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How to remove dirt from hot tub

A hot tub is great fun, right. But the dirt, debris, sand, leaves, small pebbles are ruined your fun and de-motivate you to use your tub. When you find these types of dirt on your hot tub, definitely, the tub is not capable of providing you a sound swim or fun.

According to a tub expert, the dirt is killed the pool environment and damages the pool deeply. So, how to remove dirt from hot tub? Well, readout A to Z of this content to clean your hot tub without using previous experience.

Is It Possible to Clean the Hot Tub Dirt without Plumber Experience?

I have a hot tub in my garden, and I clean the pool after two weeks a time. So, I have excellent experience to clean the tub without any plumber or hire a technician. It is very easy to clean or remove the dirt or other elements from the tub without any issues.


Yes, I also talk to some users of California and increase my wit a lot so that I can provide you an actionable, crystal, and clear idea to remove the dirt. So, let’s follow the below steps to remove dirt and other horrible elements from your tub.

1. Use a Vacuum to Prevent Horrible Elements (Dirt, Debris, & Others)

No one likes to kill his or her time to clean the pool, Are you? If your answer is no, then you should collect a fast and effective vacuum cleaner. Is it really work to clean your pool deeply?

Of course,

I used this vacuum cleaner on my hot tub, and I don’t need to spend more time cleaning horrible elements from my hot tub. The vacuum simply attached the hose and created a suction to quickly clean any kinds of dirt and other harmful elements from your tub.

Wait, not end here. Is it only removed dirt or debris? No, the vacuum can remove the leaves, small pebbles, and other harmful elements. So, you can easily clean your tub with this vacuum cleaner tool.

2. Remove Horrible Elements You Should Use a Pool Toy

What is a pool toy? A pool toy is a toy that is created for pool and hot tub to prevent the dirt, pebbles, leaves, and other elements deeply. I use my hot tub as a pool toy and clean the bottom and very top section without any helping hand.

The toy easily catches the seal, grit, which is used in your pool to save from leakage issues. To use it, you just need to pull the handle out where the dirt, debris, leaves, and pebbles have. You can also use the water gun to remove the dirt and other harmful elements.

Note, make sure that you never stream water back into the tub; otherwise, it may be harmful to your tub most of the time leak your tub.

3. Use an Actionable Tub Spa Wand

Unlike the upper two sections, this method may be weak but actionable. With a spa wand, you can easily clean or remove bad elements from your tub. Generally, they prevent bad water elements from your tub, which affect your hot tub after a time.

4. Siphon Jet Water Out Simple But Effective Process

This method is very effective and actionable, which provides you instant results. But it is not quite fun to complete the process. To do this, you need to use a few feet of garden hose which you have to cut off of. Use your hand and put the hose on the tub water (maximum hose) until it is mostly full.

After that, you should quickly pull it from the top. You need to direct the cut-down hose over the grit, dirt, pebbles, and other elements in your hot tub and instantly suction it out. Note, the tub may reduce much water; if so, you should re-fill the water on your tub.

5. Try a Turkey Baster

Let’s introduce another tool to clean the tub anytime in any weather. It is very easy to use, and maximum pool or tub owners use this tool to clean their tub. To use this tool, you simply need to squeeze the bulb while the front or opening baster is near the sediment.

6. Use Your Pool Silly Putty

Like the upper 5 cleaning process, it is also a very simple and powerful method. Silly putty is completely waterproof, and it is applied on the hot tub sediment on the very bottom line to clean perfectly.

When you use the tool, it works fast and catches each of the dirt and other elements throughout the pool or tub. I used PlayLearn silly putty for my hot tub, and it is really awesome to work. I hope that this method is effectively worked for you.

7. Grit Gritter a Tub Cleaner

If you think that these 6 methods are not working for you, I think this section helps you clean your tub. Grit gritter is specially made for your tub to clean or remove grit. How is it works?

It works the same way as a turkey baster. The product is a bigger bottle which you can easily catch with your hand. You can get some benefits from using this product, such as the large coverage area to clean your pool or tub.

When you start to use the bottle on your tub, it may full of dirt after some time (20-30 minutes). So, after this time, you need to clean the product outside of the tub.

8. Home Made Siphon on Your Home

Are you creative and handy? Then you can be made an awesome and powerful siphon that removes dirt from your tub. First of all, collects the below elements to prepare the homemade siphon.

  • A few size of hose And plastic bucket

Collected? Then you can jump to the below section to prepare a Siphon.

  • First and foremost, you need to bend the hose gently to end up for each other.
  • Now, you have two-piece of hose, and you need to fill-up with water one piece.
  • After that, insert the empty end of the hose into your hot tub.
  • It is time to place the thumb over the water-filled end.
  • Use the bucket to insert the water-filled section and remove the thumb.

This Homemade siphon is capable of preventing the dirt, pebbles, leaves, and other elements deeply. If you think you are not handy or crafty, you would avoid this section and work with the upper section.

9. Hire a Plumber to Clean the Tub

Many people asked me how much cost he should spend to clean the hot tub when he has not enough time to clean? To find your question answer, I talk around 5 plumbers who clean or remove the hot tub’s dirt.

To clean your overall hot tub, you need to pay $150 to $200 price. The price may differ by size or dirt types. So, when you have not enough time to clean or remove the dirt from your tub, you can hire a plumber and must ready to cost around $150 to $200. Note, you may need to purchase some tools which the plumber recommends.

Final Verdict!

While I clean or remove the hot tub dirt, debris, pebbles, leaves, and other harmful elements, I focus on the upper 8 sections. Each of the methods is actionable and workable for any kind of hot tub.

When the dirt and debris stay in your tub long-time, it creates germs, allergies, and other harmful elements, which is also unhygienic for your sound shower. So, keep in the process and clean your hot tub right now.

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