Top Best Intex Solar Pool Cover Reviews (For 2020)

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Intex solar pool cover reviewsIntex Recreation Corp is a reputable company that distributes lots of items, including pools and pool accessories. With their products being high-quality, the same applies to the pool covers. They have different types of pool covers.

Their solar covers have proved to many how great they are at extending the swimming season while also reducing evaporation and preventing debris from entering swimming pools.

Mostly these covers are designed to fit on Intex above ground pool. They come in different shapes and dimensions. If you’re searching for a good Intex above ground pool solar cover, then you’re in the right place.

Today we take a look at top best solar pool covers, their unique features, and cons of each model for a better comparison. Also, you will get a buying guide to help you with further pool solar cover buying decisions.

Best Intex Solar Pool Cover Reviews in 2020

1. Intex Solar Easy Set – Frame Pool Cover

Intex-18ft-Diameter-Solar-CoverThe first and the highly-rated Intex solar pool cover review is the Intex Round Solar Cover ideal for easy set and frame pools. With this solar cover, you get a chance to enjoy a warmer and extended swimming season.

It comes in different diameters from 10-feet, 12-feet, 15-feet, 16-feet and 18-feet, for better versatility. However, you should know that these sizes aren’t exact, but they are made for pools of these pool sizes. It’s quite easy to use and apply.

Additionally, the cover is designed to cover your pool, allow optimal sunlight in, and heat the water. The bubbles on this cover trap the heat inside, keeping the water warm for you while also inhibiting the growth of algae.

It also can reduce the evaporation and thus decreasing chemical usage. On top of that, it makes feature drain holes which prevent water from accumulating. It does come with a reusable carry bag ideal for secure storage.


  • Great at keeping water warmer
  • Lightweight material
  • Water Drain holes
  • Includes carry bag
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy to use


  • Can tear in rough conditions
  • Thinner than expected

2. Intex Solar Rectangular – Rectangular Frame Pools

Intex Solar CoverHere is another beautiful Solar Cover from Intex that comes in perfect shape and dimension. It’s an ideal remedy for heat loss and pool evaporation. The cover is specially designed to allow solar heat through it and trap it inside your pool.

The best part is, its thin, lightweight yet sturdy construction allows temperature deep inside the pool for consistent heating. It works a great job at retaining the heat of the pool appropriately.

The cover is made of high-grade materials which impart highly on durability to this cover’s manifold. It’s designed to fit 18feet by 9 feet rectangular-shaped Intex above ground pools. You can purchase as a solar cover only or a solar cover with a reel at different price.

As a comfortable and economical-to-use solar blanket, it doesn’t only keep the pool warmer, but also reduce the evaporation exponentially. It accompanies an available carry bag which allows for easy carrying and storage.


  • Lightweight and strong design
  • Ideal for rectangular pools
  • Solar-heat-retaining cover
  • High-grade materials
  • Carry Bag included
  • Easy to use


  • Takes long to heat the pool
  • Not great at distributing heat

3. Intex Solar Rectangular – Above Ground Pool Cover

Intex Solar Cover for Above Ground PoolsThird and the last Intex solar pool cover review is on the Intex Rectangular Above ground Pool Solar cover. It comes as 24 feet by 12 feet cover ideal for Intex pools. The cover is an economical pool cover designed to help you extend your swimming pool season while also reduce water chemical usage.

With this cover, you get to swim in warm water while also reduce evaporation by 95%. The technology employed on this cover allows it to let sunlight in the pool and trap it inside to keep the water warm.

Additionally, the high-grade construction keeps it thin enough to allow light in and make it easy to lay it down, while also thick enough to keep it in good shape and avoid tear and wear. By laying this cover on your above ground pool, you will also be benefiting from holding the leaves and debris at bay.


  • Storage carry bag included
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Durable floating material
  • High-Grade construction
  • Lightweight but sturdy


  • Quite heavy

Intex Solar Pool Cover Reviews: Buying Guide

Yes, Intex solar pool covers are only three products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the wrong decision while buying. You have to make sure you buy the right model for your pool or else you will end up modifying the cover or even replacing it. Here are some factors to consider while purchasing an Intex solar pool cover.

Pool shape and size

The first thing you need to consider is your pool size and shape. Intex pool covers are made to fit individual pools with different pool shapes and sizes. If your pool is rectangular, then you need to buy a rectangular-shape solar cover. If your pool cover is round, it’s recommended you by around pool cover. Don’t forget to consider the dimensions of your pool and the pool cover you’re about to buy. Make sure it’s close or more; that way you can adjust it to fit your pool.

Pool Type

Intex pools are all above ground pools, and mostly, their covers are made to fit their pool. If you have a different pool, then it needs to be an above ground pool for the cover to be compatible and well-fitting. It’s always recommended to use accessories from your pool’s brand.


Most people get frustrated when their covers work for one season and wear out during the next. Avoid this by ensuring you buy a high-quality model. Even though Intex solar pool covers are high-grade models, you might find yourself searching for a different model. It won’t be my wish for you to buy the wrong low-quality model.

Ease of use

You should have an easy time putting on and out of the pool and also during storage. All three Intex solar pool covers above are easy to use and come with a reusable bag for secure storage. But if you will be buying from a different model, then you might want to ensure the cover is lightweight yet sturdy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Solar Pool Cover?

A solar pool cover is a specially designed pool cover intended to add a heating element to your swimming pool. Its designing and unique materials allow solar heat inside the swimming pool and trap it in to heat the water. Even though it’s a passive way of heating a pool, it’s quite useful at long last.

What is the best thickness for a solar pool cover?

With a solar pool cover, it’s perceived that thick is better. Thick pool covers are costly and quite cumbersome, and they might interfere with the amount of sun getting inside the pool. However, they are ideal at trapping heat inside while also protecting your pool. It’s recommended to use a solar cover thin enough to allow enough solar heat and thick sufficient to avoid wear and tear. The best recommendation is either 16mil or 18mil thickness.


Intex solar pool cover will not only extend your swimming season but also protect your pool from dirt and debris, reducing pool maintenance. It will also help you save water and pool chemicals by reducing evaporation. Additionally, they are affordable and practical, making them excellent. Choose the right model for your pool and have the best swimming season.

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