5 Best Solar Pool Cleaners (Reviews) Updated in 2020

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Solar Pool Cleaner ReviewAs we well know, swimming pools offer something special during the hot season. With a swimming pool in your backyard, you have a small oasis to splash yourself with during the hot scorching sun.

However, that requires the pool to be clean always. Most of the time, leaves and debris get into the swimming pool, and they are potent at killing your mood for a swim. So what do you do? You need to get a pool cleaner.

This where I recommend getting a solar pool cleaner. With this type of solar pool cleaner, it’s quite easy to deal with all the mess on the water surface or even sanitize the swimming pool. There different types of solar pool cleaners out there, and it all depends on your preference, budget, and needs.

My best solar pool cleaner review will give you an idea of what to expect and what is best. The rest will be for you to choose the right model for your pool and your needs.

Top Best Solar Pool Cleaner in 2020

As I mentioned, in this solar pool cleaner review, I aim at helping you find the right solar pool cleaner meeting your needs and budget. Here are the top models you can buy and trust you’ll get the best results.

1. Solar Breeze NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Solar Breeze NX2 Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner Save MoneyThe first solar pool cleaner review is about the highly-rated, powerful Solar Breeze NX2 Pool Cleaner. It comes as an automatic pool cleaning robot ideal for all types of swimming pools.

The reason I trust this model will serve you best is, it removes 90-95% of the debris on the pool water surface. While doing this, the cleaner also reduces the leaves, pollen, dust, and bacteria in your swimming pool.

With it being a solar-powered robotic cleaner, it uses free energy from the hot sun, and it can last for hours after the sun goes down. Another great feature of this model is, it knows how to navigate the swimming pool. It also gets out of any sticky situation, and also filter the water to keep the pool safe, fresh, and clean.


  • UV resistant polycarbonate shell
  • Onboard “navigation” computer
  • Integrated chlorine dispenser
  • Easy button operation
  • 100% solar powered


  • No lifting handle
  • 1-year warranty only

2. Solar Breeze NX Automatic Solar Pool Cleaner

Solar Breeze NX Automatic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner Cleaning RobotNext in the list is another high-power Solar Breeze solar pool cleaner. The Solar Breeze NX cleaner also comes as an automatic cleaning robot ideal for getting your pool clean automatically.

It’s designed to help as a pool owner save time, energy, and money maintaining your swimming pool. The best part is, this automatic pool skimmer is a smart robot that’s powered by the sun.

With it running continuous and without lifting, this robot clean 90-95% of all the leaves, dust, pollen, suntan oils and other debris from the pool surface before sinking. And the best part is, it does all this work automatically. It requires no cord, hose, or attachment, and it is one unit will all the essentials needed in leaving your pool surface clean.


  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Integrated chlorine dispenser
  • Eco-friendly and Easy to use
  • High cleaning quality
  • 100% solar powered


  • Not for deep cleaning
  • 1-year limited warranty

3. Floatron Solar Pool Ionizer Cleaner

Floatron Solar Powered Pool CleanerThe next model is a solar-powered copper ionizer, the Floatron Solar Powered Pool Cleaner. The system works by using the solar panel to supply current to a natural mineral copper ionizer. The electricity provided here charges the copper ions and release than in the pool water.

The copper ions work great at cleaning by killing algae and other microorganisms. Additionally, this type of cleaner will help you reduce chemical usage, saving you time and money while also helping you stay environmentally friendly.

The solar pool cleaner requires little attention, doesn’t use expensive batteries, no high bills and its solar panels require minimal maintenance. And you know what? It’s 100% percent to human skin and eyes, no more itching or red eyes.


  • Safer and economical alternative
  • Microorganisms’ growth control
  • Ideal for large capacity pools
  • Portable and cost-effective
  • Harmless electrical current


  • The anode needs regular cleaning

4. Skimdevil Robotic Solar Pool Surface Cleaner

MiToo Skimdevil Robotic Pool Surface CleanerHere is another robotic pool surface cleaning model, the Skimdevil Solar Powered cleaner. It’s a model that eliminates hard skimming in swimming pool cleaning.

As a technologically advanced and an elegantly designed robot, it will skim all the debris from your pool surface every single day. It will get rid of the floating leaves, insects, pollen, and other debris without needing your attention.

The fact that it is solar-powered makes this unit eco-friendly, and by using a solar-charged battery, it’s able to run in darker days and nights. It’s an ideal skimmer if you want to reduce the chemical usage, electric bills, and improve your filtration system life. The best part is, it can be upgraded, programmed, and controlled remotely using a user-friendly Skimdevil App.


  • Smartphone upgraded and controlled
  • Programmed scheduled cleanings
  • Large debris collecting basket
  • 100% Solar powered
  • Bluetooth capability


  • A bit pricey
  • Not ideal for ultra-fine particles

5. SolaSkimmer Automatic Solar Pool Cleaner

SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool CleanerNext in my solar pool cleaner review is the robust SolaSkimmer. It comes as an automatic pool cleaner ideal or removing leaves and debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool. As a cordless robotic pool cleaner, it can clean both in-ground and above-ground pools.

With it being solar-powered, it means it will clean your pool without costing you power bills. The best part is, it navigates smartly through the swimming pool collecting debris and thus reducing your chemical usage.

Additionally, it has a navigation technology which allows it to avoid getting stuck, detecting walls and turning itself around. That’s not all, this unit hunts down small and big particles and skims for up to eight hours.


  • Hunts down big & small particles
  • Autonomously pool skimming
  • Designed for a lifetime of use
  • Saves time and energy bills
  • Cords free operation
  • Skims up to 8 hours
  • Smart navigation


  • Tray short track
  • Difficult to install the battery

Best Solar Pool Cleaner Review: Buying Guide

Yes, the above solar pool cleaner review lineup gives you the top models available. But do you know what model to buy? Not yet. Right? So, how do you do it? All you need is to have a list of factors to consider and use them to find the right model for your needs. They include:

Solar Pool Cleaner Type

Mostly there two types of solar pool cleaners you can buy, a solar pool skimmer or a solar pool ionizer or both. The two offer different pool cleaning services. The skimmer removes the leaves, pollens, insects and other debris before sinking. When the materials drop, they can lead to the growth of bacteria, strain the filters, or even stain the pool. A solar-powered skimmer will help you deal with that mess.

The solar-powered ionizer, on the other hand, features a solar panel that supplies a natural mineral copper rod with the current. Enough current dodge copper ions inside the pool water and distributes them as it moves while floating on top. The copper ions work great at reducing the number of algae and microorganisms in the swimming pool. That helps in reducing the amount of chlorine you use inside your pool.

So, before you buy either, consider what each offers and buy the right model for your swimming pool. If budget isn’t a problem for you, you can decide to buy both as they will come in handy in different ways.

Pool capacity

The pool capacity will determine how efficient the solar pool cleaner will be at cleaning. If you want to get the best results, you might want to size the pool cleaner ideally. A vast swimming pool will require a significant solar pool cleaner. Some manufacturers will indicate the ideal size for their system, but others won’t. So try and do an estimation, and if there is no significant size, you can decide to buy two models.

Construction and Durability

For a solar pool cleaner to pay for itself and serve you for long, it needs to be using high-quality materials. Remember it will be floating on chemically treated water for extended hours if not days. You need to buy a model that uses materials resistant to pool chemicals and also resistant to UV rays. The solar panel needs to be sturdy and rigid and also efficient at receiving and converting the power to electricity.


Even though you need a massive model for better cleaning, remember you might want to store it. It will need saving when it’s not cleaning or when you have a swim, and you don’t want the disturbance. You need to consider how portable the model is and if you will be able to carry/transport it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I maintain my solar pool cleaner?

Since it’s an automatic cleaner, make sure you empty it regularly and also clean its container if you notice signs of clogging.

What is the function of a filter basket in my automatic solar pool cleaner?

The basket works at filtering the debris, leaves, and other materials floating on your swimming pool.


Everything in this best solar pool cleaner review answers the question –what is the best solar pool cleaner to buy? So, if you’re facing the same issue, I hope you have found your answers. Use the buying guide to get a model ideal for your needs and preference. Good Luck!

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