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Is It Better to Run a Pool Pump in the Rain?

A pool pump is an essential piece of equipment that ensures the efficiency of water circulation in a swimming pool. It’s also a necessary part of the filtration system that guarantees the filter is getting enough pressure to force the water through the filter media. But I’m guessing you know all this. What you’re interested in most is if you can run your pool pump when it rains.

The answer is YES. However, it will depend on the nature of the rainfall. In average rainfall, you should run your pool pump to keep the water running to keep it circulating for the skimmer to remove any debris that might enter the swimming pool as it rains. It also ensures the water passes through the filter and cleans the remaining debris and contaminants.

But that’s only when the rainfall is average. What about during thunderstorms? And what are the risks involved if you run the pool pump when it rains? Continue reading to get these answers.

Why Should You Run Your Pool Pump During Normal?

The primary function of a pool pump is to keep the water circulating. This component ensures the pool chemicals circulate all the pool corners, allows the water to pass through the skimmer to get filtered of the big debris like leaves.

It also gives the water enough kinetic energy to force it through the filter media and remove the contaminants and the remaining debris. Because of this, the need to keep it running when it rains levels up.

When the raindrops fall from the sky, it collects multiple contaminants that end up in your swimming pool. If there’s even slight wind, the pool could get flooded with leaves.

Keeping the pool pump running can help keep the swimming pool clean and save you from all the hassle of cleaning the swimming pool after it rains. Remember, you will need to balance the water again after the chemicals get diluted by the rain.

You will probably remove the sand that might have been swept into the swimming pool by the runaway water. So, it’s a benefit for you.

Besides all this, it necessary step to prepare against a storm by running your pool pump during a hard freeze. That is a situation experienced mainly by those people that live farther north.

According to experts, leaving the pool pump running can help prevent the pool equipment pipes from freezing when the temperatures are below 32F degrees.

It would also be best to run the main circulation pump plus any secondary water feature pump you might have; there is no need to run a booster pump.

For most automated systems, there’s a ‘Freeze Protection.’ It automatically kicks in the main pool circulation pump when it detects temperature drop to the hard freezing zones.

The temperature set from the factory is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can reprogram it or add a secondary water feature pump to the system.

You could also set the pool pump to the lowest setting when it rains. That allows it to keep circulating the water, lowers the bills, and reduces wear and tear.

When Should You Not Run Your Pool Pump When It Rains?

You cannot run your pool pump or any other pool electrical component including pool heater and heater, in case of a thunderstorm. Turn the pool equipment breaker just before the rain start and turn it on when it’s subsided. What’s more, it’d be best to disconnect and remove your pool cleaner and store it.

A pool motor and other electrical devices are prone to electoral shock during a strong thunderstorm. Another thing, if the pump motor were to get submerged with water and try to run, it’d go out and force you to replace it.

There’s a time, though, when you could run the pump during a storm. Allowing the swimming pool to overflow isn’t the best idea. It could flood your lawn and cause other problems for you.

You could backwash the filter or run it to waste to lower the water level down some inches but, only if there’s a break in the storm and it’s safe to go outside.

And if the pool pump is submerged with water, leave it but off. That will protect it from damage and allow the swimming pool to overflow. There is no need to risk your life to work when there’s a storm and thunder.

What Risks involved If You Run Pool Pump When It Rains?

Even though running the pool pump when it’s raining is essential, you must keep in mind the risks involved.

If it starts to rain but in the middle of the soft rain comes a hail storm with thunder, you risk your pool pump and other running electronic equipment damaging.

The best thing would be to keep checking the nature of the weather outside as it rains. If it gets worse, head to the breaker box and shut the pool equipment line.

Another risk involved is that the skimmer basket(s) might collect too much debris that it starts to clog the line basket and run the pump dry. If not corrected, the situation risks the pool pump from burning out and requiring repair or replacement.

It’s tough to know if your skimmer basket is filled with debris. But if you see the leaves and twigs on one side of the pool, shut off the pump and wait for the storm to subside, and have a clear look later.

Remember, if the pool pump gets submerged and gets waterlogged when operating, the motor or the whole pump will need replacement. Regular rainfall is okay. But, if it extends to a storm that causes flooding and standing water, it can be a huge problem.

You can turn off during such conditions or place sandbags around the pool equipment. IT can help prevent the flooding water from reaching the pool pump and filter.

Final Verdict!

Is it okay to run a pool pump when it rains? Yes, but only during the average rainfall. If the rainfall has thunder and storms, or if it rains too much, keep all the pool electronic equipment beakers, including the pool pump’s off. Additionally, during average rainfall, keep an eye on a significant change; if it changes to storms, turn off the breaker for your pool equipment lines. Remember to check the skimmer basket to ensure it doesn’t get clogged; it could lead to the pool pump running dry and force repairs or replacement.

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