Is Swimming Good Exercise? Answer Is Here

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Most people swim for fun or to compete. However, swimming is more than that; it is an exercise. Swimming is also an excellent way to get started exercising again. Some people even rely on swimming exercises for weight loss, muscle gain, and body fitness.Is Swimming Good Exercise

Is Swimming Good Exercise?

Now that we know swimming is a workout routine, the question now is, is swimming good exercise? The answer is YES! Here are some of the benefits you get when you exercise through swimming.

Burns Calories

For many people, the aim of exercising is to lose weight. If you want to achieve more and in a short time, swimming is one of the best exercise activities you need to add to your workout routine. It’s believed that with one hour of swimming, you get to burn 500 to 700 calories.

However, it all depends on weight, strokes, and swimming intensity. The point is, you burn mega calories while swimming. It is useful in burning calories since you get to utilize the whole body.

Makes You More Flexible

By utilizing the different swimming strokes, you get to improve your body flexibility significantly. When swimming, you use the ankles as fins, push yourself through the water using your feet and twist/stretch the arms to propel your body on the water. All these activities are quite helpful in making you flexible.

With all the motions needed while moving inside the water, swimming plays a crucial role in improving the body flexibility. For you to maximize the flexibility benefits of swimming, you need to end every swim session with some stretching exercises.

Strengthens the Muscle

Another benefit of swimming as an exercise is muscle strengthening. Since swimming needs physical body movements, the activities involved works great at improving muscle definition and strength. That’s why most swimmers have sculpted bodies that can make someone envious.

By swimming regularly, you do not only exercise a part of your body but your whole body. By doing so, your muscles develop in your arms, back, stomach, and legs, among others.

Improve cardiovascular health

Swimming has lots of benefits when it comes to cardiovascular. Science has proved the enormous benefits of swimming in improving heart health and blood circulation. Swimming helps in enhancing and strengthening the heart muscles. As an aerobic exercise, swimming increases the efficiency of the heart, which in turn makes it capable of supporting the healthy functions of the whole body.

Swimming also improves the lungs’ capacity provided you swim at a brisk pace. You have to start slow and rest between laps. As time pass, work out longer, use different strokes, and improve on speed.

Easy on the Joint

If you’re looking for low impact exercises, then swimming needs to top your list. Swimming is for the people searching for workout routines that are easy on the joints but huge on the effect on your body. Even injured athletes or individuals who are no longer in physical health, swimming can be a promising exercise. It doesn’t cause any wear on certain parts of the body, allowing you to be engaged in physical activity without fears of joints getting damaged.

Perfect your breathing

While at the pool, you experience moisture in the air compared to the dry air in the gym. That allows those who have asthma to have an easier time breathing. The air around the pool is also easier on the lungs. Additionally, swimming is proven to improve asthma symptoms vastly.

Also, as I previously mentioned, swimming improves lungs capacity. When you swim, you learn various ways of breathing and holding breath. That increases the lung volume and force you to learn on better breathing techniques, which takes you in other areas of fitness routine.

How often should you swim?

Experts recommend you do a total workout time of at least 150 minutes in a week. With swimming exercise being a low-impact body workout, you can complete all the 150 minutes in a swimming pool. Mostly, if you want to maintain the fitness level, it’s ideal you hit the pool 3-5 times in a week for 20 minutes or so. Don’t just wad in the water for the 20 minutes. You need to lap swim or take a water aerobics class. If you start feeling comfortable with the 20 minutes session, work the way up.


With all the benefits I’ve mentioned above, what is your take of swimming is good exercise? Do you still need more convincing to start swimming? I don’t think so! It is high time you start swimming as an exercise and consider making it a routine. Be it physical, mental, or emotional; swimming is an excellent exercise that needs to be in your workout routine.

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