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How to Move Hot Tubs in 2021? – [Step by Step]

the ways you want to follow to move your hot tubFor one reason or the other, the time has come for you to move your hot tub. You might be wanting to move it to your new home or change its location in your backyard. Whichever the reason, you need to understand some facts before trying to transport it.

As you might have noticed, a hot tub is a large unit that requires effort and lots of thinking to move it. However, I have prepared this article to make sure you get the most comfortable time transferring your spa.

The Easy Ways to Move Hot a Tubs Safely

Is moving hot tubs difficult? You bet it is! Some hot tubs are quite vast and awkwardly shaped. The vital thing you need to know, it’s impossible for a single person to move a hot tub. But you know what, a well prepared hot tub is much easier to migrate than you might think. Even though I don’t recommend you relocate it, with friends or a moving company the moving can be more comfortable. Here are the top three ways on how to move hot tubs.

a) Don’t move your hot tub

Believe me or not, the best and easiest way to move a hot tub is not to move it at all. During the relocation, you will have to buy some equipment, take your time to move the unit, make some adjustment to the obstacle, and use some workforce. All these can lead to the use of money, time wastage, property damage, or even injuries to your workforce. That is the reason most home movers leave their precious hot tubs behind for the new buyers to enjoy.

So, before you can decide to relocate your hot tub, you need to weigh your options. While at it, try to factor in all the money you will use to pay for transportation. Also consider the time it will take during the preparation, relocation and reassembling, and the energy and risks involved. After all this, you might find out the best, and the most cost-effective option is to purchase a new hot tub for your new home.

If you feel there is some sentimental value in your old hot tub, or it’s difficult for you to part ways with your favorite relaxation and fun spa, then you can consider the next two options.

b) Hire hot tub movers

Now that you have decided moving the hot tub is the best decision, the question is, what’s the best way to relocate a hot tub? Without a doubt, hiring hot tub movers is most people’s favorite way to transfer a spa.

Employing a top-rated, reputable hot tub moving company, with a vast experience in delivering hot tubs of any size will, not only save you from all the tiredness but also give you some peace of mind. With these services, you’re sure your hot tub will be moved safely with no damages. A good moving company will have the right equipment to move the hot tub safely and quickly.

Most people do not want to consider the movers since they are afraid of how much the professionals will charge them. But, I can tell you, it can be worth your time. Yes, many factors determine how much they will charge you. However, not all the time will they ask you for a fortune.

For you to be sure, you will need to call a few reliable hot tubs moving companies to come and visit your home for visual inspection and give you a quotation. With that, you can value the best, and also see if it’s worth moving.

Moving the hot tub yourself

If you don’t trust the professionals, or if their valuation is way above your budget, there is still the option of moving it yourself. Ultimately, it’s the last option in the list, but with a trusted workforce, you can pull it off. With this method, your primary concern is to ensure you do not cause any costly damage to your hot tub and property or more expensive personal injuries.

What you need for this job:

  1. Proper equipment: You will need some necessary equipment for a successful hot tub relocation. You need a sizeable 4-wheeled furniture dolly, an appliance dolly, some 4×4 wood pieces, and sturdy moving straps.
  2. Enough workforce: You also need at least four people to provide the required human resources for complete relocation. You need people you can trust to be careful with your precious investment.
  3. Significant experience and knowledge: you need to have the necessary skill on replicating the earlier preparation and planning, disassembling and reassembling, connecting it up. You can find the info on the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Steps Involved in Moving a Hot Tub

Now it has come to the action itself. One thing you need to remember is, safety comes first. Remember you’re transporting a large unit with delicate components. Start this big job if you believe you can pull it off, otherwise call for help from professionals. After your risk assessment is complete, you can follow these steps for a smooth hot tub moving.

Preparing your hot tub for moving

The first step is to measure the dimensions of your hot tub to ensure it will fit on the carrying dolly or truck. You can measure either horizontally on its bottom or vertically on one side.

Next, you need to secure an ideal moving dolly or vehicle for actual transportation. A dolly is suitable if you’re moving it to a nearby location and a medium rental truck is the best for a far distance. Ensure you use the measurement you got in the first step to finding the ideal carrying vessel.

The next step is to inspect the exit way by examining the path for the moving vehicle or dolly carefully. It needs to be obstacle-free and with no dangerous spots. While at it, check if the entryways within that path are wide enough for your hot tub to fit through safely.

Once you’re done with the measurement, finding the moving vessel and path inspection, it’s time to disconnect the power. Now you can disconnect the hot tub power, remove the power from it and the electric line, coil it, and safely wrap it. Place the cable inside the spa storage compartment on the side.

After disconnecting the power, it’s time to drain the hot tub. You can either use its drainage outlet or use a sump pump for faster draining. While thinking on which method to use, reach the side panel and close off the unit’s water supply line.

If you decide to use the hot tub drainage system, then connect a hose and drain the water to the garden. In case you choose to use a sump pump, attach it with the right water hose, dip it inside the hot tub and switch it on.

Next, dry up the remaining water. Use dry towels or a wet vacuum to dry it thoroughly.

If the hot tub has a cover, you have to remove it and re-attach it later. Don’t risk damaging it during transportation. Most covers require unscrewing, so use the right tool and keep the screws safe.

Moving the hot tub

Now it’s the time for the real and the hardest part of the whole process. You need to have the 4×4 wood pieces ready. Get your power and instruct each of them what to do. Remember, you need to work as a team for this job to be quick, safe, and smooth.

You need first carefully to turn your tub on its side to make it easier to shift. While lying on the side, have some people lift the unit on one side by leaning on the other side.

Next, you need to place the other 4×4 under the hot tub and tilt it on the other side. Place a second 4×4 wood piece under it. Now, your hot tub will be inches above the ground.

Place the dollies under the hot tub, in between the two 4×4 wood pieces. Put one dolly one side and the next one on the opposite side. Now you can safely strap the unit to the dollies and push it to the new spot.

If you are moving it with a vehicle, in this case, a truck, you will need to place the two 4×4 wood piece slanting from the car down to the ground. That way, you will have an excellent area to push the hot tub inside the truck. Do this slowly and in precise. Make sure the dollies wheels stay on the wood the whole time.

Once it’s inside the truck, use other the ideal transportation straps to make sure it’s tied securely and eliminate any movements.

Use the same technique to lower it from the truck and use the dollies to move it to its new spot. Good luck because you need it.


My last advice for you is, get the measurements right, use the right tie straps, and be super careful while moving the unit. One fall can destroy your hot tub, cost damages, and for the worst lead to injuries. If you feel handling the process is too tiring, you have the option of leaving it behind or hiring a spa moving company. I think the ways or this article covered how to move hot tubs properly.

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