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How to Set up an Intex Easy Set Pool? Instructions!!

How to Set up an Intex Easy Set Pool

If you are worried about your new Intex pool setup and wanted to set it up without any damages, indeed, you should take a breath because I will share with you a very effective and easy process to set up the pool.

What is the process?

If you already purchase the pool, you may have an installation guide. Around each of the pools, installation guides are the same as well Intex pool. You may fear to think that you need lots of tools, horribly follow the instruction, and others. But all are easier to follow and mains.

Are you ready to set up your pool with my instruction? If yes, let’s get started with the setup.

Store the Important Tools

An Intex pool is great, but it needs maintenance. To easily maintain the pool, you should keep some tools in your store. Which types of tools? Check out below before starting the Intex pool setup.

  • Skimmer net
  • Telescoping pool
  • Pool vacuum
  • Shock
  • Nylon bristle pool brush
  • Water testing kit
  • Chlorine or ionizer
  • Extra pool hoses

When you want to enjoy your summer with great fun, you should keep these tools at any cost. Have you collected the tools? If your answer is yes, you should jump the below steps.

Check out the Case of Pool, Parts, and Accessories

It is with the thought that checks out each of your pool’s parts and accessories, which you already purchase. Make sure your pool parts and accessories have a good condition. Importantly, it needs when you are going to install the metal frame of your pool.

Just a missing bolt or but or loose screw destroy your full pool set up. Keep the pool all of the accessories where you want to install the pool. Note, you should select a parallel space to install the pool.

Unluckily, if you find missing any parts of the pool, you should contact them immediately with the manufacturer. You may contact the manufacturer online and offline.

Find out the Right Place for Your Pool Installation

There are couples of pool users who complain in a month that their pool is broken down or leakage just a few days. When I try to find the reason, I mostly found the issue because of choosing the wrong place.

According to my experience, a pool is must stronger and support much better when the users choose a flat, solid, ground, level, and stable surface. Whatever, to install a pool on the lawn or garden, you should use the trimmer or lawnmower to cut the grass and flat the place.

You can also use a level board or even just 2 x 4 to your pool over the level surface. Check it out again that your pool flat again; otherwise, the installation process may not work, and your pool also breaks down.

How to Setup an Intex Pool

Well, you already have done the upper requirements and ready for to actual pool setup. So, check out the below steps to complete the setup of your pool.

Step 1: Move the Pool Liner

First of all, you need to unfold and move the pool with a new liner. You should order a new liner to complete the process. Now, you need to put all your pool fun and hold. If you think that it is tricky for you to move, you can take help from your friend or family members.

Be sure that your pool has two filters for connecting the holes. You should carefully attach the filter pump with one hole. Moreover, the filter pump also needs to connect with the outlet.

Step 2: Build the Frame

To do step one, now it is time to complete step two. However, the Intex pool frame setup is a lot easier to do. It looks like IKEA furniture. Now, it is time to set up the pole of your pool.

It would help if you started slipping by horizontal beams or poles into your pool liner’s sleeves. After that, you may need to connect the first pole with a “T” joint. Don’t stop; you need to continue going all the way around your pool.

Note, check out that the “T” joint is not rested on your liner. Overall, you need to add the vertical legs (make sure the legs are inserted into the liner or rope with a leg cap). However, it is the hardest job, but you should do it carefully.

Step 3: Setup the Pump Filter

The pool pump filter is easy to setup. When you complete the frame setup process, you may notice that you need to set up the filter. So, check out the point step by step to set up the pump filter.

  • Try to place the filter pump with a surface level, ground, solid, and level. You need to place the filter at least two feet away from the hose connection.
  • Now, place the nozzles union in the upper hose connection. You find this nozzle on the portion of the pool.
  • It is time to place your strainer union on the hose connection. The location of this connection is the right side of the left side.
  • Unlike the left and portion sides, attach the hose with the lower connection and end of the upper connection.
  • To secure the hose connection, you can use hose clamps. You should tight the clamps with the screwdriver perfectly.

Step 4: Connect Frame and Pool Liner

Before full with water of your pool, you should adjust the frame and pool liner correctly. You may already set up the frame and pool liner individually. Before you break down the hose, you should take some to check out the bottom line of the pool and some other sides.

If you discover the unparallel element of the pool bottom sides and wrinkle, then you need to fix the issues. It may be painful for you to use the pool. I hope that you will easily adjust the frame and pool liner.

Step 5: Fill-up the Water

Hey! Now your pool is ready for fun and fills up the water—Fill-up the water to measure your pool size, weight capacity, and pool activities. After filling the water, you need to check out the leakage issues. After filling the water in your pool, stop the pump and enjoy yourself a lot.

Step 6: Test and Run the Filter

If your pool fill-up properly and the water level up to 2-inches long, your hose connection ensures filtering the water. To filter your pool water, you need to plug with an electric outlet and allow the system to run.

Now, your pool is ready for fun after using the chemical. You should apply the chemical to clean your pool and ready the water for the most fun. Note, use a glove, glass, and protective when you use the chemical.

Final Verdict!

Well, you already have completed all of the processes properly and complete your full. I try my level best to mention each of the information clearly. I hope that you feel like a pro when you use the pool. This pool saves your kids summer day and provides great fun. If you are a couple of persons, you may also enjoy it a lot. Any confusion, or question, hit the comment button and let me know your thought.

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