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Here’s how to Winterize Hot a Tub

Winter is the time when we, hot tub enthusiasts, find it ideal for enjoying the warm bath. However, some times the cold can be too strong to for you or the hot tub to handle. Extreme cold weather can be quite lethal to the human body and destructive to hot tubs.

In case you’re planning of not using the hot tub for at least six weeks, then you need to winterize it. Failing to winterize the hot tub while not in use, the freezing ice/snow can cause damage to your investment and costly repairs when it’s too late.

And for the worst, you might not even be able to save it if the spa damages were severe. That why you need to give it the proper winterization for winter arrives. But how do you winterize hot tub? Within this article, I will share with you some points on this and much more.

Do You Need to Winterize Your Hot Tub? Tips for 2020

Most people will tell you that winter is the best time to enjoy the warm hot tub bath and they aren’t wrong. If you’re planning of spending the winter in your home and not on vacation, then it’s best to have your hot tub running steadily and filled with warm water. The water needs to be tested and treated according to the usual schedule, especially if you don’t plan on using it frequently.

The energy-efficient spas require less electricity output to remain heated continually, even during the cold weather. Winterizing, on the other hand, can be quite complicated and expensive. If you evaluate the time and effort you can use during the winterization of your hot tub; you might notice it’s not worth the few bucks you save on the electric bill.

Steps on how to winterize a hot tub

Therefore, it is easier to keep the hot tub running if you’re not planning of using it for more than two consecutive weeks during winter. At times you might want to go for a two-week vacation. During this time, you don’t need to winterize, but you need to sanitize and chock the water, clean the filters, and make sure it’s well covered with a waterproof, fitting high-quality cover.

Also, use the child and pet safety locks to secure the cover to provide some extra protection barrier against unsupervised use. And to conserve energy, you need to lower the temperature by ten degrees and also ensure the water stays warm continually. You shouldn’t allow it to freeze.

Having said all that, it’s time now you know how to winterize hot tub if you have decided to leave it unused for long.

Steps on how to winterize a hot tub

1) Flush the plumbing lines

The pipes can be holding a lot of dirt, and you don’t want to leave it there while winterizing the hot tub. For you to get rid of every type of grime inside the plumbing system, including the biofilm, you need to flush the lines while the hot tub is still on.

Pour the right amount of plumbing cleaner and allow it to circulate all through thoroughly. If glossy foam forms on the water, do not worry. That shows it is working. Give it around 10-15 minutes.

2) Turn off the power

Next is making sure there is absolutely no power reaching the hot tub. Here, you need to locate the power system circuit breaker and flip it off. If it’s a lockable place, then lock it to make sure no one puts it back on.

3) Drain the Water

You can either use a sump pump or the hot tub’s drain plug to get rid of all the water in it. The sump pump will make it easier and faster to drain it. If you decide to use this method when you’re done remember to remove the drain plug anyway. If you choose to use the drain plug, you will need to attach a hose to direct the water and not flood one area.

4) Drain the Air Blower

If your hot tub comes with an air blower, you need to get rid of the water inside it too. Make sure it’s super dry. An easy way to do this is by:

  • Turning off the heater to prevent it from getting damaged when you switch the power back on. The heater should never be operating without water.
  •  Put the on the cover and turn the power on. That will allow the air blower to run. Allow it to run for around 30 seconds and then shut down the hot tub power.

5) Remove the Filters

Step #5 is to remove the filters. You need to remove the hot tub cover, to have better access to the filter compartment. Open it carefully and remove all the hot tub filters. It won’t be best to store the filters while dirty so, after removing them, give them a good bath using a filter cartridge cleaner.

I also suggest you do a 24-hour chemical soak to ensure every dirt particle is wholly removed. Dry the filters thoroughly to make sure no water remains in them. For that, you can use either a dry vacuum or a sponge.

6) Unscrew the fittings and allow drainage

After cleaning the filters open the hot tub cabinet and locate its pump or pumps. If you come across any unions attaching them to PVC pipe(s), loosen them. Next, remove any drain plugs connected to the pump(s). That will allow all the water to drain off the pipes if there is condensation buildup inside. Remember to keep the drain plugs safe as you will need them after winter.

7) Blow out all the pipes

Use a shop-vac with blow-out setting or any device that can force air out to blow out the hot tub jets. Get inside and ensure you blow each spa jet and to be sure and through you can do it twice, to be sure.

8) Dry the hot tub

Now that all the pipes, drains and jets are dry, it’s time you remove any remaining water in the hot tub. Use a shop-vac or a sponge to dry it up. And this is important, make sure no water remains inside the hot tub.

9) Clean the hot tub shell and the cover

Now that every content inside the hot tub is gone, it’s time you clean the shell and the cover. Use the right hot tub cleaner and if you need rinsing, make sure you remove all the water before covering it. Wipe the cover on both sides too using the spa cleaner or the regular mild household detergent. Dry it up using a soft towel.

10) Secure the Cover

hot tub in a winter seasonWith everything done, you can now cover your hot tub and secure the cover using the ideal straps or locks. Make sure it’s well secure not to allow anything and especially water getting inside. The securing should also be enough to hold off the snow or withstand severe wind blowing.

How do you de-winterize the hot tub

After winter, spring brings some warm air. Here comes the time to get back home. For you to enjoy your hot tub again, you will need to de-winterize. So, how do you do it?

Clean areas that might have gotten dirty during the winter. Even though the antifreeze you used was non-toxic, you need to flush it out of the pipe to prevent it from irritating your skin. For effective removal of the antifreeze, fill the hot tub with clean water, run the pump for some minutes, and drain it.

Once the water it out, reconnect the pump(s), close the drain valves, open the air-bleed valves and reconnect the heater. Then reinsert the filters, refill the hot tub and sanitize it, then power it on.


By following these steps right, you will have learned all on how to winterize hot tubs. It’s too bad you will not be dipping yourself in the spa during the winter, which I firmly believe is the ideal time to use your hot tub.

But you might be having more pressing matters that require you to be away from home or not use it at all. Whichever the reason, this info will help you deal with hot tub winterization the best way. Good Luck!

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