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How to Remove Dirt and Debris from a Hot Tub (6 Simple Ways)

As hot springs are becoming increasingly popular, so is the need to keep these spas clean. While most people focus on cleaning their spa filters regularly because they’re easy to access, removing dirt & debris from a hot tub can be challenging; chemicals can help treat the hot tub but not remove them. So, what’s the best way to remove dirt and debris from the hot tub?

You have a few options here. You can start by removing the huge debris and leaves using a skimmer net. Next, find a way to suck the dirt and grit settled on the hot tub floor. You can create a DIY siphon, buy a spa vacuum or use your kitchen tool, the turkey buster. All these methods will make dirt and debris removal from the hot tub a breeze.

So, how do they work? Don’t worry. I have explained each of these methods below. So, be sure to read it to the end.

How Can You Remove Dirt and Debris from a Hot Tub

When you have a hot tub in your backyard, it is essential to keep the water clean. If there is dirt or debris inside the hot tub, this will cause problems for the user when they get into the pool and damage other parts of your spa equipment.

Dirt can block filters and pumps, resulting in expensive repairs being needed before long. So cleaning should be done every few days by emptying excess water and using a brush on rough surfaces like concrete to remove anything stuck within these areas.

Just like in swimming pools, you should remove any leaves and other big chunks of organic matter floating around in your tub at least once per week (preferably more often).

If you notice small bits of sand getting into the water while taking a dip in it – there’s also no better time than now for giving things an extra scrub down! And don’t forget about all those hard-to-reach spots in your spa, like the steps and corners of its interior.

6 Ways You Remove Dirt and Debris from Your Hot Tub

1) Use a Skimmer Net

Use a skimmer net to remove dirt and debris from your hot tub. The idea is to scoop up anything floating in the water until there’s nothing left but clean bubbles coming out of your jets.

It will help you reduce the mess of cleaning the little sand and grit that might have settled in the bottom that the net can’t scoop out.

Skimmer nets are pretty cheap and easy to find at pool stores or online if you don’t have one.

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2) Siphon It out Using a Garden Hose

Siphon can help suck the dirt and debris out of the hot tub; it makes the process quick and easy. All you need is to make your siphon using a garden hose and get something to collect the water. If your hot tub is near a lawn, you can direct the water there.

One issue with this method is that you might waste a lot of water depending on the mess in your pool.

So, how do you DIY siphon the dirt and debris out of your swimming pool?

Take the garden hose and fill it with water. Make sure you close one end tight in such a way that the water in it isn’t flowing out. Make sure that your hose is long enough to reach all of the dirtiest areas in your hot tub.

Take the open end and place it into a bucket or something that can hold water or place it on an ideal spot on your lawn. The spot should be lower than the hot tub’s water level.

Dip the closed end into the hot tub water and release your hand, and water should start to come out on the other end. All thanks to gravity.

With the water flowing, direct the hose month inside the tub to the debris and dirt you want to get rid of. Remember to hurry up since your draining your pool as you clean it.

3) Use a Spa Vacuum

The next way to get rid of the dirt and debris in your hot tub is by using a spa vacuum. These vacuums are available at any pool store or even online for your convenience. They also come with different styles, power options, etc., so choose wisely depending on what you need them for.

You can use a manual handheld spa vacuum, rechargeable spa vacuum, or an electric spa vacuum. Of course, all these options are determined by your available budget.

After getting one, start by figuring out where all the dirt and debris are inside your hot tub. Place it somewhere that’s easy to reach when cleaning because, trust me, this method will take up some time just like siphoning does if there’s too much mess. The difference is, you won’t lose any water with this method.

Read the instruction on the vacuum manual before using it and perform the process as instructed. After you’re done, dispose of the dirt and debris collected in the vacuum filter and rinse it with some water before storing it. Now, the only thing left to do is enjoy your clean and dirt-free hot tub.

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4) Use Silly Putty

Silly putty is yet another simple cleaning tool that works great for removing dirt and debris from your hot tub. You might be wondering how. Well! Silly putty acts just like a magnet to attract the dust, sand, or grit in it.

Silly putty is waterproof, and it can be reused, so you’re not wasting any resources while cleaning. And the best thing is, you don’t need a massive roll of silly patty clean grit out of your hot tub.

To use, start by squeezing some silly putty and roll it in your hands like a ball. Then take the ridiculous thing and press it around the sand and other debris on the hot tub bottom. After that, pull up slowly to remove all dirt attached to the putty into small pieces.

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5) Use a Turkey Baster

Yes, you read it right, a turkey baster. This thanks-giving kitchen tool is another fantastic yet straightforward tool for removing dirt and debris from your hot tub. And if anyone says they don’t have one at home, then that’s just wrong because who doesn’t own a baster?

Place the tip of the turkey baster into the sand or grit on the bottom of your hot tub and start sucking. Pull up slowly to remove all the sand attached to it into small pieces. After that, dispose of the dirt in a trash bin or some other place that’s not going to pollute anything at home or outside, for that matter.

As with all the other methods, this one also requires patience since it’s not a quick solution. But for those who don’t want to waste water or money on cleaners, then this is your best option!

Just make sure that you clean the baster after every use so that the dirt doesn’t get stuck inside it and transfer to your next hot tub.

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6) Use a Grit Gritter

A Grit Gritter is another exceptionally easy-to-use tool for removing dirt and debris from your hot tub’s bottom. It has a design similar to an eyedropper or a turkey baster but with a bigger mouth than these two.

The idea here is to press the rubber top and force any water inside it to create a vacuum. The vacuum will then pull the sand, dirt, and debris inside for easy disposal outside the hot tub.

The best thing about this tool is that, unlike vacuum cleaners or hand tools, it’s super easy to store once not in use because they’re minimal and easy to carry around.

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How to Keep Dirt and Debris Out of Your Hot Tub

I don’t think you will enjoy cleaning the hot tub every week. So, you want to find a productive way to prevent dirt and debris from entering your swimming pool. Here are a few of my suggestions:

Install a Hot Tub Cover

This is my favorite way to prevent dirt and debris from entering the hot tub. Not only does it make your spa look beautiful but also, you can enjoy jumping into that warm water in winters without worrying about all the snow or rain that’ll fall on top of it when it is closed.

It’s like having your swimming pool! There are many great varieties in covers available at cheap rates these days, which provide an effective barrier between outside elements and your private soaked space, so go for one today.

Don’t Let Water Stand

This might seem obvious, but trust me, this simple tip will help you prevent a ton of unwanted problems down the road. Keep an eye at all times for things like leaves or twigs that fall into the hot tub because if left unattended, they’ll cause significant damage to your beloved spa later on.

So make sure you clean those tiny little bits before they become significant issues! And also, don’t let standing water sit inside for too long otherwise, bacteria start multiplying quickly, leading to serious health issues.

Related Questions

How often should I clean my hot tub?

This depends on how many people use the spa and the frequency at which you run it. But most people clean their spas every week, so you can go for that if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

Can I use vinegar to clean my hot tub?

Vinegar is a great cleaning agent and does wonders when used in the right way, but it’s not going to help remove dirt and debris from your hot tub. You’ll have to use a more effective agent for that.

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