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Quick Setting Up an Intex Easy Set Pool within 1 Hour

Intex Pool installation

For most people, owning a swimming pool is nothing but a hassle. But wait until you meet the Intex Easy Set Pool. As the name suggests, this swimming pool is probably the easiest you can set up – it requires no tools. You can set it up in minutes with the proper procedure, assuming filling the water won’t take long.

Here are the few steps, when followed right, can make your Intex Easy Set pool setup a breeze: Buy the necessities, pick and prepare a spot to setup your pool, place the Intex easy set pool on the ground cloth and connect the hoses and other accessories. When done, setup the pump, fill the Intex easy set pool with water and initiate the filter pump. Don’t forget to treat the water

Everything about the Intex Easy Set pool setup is as straightforward as it sounds. You are dealing with very few pieces and accessories, which makes the process seamless even for a person with no idea what an easy-set pool is. And the best part is, this guide will smoothen the whole task to make a few-minute setup. Follow along!

8 Simple Steps for Setting up an Intex Easy Set Pool

Step 1: Stock up on Supplies

You need to inventory everything you need for a successful Intex Easy Set Pool setup. Here are the items you need for the project:

Step 2: Pick and Prepare a Spot to Setup Your Pool

I’m sure you already have a spot in your backyard that you’ve already picked for the setup. But is it the right spot?

You need a space with a level ground to ensure the pool stays stable – eliminating sagging, overflow, and discomfort while you swim. Uneven ground can also pose the danger of your swimming pool bursting because of uneven pressure distribution.

The perfect spot also needs to be away from the trees. Yes, trees offer excellent shade, but their leaves can be a menace for you. They will keep falling in the pool and creating avoidable situations like clogs and overworking the filter.

If you decide to place it on the grass, be sure to remove all the potential hazards for the spot. Clear the area for any stick, twigs, rocks, and any sharp objects you may find. They can potentially puncture your pool and cause leaks.

If your grass is St. Augustine, Bermuda, or any other type of handy grass, it’d be best to remove them before placing your ground pool cloth. They can grow under it and cause issues later.

If your ideal spot is slightly slanting, you can do minor landscaping to make it even using a sod scraper or a garden shovel. The best way to do this is to bring the high area down to match the low area instead of filling it.

Don’t forget to measure the spot to make sure it fits your Intex Easy Set pool. The swimming pool has to sit on the level area.

It’s acceptable to use concrete as your pool base. However, it would be best to make sure there are no cracks and sharp edges that could tear the pool liner.

Another thing, make sure the spot is near a GFCI outlet and not far from your outdoor tap. However, it should be far enough from the house to keep your home safe from any pool accident.

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Step 3: Place the Intex Easy Set Pool on the Ground Cloth

Take your pool ground cloth and lay it out on the setup area. It will help protect your swimming pool against tears and punctures. Make sure you spread it well on the ground.

Unpack your Intex Easy Set pool from its package. Then, carefully cut the tape, sealing the parcel using a sharp object – keep it shallow to prevent puncturing your investment.

Unfold the pool on top of the ground cloth. Center it as much as possible. Also, spread it around to make it as smooth as possible with the top inflatable ring facing up.

Use a manual air pump, an electric air pump, a tire inflator, an air compressor, or anything that can help you inflate the ring. Watch out not to over-inflate it. When properly inflated, it should feel firm and not hard.

During a hot day, the air inside the inflatable ring will expand, and if you over-inflated it, it could burst and send you back to the market.

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Step 4: Connect the Hoses and Other Accessories

Take the two strainer connectors and the two strainer grids and connect them. When joining them, align the small hole on the connector with the huge one on the strainer grid and then turn the thread.

Take the two shorter hoses and connect to the hose T-joint ends and one of the longer hoses to its center. Make sure the rubber ring doesn’t move while you join the hoses. Next, use the plastic hose clamps to tighten the hoses to the T-joint.

Insert the two strainer adapters into the two holes in the middle of your pool from the inside. Then, from the outside, connect the two ends of the shorter hoses and tighten the joints using the plastic clamps.

Take the inlet air adapter and thread in the air jet valve. When done, fix the return valve to the hole on the right (slightly higher than the rest) and connect the pool inlet air adapter from the outside. Connect the fourth hose to the inlet air adapter and tighten it using the plastic clamp.

Also, make sure you plug in the drain connector and tighten its cap to ensure it doesn’t leak.

Step 5: Setup the Pump

Sometimes, the Intex Easy Set pool comes with a pool filter pump (Krystal Clear™ cartridge filter pump), but at times it doesn’t. If yours did not come with the filter pump, you would have to buy it separately.

Even though the filter pump comes with its parts assembled, you still need to connect it to your swimming pool.

Take the hose you connected to the T-joint and connect it to the top pump adapter and the other hose (joining to the pool inlet air adapter) to the lower pump adapter. Secure the two joints using plastic clamps.

Ensure the cartridge is installed correctly and confirm the rubber ring around the pump housing mouth is in good condition. It shouldn’t have any cracks and should fit snuggly.

Close the pump air release valve or sediment release valve but remember to open it when initiating the filter pump.

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Step 6: Fill the Intex Easy Set Pool with Water

Connect a hose filter to your garden hose to remove any dirt and hard metals in the water and place it into the pool. Then, connect the other end to the outdoor tap and start filling the swimming pool.

Learn more about filling a pool pump here.

When the water is about an inch full, get in and start spread out the wrinkles. You can also try pulling the pool bottom away from the center to make it smooth.

Ensure that the water distributes evenly. If not, you’ve to stop the filling and look for level ground or level the current space.

Continue filling your pool. The pool will start to fill, and the walls will rise. When the water reaches the bottom of the inflatable ring, disconnect the hose – your swimming pool is full.

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Step 7: Initiate the filter Pump

Open the air release valve or sediment release valve to allow all the air in the filter pump to escape. Allow some water to flow out and then close it tight.

Hook it up to the nearest GFCI outlet and power it on. It should be able to push the water through the start jet.

If it does, you’re one step close to completing the setup.

Step 8: Treat the Water

a) Remove the small debris floating in the water

After connecting everything up, take your pool skimmer net and remove any small debris that might have found its way into the pool.

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b) Add chlorine tablets

Take your Chlorinating Tablets package and read the instruction on the dosage to add to your pool. Remember, the pool capacity is in the Intex Easy Set Pool manual.

Mostly, you’ll need one 3-inch chlorine tablet per 10,000 gallons of water per week. What does your package instruction say?

Add the proper dosage for your pool to the chlorine tablet holder and release it in the water to float. When the tablet is completely dissolved, replace it.

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c) Test and Balance the Water

Test your pool water using pool testing strips. It’ll probably come out okay, but it’d be best to do it before opening the swimming for swimming.

If you find any pool chemicals out of range, you will need to pause the opening and balance. Pool testing and testing is also something you will want to do weekly to prevent cloudy water, algae, and pool stains.

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d) Shock Your Pool

It might be too early to shock the swimming pool, but you’ve to do it if you filled it with well water. Shocking your swimming pool kills algae and bacteria.

Check the manufacturer instructions provided with the pool shock treatment to shock your pool, or check out this post.

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Enjoy Your Swim

At this point, your swimming pool should be up and ready for opening. Now you can hold a pool opening party – it’s ready for swimming. You will probably need a ladder or something to help the swimmers, especially the kids, when climbing in the swimming pool. After the swimming session, you might want to cover your swimming pool to protect the water from debris, maintain the water heat, and reduce evaporation, leading to water loss.

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