Physical Benefits of Swimming

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Physical Benefits of SwimmingI do love swimming. Do you? Swimming is a great way to have fun, cooling the body and keeping fit. It is one of the underrated exercises. It turns out that it is an excellent sport. It’s not only low-impact, fast and fun way to lose weight but also get fit.

Swimming has a long list of benefits, which makes it among the most recommended cardio workouts in today’s exercise world. It’s also ideal for all type of people, even for those with some physical disabilities.

Physical Benefits of Swimming

Yes, swimming is a great workout, and when done right, you can gain a lot. It offers several benefits, which include psychological, emotional, health, and physical. Today, we go through some of the physical benefits you can get through swimming.

Improves strength and muscle tone

One of the reasons why people go to the gym is to add some muscles and boost their strength. What if I told you it’s possible to get the same through swimming? A swimmer does gain muscle strength throughout the whole body. The fact is, swimmers, utilize whole-body muscle groups to maneuver through the water.

When the legs kick, and the arms pull, the back reaches/rotates while the stomach tightens to stabilize the core and stretch to power the legs. That makes swimming one of the best aerobic routine to give your body a full-body workout. While swimming, our body experiences tougher, less-sweaty, and low-impact muscular exercising. It’s quite similar to using the resistance machines at the gym.

Swimming builds up bone mass:

Similar to the application of some stress on the muscle and improved circulation of nutrients leading to improved muscle tone when you swim, it also happens with bones. The pressure on the bones through the weight-loss exercise triggers an increase in bone density. The action stimulates the synthesis of bone-building cells, called osteoblasts. That shows that swimming helps in strengthening the bones.

Reduce stress on joints

Did you know around 9o percent of your body weight is buoyant in the water? While swimming, you need to bear 10 percent of your body weight, thus giving you a low-impact workout. The weight-bearing exercises such as jogging, running, sprinting, and weightlifting applies some stress to the lower joints increasing the risk of injuries like knee and back pain.

With such activities, you also get to rest more and require long recovery days. With swimming, on the other hand, you get to exercise your full body with ease and without causing too much stress on the joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendons.

Make you more flexible

Swimming is an exercise that requires the swimmer to reach, pull, stretch, and twist through the water. The ankles are used as fins and stretched with each kick while pushing off against the water pressure. The hands turn and rotate to create enough thrust. With different and repetitive body movements, the body adapts to more new flexible positions.

Helps with Weight loss

Most people know that swimming is a great way to burn calories. But did you know it is the most vibrant, efficient, and safest? Depending on your weight, strokes you pick and the swimming intensity, you can burn a higher number of calories than running. Also, you do not need to worry about sweat inside your eyes. It’s recommended you swim for 150 minutes in a week and for 3-4 times with a session of 20 minutes for the best results.

Increases Lung Capacity

When we swim, we learn some breathing ways and holding breath. The exercises allow the lungs to increase their volume while also forcing the body to learn better breathing techniques.

Swimming is a powerful tool:

If you are a swimmer, do not stop.
If you are searching for additional, faster, and efficient forms of exercising to fit into your workout routine, swimming needs to top the list.
It’s quite beneficial for your muscles, lung capacity bones, and many other systems.


Swimmers around the world find swimming as an excellent way to have fun as well as exercise to stay healthy and fit. Kids, teenager, and adults can reap spectacular results from swimming sessions, as swimming exercises tender muscles and improve bone growth. Also, swimming is a recreational water sport for an entire family. You can enjoy swimming with your family and friends.


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