Zodiac MX8 Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Zodiac MX8 ReviewEditor Rating: 4.2/5

Build Quality

Review Summary of Zodiac MX8

A dirty pool is always a turnoff for a perfect swimming day, and pool cleaning is never easy unless you have the right pool cleaner. That’s why Zodiac created the MX8 to make your cleanup super easy and quick. As an ultra-efficient and low flow pool cleaner, this Zodiac MX8 is here to clean your swimming pool faster and more aggressively than many cleaners in its class. It’s a pool cleaner that brings a new cleaning game. It has a pack of features that ensures it delivers exceptional cleaning performance and reliability.

The machine is ready to battle any pool’s dirt and grime, even the most hardened debris. It does use dual cyclonic suction that enables it to move faster. And thanks to this power, it does deliver unsurpassed vacuum power requiring 30% less flow. What’s more, its ultra-efficient design ensures it uses less flow for maximum energy savings.

Another thing, this Zodiac MX8 has a more comprehensive cleaning path with a large vacuum inlet designed to capture larger debris. The technology employed in this model also promotes maximum torque and top-notch maneuverability. That is something you will love as it allows the MX8 to clean the pool walls and floors aggressively efficiently.

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  • Brand: Zodiac


  • Model: MX8


  • Pool Type: In-Ground


  • Hose Type: Advanced Twist Lock Long life


  • Connection: Skimmer or 1.5″ Vacuum Line


  • Traction: maX-Drive Technology with X-Trax


  • Cleaner Type: Inground suction cleaning robot


  • Pool Surface(s): Concrete, Tile, Vinyl, and Fiberglass

Zodiac MX8 – A Quick Look


  • Features a handle for easy pull-up
  • No multi-directional gears
  • Small connecting hose
  • Easy cleaning options
  • Compact design


  • Works with an external pool pump
  • Misses some spot at times
  • Suitable for all size pools
  • Easy to use

best Zodiac MX8 overviewFeatures of Zodiac MX8

When investing in this Zodiac MX8, you must understand what you’re buying. Zodiac is a renowned brand known to deliver high-class machines. The same applies to this pool cleaner. I will take you through some of its features that makes it exceptional.

Efficient Pool Cleaning

When you need an efficient, all-around pool cleaner, you might want to get this Zodiac MX8. It comes with an adjustable intake that allows easy take-out of large and small dirt, from fallen leaves to fine sand.

For a better, faster, and efficient pool cleaning, the Zodiac MX8 comes fitted with dual cyclonic suction designed to give it more vacuuming power than other pool cleaners. The suction line also has a broader cleaning bath and bigger debris inlet for faster, consistent cleaning.

What’s more, cyclonic scrubbing brushes used here spin continually, scrub, and stay in contact with the pool surface. That helps in uplifting and removing the stubborn debris. The combination of these systems helps in bettering the cleaning performance of the MX8.

Smooth Cleaning & Navigation

This Zodiac MX8 cleaner has an advanced 360° directionality put in place to give it the best pool coverage and prevent hang-ups. The machines also come with X-Trax rugged track design offering premium maneuverability and excellent wall climbing.

That means, when you invest in this unit, you get to enjoy thorough pool cleaning, from top to bottom without your input. Everything is brought together by the MaX-Drive Navigation Technology designed explicitly for exceptional pool navigation.

Quick Efficient Cleaning

The Zodiac MX8 isn’t your typical pool cleaning gadget. It does feature other exceptional features that allow it to reduce your swimming wait. With its full cleaning path, the unit can clear a broad way through dirt and debris, allowing more comprehensive pool coverage and faster cleaning.

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What’s more, the model comes with a twist-lock hose with a quick disconnect, which I admit takes my breath away. The 39′ Twist-Lock Hose delivers optimal performance. It does reduce the cleaner’s vacuum loss. Attaching it to the MX8 is quite straightforward, thanks to the use of a Quick Connect.

Energy-Efficient Design

Zodiac MX8 is one of the most energy-efficient pool cleaners in the market. It has an innovative Flex Power Turbine designed to allow ultra-efficient operation even when it is used with low flow pumps.

It requires as little as 20 GPM flow, making it a cleaner of choice for a two-speed, variable-speed, and solar pumps. And to make this even better, it does use optimized flow control, which controls excess flow automatically through the cleaner to deliver optimal performance and longevity.

High-Quality Construction

The MX8 features a heavy-duty, rust, and corrosion-resistant construction. This machine’s body is designed to handle all the pool chemicals, UV-rays, and stay in shape for a long time. As a unit that will spend most of its life inside the water, it’s built with almost zero metallic materials. The durability is something to applause here.

No Electricity Required

As an automatic pool cleaner, you might think you need to connect it to your power line. No! It’s a suction pool cleaner that works by sucking out the dirt. It does not require you to control or monitor it as it works. It’s designed to handle all the cleaning by itself. Once you invest in this unit, there no other costs incurred.

What’s included in the box

  1. Valve cuff
  2. MX8 cleaner body
  3. 11 twist-lock hose sections
  4. Two twist-lock 45-degree elbows
  5. Leader hose section w/hose-float
  6. Operating instructions
  7. Flow regulator valve
  8. Flow-keeper valve

Zodiac MX8 ReviewsWhat do customers say?

Although there isn’t much talk about the MX8 model, it has attracted some positive reviews with its exceptional performance. According to buyers, this model is nothing but perfection. It’s able to handle all types of dirt and grime. One of the buyers was impressed with how lightweight the unit is, especially when taking it out of the water.

However, there are complaints too. The cleaner requires cleaning after use, depending on the type of dirt you have in your pool. There was a client who complained of the MX8 missing spots while cleaning that requires you to guide it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q; How long should I expect the Zodiac MX8 to serve me?

A: With proper maintenance, the MX8 can serve you well in the long run. Its customer-rated durability is around 6-8 years. Most of its parts are replaceable. That means you can replace them when they become faulty and extend their serving time.

Q; How often do I need to run the pool cleaner?

A: It all depends on how much dirt your swimming pool has, the last time you cleaned it, and the pool size. It takes around 2-6 hours for a typical swimming pool size. If you do clean the swimming pool every week, it might take less than that.

Q: Is it necessary to remove my Zodiac MX8 while I Shock my pool?

A: You should remove your pool cleaner out of the swimming pool during shocking and when adding pool chemicals. It will help increase the pool cleaner’s life.

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Final Word

Zodiac MX8 is a user-loved product with exceptional cleaning performance. It handles almost all pool surface types, and it’s ideal for a couple of pool types. When searching for a suction pool cleaner, consider the MX8, and change your pool cleaning experience.

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