Zodiac Mx6 Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Build Quality

Review Summary of Zodiac Mx6

Managing a swimming pool is then only considered to be the next challenge when the strategy to do so wrongly executed. If this is your pool, you just can’t keep your domestic errands pending and wasting hour into it. Rather it would help if you were wit in adopting such a way that take less amount of time and efforts getting a quality result. So, why not are you going for a quality and powerful pool cleaner and achieve the things done in a jiffy?

Yet, MX6 is an automatic suction pool cleaner just outstanding with due respect exclusive low-flow design and cyclonic suction. This makes this unit a powerful vacuum solution and assures that your pool is devoid of contaminants. Although in 21st century has witnessed some remarkable pool cleaner, Zodiac mx6 stolen of its some exceptional features. So, let’s have a quick look out at the key elements of this model, which let you know why it is a wit investment.

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Zodiac Mx6 pool cleaner overviews

Zodiac Mx6 – A Quick Look


  • Included X-Drive technology
  • Used easy and soft grip
  • Have quiet energy-efficiency
  • Able to wall climb and has suction power
  • Inexpensive and perfect hose included


  • Some users complain its hose that is not worthy

Features of zodiac mx6 review

Capable of saving a good amount of energy

With this unit(zodiac mx6), you do not need to much worry about your utility bill as this unit is technologically rich pool cleaner that has quite energy-efficient. Furthermore, it is quite compatible that not only two-speed pumps but also the pumps of varying speed. I used this pool vacuum my pool that truly values my money and saves much electricity bill. Overall, it is approved by the energy-efficient lab and organization of USA.

Efficient and compact

With a measurement of 40.1 x 9 x 14.6-inch, this component is compact in its own size and has a low-flow design which let its glide throughout the water without any bad issue. The caster wheels clean my pool each of the corners deeply and effectively. Scoring the high-efficiency, it’s suction side pool cleaner comes equipped with pre-programmed navigation that does the pool cleaning well. Generally, I loved its compact design because it easily fast moves and save my lots of time.

Immense Power

One of the strongest features that differentiate zodiac mx6 from other Vacuum is cyclonic suction. This unit not only gears up vacuuming but also articles turbine blade. Overall, this features wall climbing, and successfully process of wall cleaning. The cyclonic power clean the pool walls, floor, corner, and also prevent the dust, which is extremely helped me a lot. So, I think it brings more benefit than other Vacuum.

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Water flow controlled

The presence of the water flow regulator, the speed at that the water might start flowing gets controlled without imbalance. This component completely prevents the need to make an adjustment to the skimmer. I explorer from this unit to my pool water overflowing. Maximum Vacuum, especially modern Vacuum, is not able to provide this feature that we missed an awesome feature for our pool.

Swivelling the hoses enable the effortless assemble.

If you are searching for a user-friendly vacuum, zodiac mx6 is one big advantage that it would assure its user. For this swivelling hoses it has been provided so that it can be connected in that no time without any effort. Of course, a hose plays a vital role in a cleaner. I never found its hose problem when I am going to use it after 1-years above.

Soft and Sturdy Griped

Zodiac mx6 is coming with a handle that has been ergonomically made to grip it well. The grip made with powerful materials for portability and long-time support, included solid plastic, metal and other materials. So, whenever you’re moving it, you will not face any difficulty. If you are a multi-pool owner, it is a complete solution for your pool.

Included Smart Bio-Directional Navigation

The feature of this unit stands responsible for manufacturing Zodiac mx6 clean the wall, floor, and waterline thoroughly is its perfect solution X-Drive Navigation. So, I expect and get this device to move accurately as per it navigates. I found it more interesting when I found its actual work. Surely this component Bio-Directional navigation or X-drive Navigation is different than other pool cleaner and also driven to the next level.

Zodiac MX6 Limitation

This component, in spite of being one of my favourite among the pool cleaning solution. I explorer from it that it often starts spinning in a circle in the pools that do not make the cleaning efficiency. Furthermore, sometimes I found it gets clogged up while it picks debris in the large amount. If you want to clean your pool deeply, this unit gets the job faster, which is not a good thing about it. The most sucking thing is that at the time, this unit stays stuck in the same area instead of moving to another area.

Zodiac Mx6 ReviewWhat’s user say about this Vacuum

Mr John, one of the pool users, told me that it is not at all a bad choice if I consider the single person swimming pool. Most of its aspect is positive like this unit wall-climbing ability, floor clean, cyclone suction power, and powerful technology. The effective clean power, inexpensive spare power and easy setup made this unit user satisfaction.

But the user has bad experience As well I for its wheel. It’s wheel stuck when it comes it depth and shallow one. However, Zodiac MX6 has an authorized service dealer, reliability, and authentically would never be questioned. Moreover, it needs just 3-hour to clean the pool entirely. I loved this section leave collecting which is amazing.

Reason to buy this Vacuum

Reality says that Zodiac MX6 is lots of valid reason to choose for smart pool owners. First, it consumes low energy and stands included immense vacuum power. Secondly, it operates easily based on its existing power that saves your money to purchase a pump pool separately.

Furthermore, climbing wall is noteworthy and makes it a perfect vacuum for deeply clean all of part the pool. I require minimal water flow and stand efficient even at the slower speed. Overall, it tackles all kind of pool and debris without any bad issue. It is a perfect vacuum for my medium pool. If you belong to a medium base pool, you will consider this compact.

What’s included the Box

  1. Hose float
  2. Hose protector
  3. Warranty card
  4. And user manual

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Despite all buts and ifs, Zodiac Mx6 comes with a clear winner in the category of swimming pool cleaner, with navigation technology and unparallel Vacuum, saving your time and swift cleaning. Even though it is a complete solution for your pool walls, it even terms high look of travel and compact. I recommend this unit the people who have a multi-pool because of its powerful feature and portability despite it often stuck the wheels. Once you bring at home, you may take a couple of measures this unit excellence.

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