Swimming Exercises: You Want to Practice

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Swimming ExercisesSwimming is an excellent way you get our bodies in shape. With swimming, you get to tone your muscles and also condition and improve your cardio-respiratory fitness while even burn calories. It’s an excellent workout for a great healthy body.

Swimming Exercises (For 2019)

With different swimming exercises, your whole body gets various benefits. Also, while swimming Note that, it’s straightforward for you to utilize a similar routine since most of the swimming exercises produce the same results. Ready to dive in?

What are the best swimming exercises for overall workouts?

There are four standard swimming strokes you can try: Backstroke, butterfly, freestyle, and breaststroke. Each of these strokes has its technical aspects and affects separate muscles. If you are searching for a full-body workout, then you can cross backstroke and breaststroke off your list.

Yes, the two are great for swimming, but compared to freestyle and butterfly, they don’t call for much exertion. Freestyle and butterfly have many similarities but butterfly stand above the other for a full-body workout. It’s ideal for butt-kicking, muscle-shredding, and energy-draining workout in the water.

While swimming butterfly, you get to use all your muscles together to first push and then pull. Additionally, with this swimming technique, you get to breathe at every arm stroke.

Does swimming exercises tone your body?

Taking a swim in a swimming pool will cool you off on those hot days, and you can also develop muscle strength and improved endurance. Since swimming is a full-body workout, it can tone every major muscle group inside your body. Various swimming strokes focuses on different muscles and so by combining different strokes while swimming will give you the body tone you need and faster. Here as multiple exercises to help you tone your body.

1) Stroke Way to Stronger Muscles

For you to have a better tone muscle, you need to work against resistance. While swimming, the water offers resistance that your muscles need to fight against as they stroke and kick to propel your body across. What people don’t realize is water in more resistant than air and land, allowing the muscles to work harder and move you moving through the water.

When you do the strokes properly, you not only lengthen and stretch the muscles utilized but also repeat the movements to stay in motion, helping you develop muscle endurance as well. At last, you get more toned muscles throughout the body.

2) Pull with the arms

When swimming, the strokes engage your shoulders, triceps, biceps, the upper back, and the chest. The arms are responsible for reaching forward when the upstroke phase of every stroke and also for pulling you forward for reaching ahead on the downstroke phase of each stroke.

The pulling and pulling in involved in keeping you in motion engages the arms and chest fully while the arms rotation in backstroke or breaststroke engages the shoulders and your upper back for a toned upper body.

3) Balance With the Core

The body core muscles, including the abs, lower back, and hips, get fully engaged when swimming. The abs and lower back muscles aid in balancing and moving efficiently through the water. They do that by controlling the body movements as you twist side-to-side with every stroke you take.

The hips help in kicking to propel your body inside the water by controlling the legs. Consistent swimming helps tone the body core muscles allowing you to be more stable while in the water and when performing everyday tasks.

4) Kick Your Legs

You need to understand one thing; while swimming your lower body is responsible at aiding your arms in thrusting you through the water by introducing a push force. Various muscle groups in the lower body, including the hamstrings, quads, and glutes get toned with swimming. But, multiple strokes engage these muscles in different ways.

When you do the freestyle stroke, you get to tone the glutes. Breaststroke works in the inner thigh muscles and the hamstrings while backstroking tones the quadriceps, hip flexors, and glutes. Despite the swimming exercise stroke you prefer, the legs get stronger with each kick.

What are the best swimming strokes and exercises for working abs?

Are you trying to tone your abs (stomach muscles) through swimming? It’s is almost impossible not to get the abs while swimming. You have to engage all the core muscles for you to stay floating and moving. For first-timers, the most affected tissues are the core muscles.

By engaging these muscles, you also burn over 400 calories in an hour, which targets the belly fat. However, by focusing on particular strokes, you put more emphasis on the upper abs, lower abs, and the love handles.

1) Freestyle and Backstroke

Since freestyle and backstroke are virtually mirror image of one another, it shouldn’t surprise you that these two strokes involve the same muscles. When swimming with either of the two exercises, the muscles which get worked out are the abdominis, well known as Six Pack when toned. Additionally, the external obliques muscles, side abdominal muscles, also get worked out.

These two strokes require you to first reach out with a single-arm, and the next follows. Your stomach muscles stabilize the alternating action needs to preventing from swimming in circles. And of course, your arms cut through the water while the side abdominal muscles offer assistant the reaching motions.

Additionally, the lower abs get well worked when you provide the kicking motions needed in backstrokes and freestyle. The firm kicks used in these strokes begin from the lower abs and hips.

2) Butterfly Stroke

Backstroke swimming is the most challenging and hardest swimming exercises. It utilizes the arms and shoulder movements to lift the body out of the water. Lots of energy and breathing is needed to keep your body in motion. Also, the lower body is required, including the core muscles, to propel you forward.

Additionally, the challenging kick utilized in butterfly exercise also makes the stroke superior for abs workout. On top of that, the rectus abdominis offers the initial motion for the rolling legs moves utilized in this dolphin kick.

3) Using kickboard swimming workouts

While using a kickboard to immobilize the arms when swimming, the laps will force your lower body to work hard and keep you floating and moving, when you use the kickboard at the arm’s length, the abs get to work harder to stabilize the rocking form.

For you to make the kickboard laps muscular swimming exercise for the abs, you need to focus on drawing your stomach muscles inward. Do that by visualizing your belly button drawing back towards the spine, as the core muscles work hard to stabilize your body. You then need to kick your legs for you to propel forward and perform as many laps as you can before you become fatigued.

4) Non-Lap throw-in swimming exercises

If you’re swimming in a crowded pool where you cannot perform the lap swimming exercises, do not worry. Here is some fantastic swimming exercises ideal for the abs with limited space.

a) Flutter kicks

With flutter kicks, you hold on to the poolside, kick your feet, and keep your legs straight. Also, you can use a pool noodle or kickboard to stay floating so that you are vertical in the water. Then start scissor-kicking the legs rapidly with the toes pointing the bottom.

b) Side bends

For you to work your core muscles and the obliques, you need to stand in the water, waist-deep, keep the arms hanging straight and downward, and bend sideways till your arm gets halfway submerged. Then straighten, switch to the other side and repeat. The routine engages the core muscles throughout the moves.

c) Jackknife moves

Another technique is by lying on the back on the water to a V-position. Bend the knees to your chest and straightening them to keep the toes pointing upward. It might sound tricky, but it’s quite easy. Keep your arms behind your body and in a cycling motion so that you can stay floating.

Additionally, you have to engage the core muscles to hold the spot for a count. Lastly, lie flat and rest, then do the technique again ten times.

What are the best swimming strokes and exercises for improving the upper body?

Swimming, a low-impact workout, is the best all-round physical activity ideal for improving your fitness. It helps in developing nearly all the muscle groups. However, these three swimming strokes are particularly ideal for the upper body.

1) Butterfly

Butterfly swimming stroke is by far the most effective exercise for the upper body workout. With this stroke, your arms lift out of the water to propel you forward. That utilizes the biceps and triceps muscles. Also, the butterfly is very useful in strengthening your shoulder muscles. As your arms rotate through the water, your shoulder rotates and that develops deltoid muscles on them.

2) Breaststroke

Another all-round muscle trainer is breaststroke exercises. The best part about this technique is, it’s not strenuous, and it’s slower. Breaststroke involves feeling the water resistance on the chest and breathing into the water. The exercise improves the lungs functions exponentially. The stroke is also ideal for toning the upper body with it emphasizing on the chest and the back.

3) Front Crawl/freestyle

The front crawl or the freestyle use backside, deltoids, triceps, and the bicep muscles. It is the fastest swimming exercise that tones the upper body. However, it’s not easy to master. It requires you to keep the face inside the water and turning the head to take a breath. At first, it might feel unnatural, but with the time, you get to master it.

What are the best swimming exercises for a busy schedule?

Yes, swimming is an intense and whole-body cardio exercise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend hours swimming for you to get accurate results. If you’ve got a 30-minutes, then you have enough swimming time. Here are some of the practical swimming sessions can change your body, mind, and soul is a short swimming session.

The key to making the most of your short stay in the pool is to alternate speed and recovery laps so that your heart rate reaches fat burning levels. The next set will help you stay entertained and stay on guard. On your marks, get ready, swim!

First, start with comfortable heating. If you are new to swimming, try swimming 100 meters. If swimming has been your passion for a while, give it a boost to warm up. For you to start this fast and monotonous training, try three sets of 150 yards. Make the first 50 with just one kick, like the water floating kick. Swim freestyle for the second 50. Finally, the last 50 is your favorite stroke outside freestyle.

Now it is the time to alternate your swimming speed to get that heart rate. You will want to swim 9×50 meters. The first two 50s you must swim at speed comparable to that of a sprint. And on the third 50 swims at a comfortable and relaxed pace. Rest for 10 to 20 seconds between every 50 and repeat until you reach your target 9×50.

Then you will go to traction training, where you will swim faster and quicker. Swim between 300 and 500 meters, depending on your level, accelerate with each 100 swam. In the last 100, you need to give everything you have.

For the last set, try to swim a 6×50 set. After pushing the wall for the first 25 meters, kick as hard as you can and do your best. In the middle of the pool or the turn, change your shot at a casual pace. Do this routine in both directions for the six sets.

Last but not least, take the time to calm down after a productive and rewarding 30-minute session. Swim 100 meters at a comfortable pace, making sure to stretch and bend the joints throughout the body.

Tips to keep in mind to swim stronger and smarter

Swimming is fun and enjoyable, but for you to keep fit, then you need to swim healthy and smarter. You have to utilize the right swimming exercises for you to gain better benefits from swimming. Here are some of the tips you need to swim stronger and smarter.

1) Focus on form

When swimming freestyle, you need to look at the pool bottom, press the chest down and keep your hips, head, and feet at the water surface. If you get your head and chest high, the legs and hips will then drop creating a drag. While taking a stroke, you need to reach forward under the water surface and extend the arm from your shoulder.

Next, you need to pull the water towards you, keeping the elbow high while pulling the arm back. Do your best to maintain a constant, fast, strong small kick throughout the swimming workout. Start kicking from the hips while also keeping the ankles relaxed and floppy.

2) Breathe better

Have ever seen how fast the smooth swimmers go? You can do it too. All you need is to breathe better and kick. The quick, stable swimmers alternate breathing on the right and left sides or practice bilateral breathing. For you to do it, you need to turn the body on either side and take a breath.

3) Roll with it

Lastly, you need to avoid lifting the whole head to breathe and roll it on one side so that your chest faces the other side. Your arms need to push down and leave the water. Also, keep the ear inside the water as you breathe and your mouth corner at the surface. That saves you streamline and also balance.


With all the above swimming exercises and tips, it’s quite clear that swimming is the best of all-round workouts to keep you fit and healthy. While engaging in swimming, you must heed all these guidelines for a better swimming experience.

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