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How to Choose an Above Ground Pool (Safety) Fence

An above-ground pool is an excellent place to relax. It comes with a set of benefits over the inground pool. But when you’re not swimming, and it’s all open, it doesn’t look so good safety-wise. With these pools having a raised wall, most people don’t find the necessity of installing a fence.

Do I really need to fence my above-ground pool? This is a question that keeps ‘knocking’ in most above-ground pool owners’ minds. The reason behind this being that the pool fence will need a budget and time. So, do you need it? Read along to know more.

Do I Need a Fence Around My Above-ground Pool?

Yes! Even though most people try to convince themselves that the above-ground raise is enough protection, it’s necessary to install a fence around your above-ground pool. Here are some of the reasons why.

1) Child Safety

According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), thousands of children drown or get injured in swimming pool tragedies each year.

One recommendation on preventing many of the incidences is installing practical barriers to keep the unsupervised kids out of pool reach.

They also recommend surrounding the pool area with a childproof fence and gate, including an above-ground pool.

Even though an above-ground pool features elevated edges that toddlers might not reach, the ramps and stairs offer comfortable access to the pool surface.

These areas must be secured with gates fitted with childproof locks. If there is a pool deck, make sure it complies with your local building codes.

Apart from installing above-ground pool fence with gate, you might also be required to install it with a childproof fence around its outer edge. Confirm with the proper authorities.

2) Pet’s Safety

Unlike children, animals are excellent swimmers, even the young ones. But why do you still need a fence around your above-ground pool? They might be excellent swimmers, but they will bring all the dirt and mess to your pool water with their fur.

What’s more, if your cat, dog, or any pet with fur gets into your pool and gets wet, they can bring you all the damp mess to your rugs, carpets, and more.

Save yourself from the stress of cleaning all the mess by installing a pool safety fence around your above-ground pool.

3) A bid with the Law

States and local governments have laws that require installing barriers around swimming pools, both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Public and residential swimming pool regulations are set to make swimming pools safe. There may be a fine for not having a pool fence around your above-ground pool.

Be sure to check local building codes and above-ground pool fence regulations in your area when starting your project.

How Do You Choose the Best Above-ground Pool Fence?

Now that you know your above-ground pool needs a fence, where do you start? Well, by choosing the type of fence to use. Here are some of the things to consider when picking the best fence for an above-ground pool.

a) Material

Your pool fence needs to be strong and something you can rely on to offer the necessary protection. You need to make sure it’s something sturdy enough to keep children and animals out.

With most above-ground pool owners going with mesh fence or resin above-ground pool fence, you might also see it as fit for your swimming pool. The reason behind this is, it’s easier to install and budget-friendly too.

But if you decide to choose a mesh fence, check the pole strength. They must be reinforced to meet necessary safety standards. Ensure they are spaced three feet apart for maximum stability.

b) Temporary vs. Permanent

With most above-ground pools being temporal, a temporary fence could be an excellent choice. Another thing, temporary fencing is quite famous for its versatility. You can change it whenever you feel like; you can expand it or remove it entirely.

But if your swimming pool is a permanent model, you could decide to go with a permanent pool fence. However, make sure you install something that matches your style, as you might be seeing it for a while.

c) Gates and Gate Latch

Don’t forget to leave a gated entrance to the pool. That is necessary, especially if you have a semi-permanent deck. Jumping over the fence is not an option. But while doing so, enquire with your local state authorities about the pool fence and gate laws.

Most states require a pool gate that self-closes and with self-latching. Even if it’s not a requirement, it’s a perfect idea. That way, there is no way you can accidentally leave the entrance open.

d) Overall height

Even though an above-ground pool is raised above the ground, it’d be best to install a fence of desirable heights to protect the kids and animals. In most cases, an ideal fence height is at least 4-feet tall.

e) Fence Section Kits

Since above-ground pools are of different sizes and shapes, fencing kits might come in multiple kits rather than massive equipment packages. Most of the time, find packages sold in separate components like Kit A (8 Sections), B (32 Sections), and C (2 Sections).

If your pool is a perfect circle, rectangle, or circular, finding the right fence is more straightforward. You only need a single kit. However, if your swimming pool has more than one shape, you might need to get more than one kit. But the kit design may vary depending on its brand and hardware required for the installation.

If Kit A isn’t enough to fence your above-ground pool, getting another Kit A would give several sections. It’d be best to get a Kit B that contains additional units that aren’t as many as getting two Kit As.

That way, you get a customizable above-ground pool fence that fits right where you need it and offers the most-effective protective measures.

f) Installation

Most above-ground pool fences need DIY installation. However, not all; some will require professional installation and an additional fee for the labor. If you want to do all the installation yourself, know its installation difficulty. Else, you will need to consider hiring a professional for the task.

g) Cost

You’re always open to option, but most of the time, the limiting factor that dictates what you should get is your budget. Every type of fence available has varying costs because of the style, size, and installation ease. A temporal barrier like mesh is the cheapest, but you will pay more for materials like wrought iron and other highly sturdy and durable ones.

How to install an above-ground pool fence

Above-ground pool fence installation can take a couple of hours, but it might take longer, a day or two, depending on who is installing, materials to be uses, and the size of your above-ground pool. For a removable above-ground pool fence type, it might be a bit easier.

If you need to know the best and easy to install pool fences, you could search online for DIY above-ground pool fence ideas.

Installing the fence also differs depending on your pool type, fence kind, and more other factors. However, standard installation of a pool fence requires you to:

  • Make a plan
  • Gather your tools and equipment supplies
  • Clean the area around and follow the given instruction in the owner’s manual

Remember, if the DIY work is too much for you, getting professional help can save you time even though you will need to pay for something extra.

What Are Other Ways There to Maximize Pool Safety?

An above-ground pool fence is not the only way to protect your family, pets, and the community. The following gives you more ways you can maximize your swimming pool safety.

Install a Pool Cover

You can install a safety pool cover to act as a secondary barrier for children and pets. It does also prevent debris from getting into your pool water. It’s one way of prolonging your pool filter’s life while giving yourself peace of mind knowing your family is safe.

Keeping an Eye on the Kids

You must never leave the young ones unattended when around the swimming pool. Kids are always curious, and even the most effective above-ground pool fence might not guarantee security other than parental supervision.

Get a Locking Pool Gate

As aforementioned, installing a self-locking gate ensures you never leave it open. Adding a lock offers an extra security feature to make the fence more secure. It can help deter those accidental openings.

Inspect the Pool Fence Often

Just because it looked solid and sturdy last week doesn’t mean it is today. Inspect the fence to make sure every pole or post sits appropriately. Also, look for new issues, even those at their earliest sign.

Get an Alarm

You could also install a door alarm to the pool area entry. That way, if a child goes near the door, the alarm will alert you.

Teach Pool Safety

Kids might be curious, but telling them what they want to know might reduce their curiosity. You can encourage them to ask a question related to the swimming pool and teach them. Remember to say to them the right time to go for a swim, and emphasize the supervision and permission.

Above-Ground Pool Fence Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a fence around my above-ground pool if my yard is fenced in?

A: Yes, if you’ve pets or kids in your home. If you live alone or with your partner, with no kids or pets, you don’t need to erect a fence around your above-ground pool.

Q: How long do above-ground pool fences last?

A: Your above-ground pool fence can last several years, but that depends on the materials used in its making. Some pool owners might even tell you they have a swimming pool fence older than their swimming pool. If your pool fence materials are sturdy and weather-proofed, then you can consider them as an investment.

What’s the best above-ground fence?

As aforementioned, a mesh pool fence is ideal for above-ground swimming pools. It’s cheaper, easy to get, and capable of DIY installation. The pricing, though, will depend on your pool size. Its open design allows you to monitor your swimming pool area at all times.


An above-ground pool fence offers the necessary protection to the pool area to keep it safe from the reach of kids and pets. You can also use it to add some more privacy to the place. But if you’re doing it for safety reasons, coupling the pool fence idea with the other ways of maximizing pool safety could be an excellent idea.

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