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Why My Pool Pump Not Working Today?

Have you a pool pump and the pool pump not working? What is the troublesome, and why you don’t run the pump? There are couples of questions you may have in your mind when your pump is not working. Am I right? If yes, you should find out the right reason.

Whatever, I faced the problem in my pool, and it is really painful for me when I am new on this matter. But believe me, it is one of the easiest tasks to find out the issues. Here, I discuss the 7 pool pump issues reason and also told you the fixing method. So, let’s get started.

The Anatomy of Your Pool Pump

Before you find out the reasons for not working your pool pump, you should clear your concept about your pool pump’s anatomy. So, let’s discuss in detail the anatomy of a pool pump.

  • Pool Pump Lid: The lid is actually connected with your pool filter. When you see that the air bubbles and no water to run the pump, your pump lid has some problems, it is called rig-lid issues.
  • Basket or Strainer Housing of Pump: When the pump starts to take the water, it keeps the water on the basket and then provides the water in your pool.
  • Drain Plug: In winterization, your pool uses a drain pump. You may have one or more drain plug.
  • Pump Housing with Impeller: Pump housing is the main or central control where the impeller and another element (seals) live.
  • Pool Pump Motor: It is one of the most important parts of a pool. It keeps running your pool. Its only job is to spin the impeller and to run the pump.

Pool Pump Not Working [7 Best Reasons]

Here, you discover the 7 best reasons which your pool is not working perfectly. With these issues, you will get the solution. So, I think this reason with a solution is one of the best articles for you.

1. While Running the Pool Pump It is Stopping or not Turing

  • Pool Pump Does Not Turn On or Shut-off Quickly: If your pool pump is quickly shut-off or doesn’t turn on, then it may be an electrical problem. Check out your electric breaker box, and then check out the connection. The connection may lose or break down. It would help if you did not repair it by yourself. You should hire an electrician.
  • Overheated Problem: Sometimes, the quick pump shut-off because of overloaded issues. This problem occurs when you don’t use the right voltage. So, try to use the right voltage to protect the overloaded or overheating issues.
  • Motor Jam: While the motor comes with extreme debris, it becomes a jam and stops working. So, clean the debris from the motor.
  • Turn On But Not Stream to Run: Check out the electric capacitor of your pump. It also reduces the noise level when you use the right capacitor.

2. Low Water Flow Issues of Your Pool Pump

  • Blocking Your Pump Suction: Blocking pump suction is connected with a filter. So, check out the filter gauge of your pool. If the gauge is above 10psi normal reading and perfectly cleaning, then it is okay. It clams down your pump water flow and provides enough water.
  • If There Are System in Your Pool Pump: This problem generally occurs when the 0-ring is a leak. Make sure your pool water level is not very low, and don’t forget to check out the skimmer debris basket. You should clean them as much as possible.

3. Your Pool Pump May Have Leakage Issue

If your pump is a leak, that means you need to repair it as soon as possible. You can repair the pump by yourself. You can use any seals that are replacing. Check out your pump 0-ring in the impeller house, shaft seal, or you can also use thread sealant.

  •  Bend the O-ring around the crack of the ring.
  • If possible, you need to replace the ring by buying a new one.
  • If you don’t see any cracks, you can use O-ring lube, which will help you create a better seal.

4. Your Pump May Sucking Air

This problem may come with several reasons such as:

  • Crack in the pump
  • A loose pump lid
  • A leak valve stem
  • O-ring faults
  • A faulty thread sealant
  • And some other reasons

5. Noise Issues o-f Your Pump

No one likes noisy pumps. If you don’t like the extreme noise of your pump, then you need to do something. However, clean any blockage out of the plumbing line, and you also need to repair air leakage issues.

On the other hand, you can change the bearing when the sound level is so high. I recommend you hire a technician to change the bearing.

6. Check out Pump Basket

Sometimes the filter basket pump full-fill with a clog is another harmful reason for your pump not running or suddenly stopped.

  • Clean the filter and pump basket.
  • Check out the water level of the skimmer. If the water level is low, try to make it balance.
  • Then use shaving cream to check out the air leakage issue.

7. The Pump is Humming and Won’t be Starting

First, you need to check out the pool pump impeller blocking with debris. Stop the pump, remove all of the nuts and bolts, and clean all of the pump’s debris. You must need to remove any gasket away from the impeller.

Your Pool Pump Nearly Die Because of Below 3 Reasons

When you consider the best pool pump from the market, it may comfortably support you for at least 8 to 10 years. But, do you know the reasons for bad signs for your pool pump? If no, let’s check out the three major reasons.

1. Low PSI of your Filter

If your pump pressure gauge filter is lower than normal, it affects your filter basket skimmer and comes clogged. If the process is continuing, that means your pool impeller is wearing out.

2. Your Pump is Constantly Leaking

If you did everything to repair the leaking issue, but it still continues, then it may seal on the motor shaft worn out. However, you can replace it with a very little amount of cost without changing the pump.

3. The Pump is Always Loses Prime

When you have troubleshooting correctly and still have the problem, you need to do prime. Or you can also purchase a new pump to solve all of the issues.

Final Verdict!

To sum up, now you are aware of the reasons which not working your pool pump. However, it is not complicated to find out the reasons. I hope that all of the reasons I already discussed here. So, find out your pool pump is not working reasons and repair it without thinking anymore.

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