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How To Remove Pool Cover

After closing your pool during the winter, it comes a time when we need to reopen during the summer. And as you well know, there is nothing that signals the beginning of the swimming season like reopening your swimming pool. Before you can dip your legs in the water, you have to take the first step, taking care of the protective pool cover.

With a quality pool cover requiring something around $800 and more, you might want to ensure you remove and take care of your investment. You need to understand how to remove the pool cover better. In this post, I’ll run you through how to remove the pool cover smoothly and safely. All you need is to follow along.

What You’ll Need

The following are the items you need to remove your pool cover safely and smoothly.

  • Removal/installation rod
  • Mild detergent (dish soap is fine)
  • Pool cover pump (for solid covers)
  • Patch kit (if necessary)
  • Baking soda (optional)
  • Another person
  • Leaf Skimmer
  • Garden Hose
  • Pool brush

How to Remove Pool Cover Instructions

Now comes the foremost part; getting your hands to work. I will give you DIY instructions on how to remove your pool cover safely. Remember, every step I’ll list here is crucial; do not assume anything. Yes, some steps might seem insignificant, but there’s a reason I’ve included them.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Removing the Debris

Assuming you closed your pool months ago, it’s normal to find debris, twigs, and leaves on it. These are the things that decay and cause real yucky and sticky water on your pool cover. The whole mixture might, after all, the raining and maybe snowing, have created a nasty mucky thing you might not want to touch. You can get your pool brush and a leaf skimmer to skim and gather them in one place for disposal. You can put them in a trash or leaf bag for later disposal.

Step 2: Pumping the Collected Water Out

It is almost a must; you will find water or melting ice on your pool cover while opening your pool. You cannot remove the pool cover safely when the water is on it. And as you can imagine, some pool cover is quite large. An inch water level might seem little and turn out to be hundreds of gallons. That’s why you need to pump or drain it out.

If you have an above ground pool, you can siphon the water out using a garden hose. You can also use a submersible pump to faster the process. For an inground pool, the best is to use a submersible pump. Siphoning works with the force of gravity, and that won’t apply for the inground pool unless it’s on higher ground, higher than where you want to drain the water.

You can also read more on how to remove water from a pool cover here.

Step 3: Popping the Cover Off from the Anchors

At this point, the pool cover is free of debris and water. It’s time to use the removal or installation rod for popping it off its anchors all round. Remove the water tubes if you have an inground pool, safety anchors of an inground safety cover, or the cable and winch for an above ground winter cover.

It would also be best to empty the water tubes before you can put them together for storage. For the safety pool cover, you need an anchor key to remove all the anchors to ensure you don’t trip them over or damage your cover while you remove it. If you’re using sandbags to hold the pool cover down, you have to remove them at this point.

Step 4: Folding your Cover

This step requires you to get another person to help you fold the over and remove, especially if you’re not using a pool cover removal reel. Grab the cover on one side and the other person on the opposite side. Walk toward the opposite side of your pool together while you fold it like an accordion.

Take it slow; it doesn’t to be nit as you will still need to unfold it before you can store it away. If you have any back problems, do not attempt this to be strenuous to your back.

Step 5: Removing the cover, laying it flat, and unfolding it

Lift your pool cover carefully and place it on an open, dry, and even surface for air-drying. You can decide to use drying towels to speed up the process. Also, remove any debris that might have remained while you were skimming them out. You can also spray some baking soda to prevent molds, and if your pool cover is dirty, move to step six. If not, you can fold it nicely and proceed to storage.

Step 6: Cleaning the cover

It’s time to get the pool cover ready for storage till the next usage. Here you need to clean it with a mild detergent such as dish soap. If you notice any mold-developing, you can use diluted bleach for the first cleaning.

Once you’re done, rinse it using a garden hose to remove all the detergent. Next is to air-dry it by leaving it on a sunny-even spot (or rather doing step 5 again.)

You can also sprinkle with baking soda. It’s an excellent natural solution to prevent molds and mildew buildup. It’s an excellent agent to absorb moisture and odor.

Step 7: Fixing Any Rips

After the long closing or winter period, the pool cover might develop rips and tears one way or the other. It’d be best to check for any rips or tears carefully. If there is any, you can use a patch kit to fix them.

Step 8: Packing for Storage

Fold your cover in halves to fit it correctly in its storage bag, mostly provides with it during purchase. If you do not have one, you can get it here, depending on your cover size. You can use a storage bin too.

Step 9: Storing your cover

Now that everything is set, the cover is clean, dry, and well packed; it’s time you place it in a safe, cool, and dry place till next usage.

Final Note!

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to take down your pool cover safely. As you might have noticed, no special tools are needed. Even though all these steps require you to get handy, you can get a pool cover reel to help you during your swimming pool closing and opening. It makes lifting easier than you can imagine. If the whole process seems overwhelming, you can search for a pool maintenance company near you and hire their service.

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