Top 5 Best Jacuzzi Pool Pumps Reviewed (In 2020)

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Jacuzzi-Pool-Pump-ReviewsIf you want to enjoy a seamless Jacuzzi experience, you need to connect it to a pump which can circulate the water through the Jets. The problem is that with so many different pool pumps are available, it is difficult to choose the compatible one with the Jacuzzi.

If you keep on comparing the various options, it can be confusing to pick the right one. Hence; I will today share with you the best Jacuzzi pool pump reviews to help you choose the right one.

I will start with a list of top 5 Jacuzzi pool pumps and will follow it up with the FAQs and a buying guide to make it easy for you to pick the right one.

Top 5 Best Jacuzzi Pool Pump Reviews for 2020

1. Jacuzzi Whirlpool 18-850-2100 Bath Pump

Jacuzzi-Whirlpool-18-850-2100-Bath-PumpThe pool pump on top of my list is a 0.75 HP pump. It consists of a built-in air switch which helps you in operating it seamlessly. With a 3 feet cord, it becomes easy to connect it to the electrical socket.

Since it is designed explicitly for Jacuzzis, it is easy to integrate. The integration of this pump with you Jacuzzi is seamless. With the help of threaded fittings, you can attach it in no time.

Since it consists of unique pump unions, you can get that proper Jacuzzi experience once you connect this pump. If you’re looking for a specialized pump which is easy to connect and sturdy as well, you can go with this Jacuzzi pool pump.


  • Specialized pump
  • Power rating is 0.75 HP
  • Easy to integrate
  • Consists of an air valve


  • Limited after-sales support

2. [email protected] Spa Circulation Pump

Sundance@Jacuzzi-Spa-Circulation-PumpIf you’re looking for a Jacuzzi circulation pump, you can consider this option. It is compatible with most of the Jacuzzi spas. With the help of a single-speed design, it is easy to integrate.

The self-lubricating mechanism of this pump means that the maintenance is on the lower side. The output noise is on the lower side so that using it consistently is not a problem at all.

The construction of the Jacuzzi pool pump is so sturdy that you can use it for water circulation as well. It is another specialized pool pump on our list, which is suitable for most Jacuzzis.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Self-lubricating mechanism
  • Single-speed design
  • Compatible with most Jacuzzis


  • The packaging is not satisfactory

3. Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Pump

Harris H1572730 – ProForce 1.5 HP Above-Ground Pool Pump ReviewThe Harris pool pump which I am highlighting now is suitable not only for Jacuzzis but also for aboveground pools. The power rating is 1.5 HP. With a stainless steel shaft, you need not worry about durability.

The noise output is on the lower side due to the thermoplastic body. It consists of a filter that can keep the Jacuzzi water entirely clean.

With the help of 1.5-inch internal threading and 2.5-inch external threading, connecting it to the Jacuzzi is not a problem. If you’re looking for a versatile pool pump for your Jacuzzi, you can go with this option.


  • Highly versatile
  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Thermoplastic body
  • Low noise


  • Occasional overheating

4. Gecko Alliance 06115000 – Speed 115V Xp2 Spa Pump

Gecko-Alliance-06115000-1040-Flo-MasterThe pump which I am discussing now is again a spa pump. It can handle 140 gallons per minute. The power rating is of 1.5 HP. It offers two levels of speed. With the help of 48 frame motors, the efficiency is on the higher side.

The design is noise-free, which helps you in using it consistently. Due to different speed levels, you can easily match it according to the jet intensity that you want in your Jacuzzi. It means that you can customize its performance to a certain extent. That is what makes this pump such a worthy option.


  • Flow rate is 140 gallons per minute
  • 1.5 HP power rating
  • Low noise
  • Dual speed option


  • Installation is not that easy

5. HydroMaster 4 HP Hot Tub Spa Pump

HydroMaster-4-HP-Hot-Tub-Spa-PumpThe main advantage of this specialized spa pump is that it has a power rating of 4 HP. The 56 frame motor means that it is heavy-duty. With the help of 2-inch intake and side discharge ports, connecting it to your Jacuzzi is easy. It can handle 240 gallons per minute.

The pump offers two different speed settings so that you can easily control the performance of the pool pump to match the Jets of your Jacuzzi. It has a current rating of 3.5 AMP on the lower speed and 12 AMPs on the high speed.

As a result, using it consistently is not a problem. The motor is also highly efficient, which makes it the right choice. The mix of these features makes it a superior option.


  • 4 HP Power rating
  • Dual speed design
  • Easy to connect with your Jacuzzi
  • Flow rate is 240 gallons per minute


  • Installation is not easy

Buying Guide:

So, instead of picking any pump for your Jacuzzi, it is better to go with these pumps. These are compatible with Jacuzzis and in most cases specialized for them. So, you can integrate it with the Jacuzzis and get a proper relaxing experience. I will now share with you a buying guide that will help you choose the right Jacuzzi pool pump.

Power rating:

The Jacuzzi pool pump that you choose will be dependent on the number of jets in your Jacuzzi. If they are on the lower side, you can select a pool pump with a power rating of 0.5 HP or above. If the Jets are on the higher side, you have to choose a pool pump which is a power rating of 1.5 HP or above. Doing so will ensure that you can operate all the Jets in the Jacuzzi simultaneously.


You have to look at the form factor and the construction quality of the Jacuzzi. Once you look at that, it becomes easy to understand whether it can last for a long time or not.


If your Jacuzzi has a large number of jets, it is better to consider the flow rate of the pump before making your buying decision.

Speed options:

When buying a Jacuzzi pool pump with multiple speed options, you can be sure that at least one of those will match the speed of the Jets. However, when buying a single-speed pump, you must look at the output pressure and then make your decision.

These four factors will help you go through the Jacuzzi pool pump reviews and pick the right one. Now, let me answer some FAQs which consumers usually have while buying such a pool pump.


How does a Jacuzzi pump work?

The Jacuzzi pool pump circulates the water from the Jacuzzi back into the Jets. In some cases, you can connect it with the heater as well if the inbuilt one is not present. In such a case, you can even add air to the water and then connect it to the jets.

How long do hot tub pumps last?

Generally speaking, the pumps for hot tubs and Jacuzzis can last for up to 5 to 6 years. If you can maintain them properly, the life span can be longer.


So, if you’re searching for Jacuzzi pool pump reviews, it is better to go through my list above. Using this list, you can find the right pump. I have considered the performance of these pumps when integrated with Jacuzzis and then compiled this list. As a result, when you choose from the list above, you can find the best Jacuzzi pool pumps on offer.

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