Benefits of Installing a Pool Fountain

Best Pool Waterfall Fountains Reviews

Best Pool Waterfall Fountains

Benefits of Installing a Pool Fountain

A swimming pool fountain is a feature that is gaining popularity each day. With a swimming pool being an affordable luxury these days, having a pool fountain improves how it looks and its value. It’s an additional feature that brings out something extra, which might be why most people have one in their pool. Apart from the beauty and improvements it brings, what are the benefits of installing a pool fountain?

Brings on Something Beautiful to Look at

Assuming you have seen a pool fountain in your friend’s home or any other along the way, the admiration is mutual. The falling water captures the eye’s attention and grabs it for a while.

When you install a pool fountain, you will be giving your home an extra beauty for the visitors to stare at. It might not be a fancy sculpture, but it’s for certain a water feature that’s beautiful to keep watching.

Now imagine if you installed pool fountains and waterfalls. Wouldn’t that be magical in its form? You would create something exceptional. And something that would make the setup a notch higher has a pool fountain with lights.

It’s an Excellent Stress Relieve

According to multiple online research and studies, falling waters works magic in relieving stress. The human mind loves listening to the water waves and falls. If you have never felt it, it’s something you’d love, especially when meditating.

According to a 2011 study done by the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Sussex, water promotes more happiness than any other natural setting.

A pool fountain might not be the same as natural falling water, but it does help with stress-relieving. I do enjoy the sound. It brings some positive, relaxing benefits to your swimming pool and it’s something you’ll love.

Pool Fountain is Fun

Apart from being stress relievers, pool fountains are a joy for the kids. Most kids adore watching the water spray into the air and forming the momentary rainbow.

By installing a pool fountain, you’ll be encouraging your kids to get outdoors and get away from all the screens. What’s more, you will be giving them some reason to enjoy the cold bath more often, and it’s something to boost their active health.

Circulates Pool Water

A swimming pool requires the water to keep moving and circulating to distribute the water chemicals. It helps in preventing the buildup of yucky stuff inside your swimming pool.

Even though the swimming pool pump does the hard work, adding a pool fountain promotes circulation. It helps redistribute the water from various directions, thus improving water chemical distribution to all corners.

Cools Pool Water

During the summer, solar heat can heat your swimming pool, taking away the refreshing feel. If the swimming pool water warms up, it would feel more like a bathtub rather than give you a cold swim. When this happens, you will want to cool it down a degree or two to restore the refreshing cold.

One way of doing so is by installing a pool fountain to keep the water moving. The feature sprays water, which, when passing through the cold air, the heat is radiated by fusing it with colder oxygen.

Upon return to the rest of the water in the swimming, they bring in colder temperatures. When this is repeated long enough, the water temperature might drop two or more degrees. The bubbling can also boost the cooling effect.

That is a result of one pool fountain. Can you imagine if you have more than one? Well, you could boost the cooling quite desirably.

Note: Pool fountains are excellent pool improvement. But remember to keep everything under budget, or else it would turn to be expensive and not a benefit.

We [pool owners] work hard to make our swimming pools a backyard oasis. Most people use various decorative objects and luxury structures to strive and create an environment that reflects individuality. One obvious thing is, all these decorations is to make the swimming pool a cool retreating area from a hectic outside world.

But did you know with a pre-fabricated waterfall fountain you can get all those benefits? Yes, with the best pool waterfall fountain, you can give your swimming an elegant, luxurious feel and look without much of struggle. Additionally, these units are quite cheap and easy to install compared to the custom-built rock waterfalls.

The big issue is, finding the ideal model for your pool can be quite challenging. As you might have noticed, these pool waterfall fountains are of different types and models. Fortunately, I prepared this article to give you the top best pool waterfall fountains available and a buying guide to help you out.

Top 6 Best Pool Waterfall Fountains Reviews in 2020

Your struggles in finding the best pool waterfall fountain to buy should end here. That is why I have provided you with this list of the top best models so that you can choose one to buy.

1. Splash Pools 30700 Waterfall Pool Fountain

Splash Pools 30700 Waterfall Pool FountainMy first waterfall pool is the durable Splash Pools 30700. It comes as a versatile model featuring an adjustable spray direction. It’s designed to fit 1.5-inches threaded return fitting for a tight fit.

As a repair kit, this waterfall fountain has an improved design allowing it to deliver the best waterfall fountain to your pool. It sprays to a height of around 14 inches, but that depends on the pump used.

Mostly, it requires a 3/4 HP pump or above that. Installing this waterfall fountain is quite easy and straightforward, with no complicated steps. Its versatility allows it to be used in both above ground and in-ground swimming pools.


  • Adjustable pool fountain
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 14 feet spray height
  • Adjustable direction
  • Wide versatility


  • Not compatible with the Colman pool

2. Poolmaster Pool Waterfall Fountain

Poolmaster Pool Waterfall FountainNext up is the Poolmaster Pool and Spa Waterfall Fountain. It’s a unique model that brings the elegance and luxurious feel to your swimming pool. With this waterfall fountain, you get a useful and improved new water feature and décor.

It’s ideal for use on both in-ground and above ground swimming pools. One thing I love most about this waterfall fountain is, it has a fully adjustable spray direction and height. That allows you to redirect the fountain on the ideal path.

Additionally, it fits most 1.5-inch threaded return fittings which make its installation quite easy and straightforward. The materials used here are high-quality and weather-proofed to ensure you get extended time service.


  • Ideal for above-ground and in-ground pools
  • Fully adjustable spray direction and height
  • Fits 1.5-inch threaded return fittings
  • High-quality PVC materials
  • Easy to install


  • None

3. Ocean Blue Water Products Grecian Fountain

Ocean Blue Water Products Grecian FountainOcean Blue Water Products also has a high-quality waterfall fountain, the Grecian Fountain. By looking at it in the picture, it might seem quite simple, but when connected to the waterline, it brings something unique.

The Grecian Fountain comes as a mighty 3-tier pool fountain that delivers a great addition to all types of swimming pools. It’s designed to work with your existing swimming pool filter and spray in minutes.

Its fountain is also adjustable between 6 – 16 feet high, it’s quite impressive. With this unit, you will get a blossoming fountain that transforms your swimming pool with a beautiful relaxing sound. It comes with everything you’ll need for the installation.


  • Innovative and expert crafting
  • Work with existing pool filter
  • The nice and relaxing sound
  • Powerful 3-Tier Design
  • Easy installation


  • None

4. Festnight Pool Fountain Garden Outdoor Pool Fountain

Festnight Pool Fountain Garden Outdoor Pool FountainIf you aren’t convinced with the top three, here is another top-quality fountain you can buy. The Festnight pool fountain is a uniquely designed waterfall fountain featuring a stainless steel construction.

The crafting gives this fountain a beautiful and elegant look while also ensuring it lasts for long. The stainless steel materials used here are rust-and-corrosion proof and also stays robust for a very long time.

Apart from being highly durable, its unique design is also highly decorative. It makes a decorative addition to any swimming pool, spa, or pond. Its waterfall creates beautiful relaxing sounds that will give you a sense of calm and safety. Assembling this model is quite easy and fast, all you need is some connecting tools.


  • Sense of calm and well-being
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Decorative addition
  • Easy to assemble
  • Relaxing sounds


  • None

5. Festnight Stainless Steel Waterfall Pool Fountain

Festnight Stainless Steel Waterfall Pool FountainHere is another durable and decorative pool waterfall fountain, the FestNight Stainless steel fountain. It’s designed to bring a new decorative touch to your swimming pool, pond or garden.

It’s crafting guarantees a constant, and even water flow to ensure it provides those relaxing and calming waterfall sounds. Its durability and sturdiness aren’t questionable at all. The unit construction features a highly-durable stainless steel material which is corrosion and –rust-resistant.

Above all, it’s resistant to chlorine and saltwater too. Assembling the waterfall is a walk in the pack, and it comes with everything required during installation.


  • Constant, even flow of water
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Decoration pool fountain
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • None

6. Tomaso ABS Waterfall Cascading Wall Mount Fountain

Tomaso ABS Waterfall Cascading Wall Mount FountainIf you haven’t found an ideal model yet, here is another model for you. The Tomaso ABS Waterfall fountain comes as a cascading sheer water feature for any pool, spa or spillway.

The unit brings a new design of a flat sheet of water which cascades effortlessly into your pool, creating a spectacular waterfall fountain. As a wall-mount waterfall fountain, it provides a versatile spillway design to most swimming pools.

It also maintains the aesthetic look on your wall, keeping itself hidden to the original design. It’s made from high-quality ABS plastic which gives it high-level corrosion resistance. It’s well-baffled to make sure the water sheeting and distribution across its entire length remain constant.


  • Durable ABS Plastic Construction
  • Smooth Tomaso Water Spillway
  • Perfect Water Sheet
  • Great versatility
  • Dual Baffles


  • Professional Installation Recommended

Best Pool Waterfall Fountains (Buying Guide)

One thing I know well is, buying anything that involves the integration of other systems requires careful selection. That goes to the pool water fountain too since you have to connect it to your existing pool filter/pump/water supply line. Here are the top considerations you need at your fingertips to ensure you buy the best and ideal model for your needs.

Construction Quality and Durability

One sure thing is, swimming pools contain chlorine, water, and other sanitizing chemicals. With that in mind, you should consider the construction materials used in making the pool waterfall fountain you’re about to buy. They need to be high-quality, rustproof, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to chlorine and salt. That way, you’re sure your unit will last for years.

Do not forget to check on the structure sturdiness depending on the type of materials used. Most of the waterfall fountains for swimming pools use either stainless steel, ABS plastic, or hard PVC pipe. Whichever you find the ideal for you, ensure it can withstand high pressure, and it’s sturdy enough.

Spray Height and Adjustability

How far do you want the water to fall? Will you need to change the direction of the fountain? Sometimes you might wish to a tall waterfall fountain will loud calm water sound, and other times you might want a low, calm tone. If you are this guy, then you need a fountain with adjustable spray. Not all have that, so pick wisely. Also, if you want a center floating waterfall fountain, you might want to change the direction of the spray at a time. So getting a model with adjustable spray direction will be ideal for you.

Installation Difficulty

After selecting the type and model to buy, remember to consider the installation difficulty. If you want something you can install yourself, then get a pure pool waterfall fountain that requires piping connection only. However, if you decide to go with a wall-mounted waterfall fountain, then you might be forced to hire an installer for the job, and that might cost you some bucks. However, if done right, you can have an excellent waterfall fountain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all waterfall fountains require a water pump to work correctly?

Yes since it will be running using your pool water filtration system which is powered by the swimming pool pump.

Will the waterfall affect my pool pump efficiency?

Not likely. With a well-sized fountain, it should work fine in concert with the pool pump and filter. However, you might feel as if it’s draining more power from your pump.


When choosing the best waterfall fountains to buy, you must follow everything in this guide. I have provided you with everything you need to but the ideal model for your swimming pool. So, I don’t think there should be anything to prevent you from buying the best and the best only. Good Luck!

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