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Should I Keep Cover On Intex Pool?

Intex Pool Cover

Covering a swimming pool is an essential part of reducing maintenance, and it applies to all types of swimming pools, including Intex pools. Now the question is, should you keep your Intex cover on?

And the simple answer is, yes, but only when your swimming pool isn’t in use. That way, you can be sure your Intex Swimming pool will stay free of debris, protecting against UV rays and winter elements. It’ll also prevent water and chemical loss and reduce energy bills. How long you leave the cover on will depend on how long you use your swimming pool.

Intex pool covers come in two types: a standard Intex cover and a Solar Cover, both of which offer the above advantages, with solar cover also helping keep the pool water warm. Continue reading to understand more why it’s essential to keep your Intex cover on when the swimming pool isn’t in use.

Why Keep Your Intex Pool Cover On?

If you’ve owned a swimming pool before and covered it, then you understand that covering a swimming pool can help reduce the amount of work needed to keep it clean. A pool cover might be the most underrated pool necessity you’ll love once you realize the extent it can help in maintaining a swimming pool. Here are some of the benefits you can leap if you leave Intex pool cover on when your Intex swimming pool isn’t in use.

1) Protects Pool against Debris

Debris is always a menace every pool owner wants to avoid. They not only make a swimming pool dirty but also increase the consumption of pool chemicals. If you take time before cleaning them, they might cause algae growth in your swimming pool. It might sound impossible in an Intex swimming pool, but it’s entirely possible if you leave it uncovered when not in use and forget to clean it on time.

You can, of course, avoid all this hassle by leaving your Intex pool cover on when you’re not using the swimming pool. It saves valuable time you would have spent removing debris from the swimming pool, especially in falls.

That means the pool chemicals levels will stay high, preventing pool algae from entering the water. Besides this, it can help take away the skimming strain from the pool skimmer while preventing frequent pool filtering, cartridge cleaning, and backwashing.

2) Lows or Prevent Pool Water and Chemical Loss

Have you ever asked yourself where your pool water goes when its level reduces? Well! Unless you held a pool party full of aggressive swimmers, the water loss is mainly caused by evaporation.

It mainly occurs when you leave the swimming pool open during the day or heat it during the night. And usually, when the pool water turns into vapor and escapes to the atmosphere repeatedly, and as it leaves the swimming pool, it goes with the dissolved chemicals. With time, you lose water and the pool chemicals.

When you leave your Intex pool cover on, though, you prevent water and chemical loss by preventing evaporation. The Intex cover will ensure the pool water vapor condenses and return to the swimming pool with the chemicals. In the end, you save the hassle of adding water and the chemicals lost.

3) Increases Pool Safety

Do you have kids or pets in your compound? As you well know, some Intex pools are pretty low to the ground. And even though you might have installed a safety fence around it, the kids and pets might find their way to the swimming pool.

Adding a sturdy Intex cover and leaving it on can help improve the pool safety and avoid accidental falls into the pool water as they play in the backyard. It can also help keep wild animals and birds from drowning in your swimming pool and causing a whole new cleaning problem.

4) Reduces Energy Bills

When you warm your swimming pool with a pool heater, you expect it to stay warm longer, but that won’t be possible when your Intex pool stays all open. The heat will be radiated to the atmosphere by the cold air around the pool water. And as I mentioned earlier, that will aid evaporation, which causes water and chemical loss.

The fact is backed up by an article by the US department of energy stating that evaporation is the cause of heat loss in a swimming pool. One of the remedies they suggest is a pool cover.

A solar Intex cover helps warm the water during the day by allowing sun rays to pass through it, trap it inside the swimming pool, and warm the pool water. At night, it traps everything inside, helping keep the water warm.

And according to multiple researcher groups, leaving the cover on can reduce pool water evaporation by 95%. They also add that a swimming pool cover can help reduce heat loss and save you 50% – 70% of yearly energy costs.

The best part is, if you keep a solar Intex cover on your Intex pool, you will not only be helping prevent heat loss but also help heat the swimming pool. That means you can enjoy warmer water and an extended swimming season.

When should you cover Intex pool?

Leaving your cover on Intex pool is an excellent idea. Now the big question is, when should you cover it? In the morning, during the day, at night, in the summer, winter, spring, or fall? Getting an answer to the question can help avoid the hassle of adding and removing the pool cover all the time.

When should you cover Intex pool

You should leave your cover Intex pool;

  • When it’s not in use,
  • When closing for the winter, or
  • During the day to use the sun rays to warm the water

1) When it is not in use

The pool water gets dirtier when the swimming pool is in use. But, of course, a lot of things can get to your swimming pool when it’s not in use.

If you were to leave it open all day and night, you could expect it to receive a ton of leaves and other debris. Right? It can get even worse when evaporation takes away the pool water and chemicals.

It makes no sense to keep cleaning the pool water frequently as you tend it when it’s in use. You can cover your pool when it’s not in use and protect it from all these.

2) During Winter Closing Period

Typically, the best thing to winterize an Easy-Set Intex pool is to drain the water, clean it and store it until the swimming season arrives.

However, that isn’t the case with other types of Intex above-ground pools. The swimming pool is massive and holds a lot of water that can cost you a lot to refill and reinstall if you decide to take it apart every winter.

If you have such a swimming pool, the best option is to cover it and leave it on during the whole winter period. Of course, you will still need to carry out the other winterization practices to make the swimming pool entirely safe.


The pool cover can help protect the water against weather elements and prevent it from freezing and causing all kinds of problems to your pool’s structural integrity.

3) During the Day to Heat It

Take advantage of solar energy to heat your swimming pool during a bright sunny day. If you get yourself an Intex solar cover, you can use it to warm the water and keep it warm during the night.

If you want to enjoy a warm morning bath the next day, you can leave the solar cover on the previous day. It will heat the water and keep it warm for you till morning.

It’s one way of reducing the amount of energy you use to keep the pool heater running. In the long run, you can witness a reduced margin in your monthly or yearly heating bills.

Related Questions

Why are there holes in the Intex pool cover?

Some Intex pool covers come with holes that act as drain holes to prevent water accumulation. These pool covers can hold a lot of water that could tear them apart or even create a drowning risk for your kids and pets. Instead, the water drains into the pool thanks to these holes, leaving the debris on the cover dry and ready for easy cleanup.

Should I cover my Intex pool every night?

Yes, of course. That is when pool water loses its warmth the most because of radiation to the cold air around it. So, leaving the cover on your Intex pool can help prevent heat loss and accidental drowning of wild animals that might visit your backyard during the night.

Should you cover your pool when it rains?

Yes, you should, but not always. When there are normal rains, you can cover your Intex pool to keep off any debris that might come with the wind. However, where there are strong windy storms, keep the swimming pool open. The strong winds might reap the cover off and force you to buy a new one.

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