free

Compatibility: Apple® and Android™

Website: https://www.cloroxpool.com/

If you need expert water analysis with personalized pool care recommendations, then you might want to install the Clorox® Pool app. It’s all free and provides DIYer pool owners the necessary tools to confidently maintain a swimming pool all season long. 

According to users’ experiences, the app is easy to use, but some complain about it working well with Clorox products, unlike other brands.

ScreenLogic Connect by Pentair

Price: Free (ScreenLogic interface kit required)

Compatibility: Apple® and Android™

Website: https://www.pentair.com

ScreenLogic interface kit offers a next-level pool automation system that fits most peoples’ lifestyles. You can control your swimming pool with just a click.

ScreenLogic Connect app by Pentair works together with the interface kit to give you the condition of your swimming pool every moment. It works quite well with Pentair Pump control systems.

You can download the app here.

pHin Smart Water Monitor

Price: $349 (pHin Smart Water Monitor Interface required)

Compatibility: Apple® and Android™

Website: https://www.phin.co/

Another way of taking away guesswork while maintaining your swimming pool is to install the pHin Smart Water Monitor. It works with a hot tub and swims spa too.

pHin Smart Water Monitor app connects you to the interface allows you to monitor and do all the calculations right from your smartphone.

It does simplify swimming pool care and offers a user-friendly way to access water reports, and you also get dosing recommendations.


Price: Free (MySutro Water Test Kit & System required)

Compatibility: Apple® and Android™

Website: https://mysutro.com/

Another app you can monitor is Sutro, a smart monitoring app that works in line with MySutro Water Test Kit and System.

 It helps measure pool pH, alkalinity, free chlorine (ppm), and temperature in a friendly, convenient way. It simplifies the monitoring of pool chemicals for a seamless ownership experience.

The app is free, but you will need to purchase and install the test kit and automation system.

Pool Pal

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android™

Website: Not Available

Pool Pal app is another pool calculator app that has defined a new way to simplify pool maintenance and calculations. It saves time and money by helping you keep your swimming pool balanced, something that proves to be hectic every time.

All you need is to feed the app with test results and goals, and it will recommend the ideal chemical quantities. What’s more? It tracks pH, alkalinity, free chlorine, water hardness, stabilizer, hydrogen peroxide, backwashing, borates, salt, filter cleaning, pressure, flow, TDS, and best of all, water temperature.

Pool Math

Price: $7.99/Year Premium Subscription (In-App Purchases)

Compatibility: Apple® and Android™

Website: http://troublefreepool.com/

PoolMath from TroubleFreePool simplifies how you track your pool’s test logs. It’s an ideal way of being sure with the chemical balancing always. It’s a great way to spend less time and money trying to achieve crystal clean and algae-free water.

The app will make your swimming pool care, management, and maintenance seamless. It does this by tracking free chlorine, alkalinity, pH, and other chemical levels.

You will know the amount of salt, bleach, and other water chemicals to add to balance the pool chemistry with it.

Pool Cloud

Price: Free

Compatibility: Apple®

Website: https://www.poolcloud.com/

Another advanced mobile application you can use is the Pool Cloud. It offers pool owners the best way to care for, manage and maintain their swimming pool.

A next-level pool chemical calculator app offers step-by-step instructions, chemical calculations, video tutorials, and cloud-based history. You also get customizable service plans, unique scenarios, trend analysis, and pool maintenance reminders.

The app allows you to spend less time worrying about your swimming pool and more time enjoying a refreshing swim bath. It’s a fantastic way to take charge of your pool. 

Pool Chemical Calculator 

Price: Free

Compatibility: Apple® and Android™

Website: https://poolchemicalcalculator.com/

Finally, there is the Pool Chemical Calculator designed to track, chart, and calculate pool chemical levels. You can also get chemical forecasts according to the local weather data.

Additionally, this mobile app does the hard calculations, calculates the filter size, heat time, and full time for you. What’s more, it can determine other handy parameters required for optimal pool maintenance.


If pool calculations give you headaches, the above pool chemical calculator apps are your solution. They are all famously effective and easy to use according to user experiences. Some app work with an automation interface or pool maintenance kits that you’ll need to buy before downloading. On the other hand, others use your pool’s data to recommend and compute the required chemicals and amounts. So, pick wisely depending on what you need and what you have.

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