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How to Keep Pool Cover from Sagging

A pool cover has a dozen of benefits. Before I take you to how to keep pool cover from sagging, let’s check out the benefits of having one.

One of the most efficient ways of saving on pool heating costs is installing a solar pool cover. A pool cover also does an excellent work of reducing chemical and water loss via evaporation. If you have a solar cover, you will be tackling both heat loss and evaporation. Solar cover magnifies the sun’s UV rays to heat the water and prevent moisture from leaving the pool water.

With that said, a solar pool cover is as good as any other pool reel, including a safety cover. If you want to keep your pool water clean when it’s not in use, especially during the winter, you need the perfect pool cover. A safety pool cover will help you protect your kids and pets from accidental drowning. A well set and positioned pool cover will also give your backyard a beautiful look. However, everything changes when the cover starts to sag, for one reason or the other.

Imagine you woke up one morning and your pool cover is hanging deep inside the pool water, to make things even worse, it’s starting to tear on the edges. The situation creates an unattractive image, and the problem can also worsen with time. When this happens, it can be frustrating to fill your head with questions like what I did wrong? Few possibilities are leading to this problem. I will take you through reasons why the pool covers sag and ways on how to keep pool cover from sagging.

Why is Your Pool Cover Sagging?

Pool covers are a perfect choice for protecting the pool water and the swimming pool itself. It’s an excellent way of trying to maintain the sanity of your pool. When you use the safety pool cover, you will be protecting your kids and pets from entering and dawning from the pool water. It’s also an ideal way to prevent water and chemical evaporation during the scorching heat.

However, pool covers are mostly used during the winter and put on during spring to protect the water from being frozen by ice and snow. During this time, a lot can happen, leading to your pool cover sagging. But what are these things that can cause the pool cover to sag?

Low-quality cover

If you buy and install a low-quality pool cover to save yourself some bucks, you will end up with a model that won’t hold for long. It might tear on the edges from the weight inserted on it by the flooding rainwater plus decaying debris, snow resting on it, or even when pets or kids play on it.

Loose Loop Locks

If there is no water, leaves, or snow on the pool cover and still sagging, then the problem might be that your loop locking cover isn’t appropriately adjusted or not held down to the anchors. Due to gravity, the cover weight will pull it to the center, thus causing the sagging.

Low Water Level

Another reason that may be causing your pool cover to sag is the low water level in your pool. When you cover the water, the pool cover seeks extra support by floating on the water surface. The water level must be ideal while you close it. If you did so, and your pool cover still sags, check the water level first. If it has dropped, then you may leak.

Most people who use meshed pool covers go with the advice of draining water to make room for the freshly flowing rain or snow. Unfortunately, most of them do not know the ideal amount of water to drain and remove too much from required. For that, the pool cover lacks the extra floating support and end up sagging.

The right amount of water you have to drain is around 6-8 inches, no more. If you go lower than that, the pool cover will be pulled down by gravity, trying to reach the water level, causing big-time sagging. You can install a Pool Water Leveler to help you know when the water level is too low or too high.

How Do Your Keep Pool Cover from Sagging?

Pool cover sagging reduces the pool cover’s effectiveness and usefulness and makes it even hard to roll it out. Before you start blaming yourself, you need to deal with the sagging before it causes tears to the cover. As you well know, replacing a pool cover is quite an investment. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can learn on how to keep pool cover from sagging.

Install the right size pool cover

When considering the right pool cover, you need to get your pool measurements first and give it some allowance, an inch or two. You need to make sure you have the right adjustment required to tie it to the pool reel system.

You also need to check the cover size in terms of thickness. If you live in a place that receives too much rain or snow, get a thick pool cover, something like an 18-mil model.

That allows the cover to hold any amount of snow of water before it can spill on the sides. The thickness prevents sagging and better floating on pool water for extra support.

Get the Right Tube Size

I recommend you get a larger tube size if available or a heavy-duty rocky reel system that can handle covers heavier than 8-mil. When you install an extra-inch tube, it’ll be able to keep your pool cover taught and prevent the sagging. You need a good-quality reel system that can handle the type of solar cover you have in your pool.

Keep the base ends close.

Now that you have installed an extra-inch reel system, you need to keep the base ends close to each other on either side of the swimming pool. You have to lay the tubes telescopically to make them stronger. The extra sturdiness and cut distance reduce the slack.

Tighten the locks

Another method to ensure your pool cover never sags is to walk around after setup and make sure that all the springs are well connected to the right anchors. If they are all connected to their appropriate anchors, loosen some cover straps from the bars and tighten them better. Ensure there are no spaces between the reel and the pool cover.

Go Wide with the Cover Reel

If your pool cover supporting reel has a broader footing, it will provide more stability to the pool cover itself. I recommend installing a short and more extensive cover reel as it’s more stable and not likely to tip over compared to a tall, narrow unit. If your reel system has a solid foundation, it ensures that the pool cover never sags. If you have to tip over or wiggling the reel system, it’s a liability to producing an equivalent amount of slack.

For Above Ground Pool

When installing the pool cover on an above ground pool, ensure the reel is tightly connected. Remember, the reel systems are tightened to the poolside to hold the cover together. You might also come across some covers that use springs and locks attached to the pool top frame. For this case, ensure the locks holds tight before you can call it a day.

Get a Portable Reel

If you’re planning on maximizing your pool deck space and still prevent your pool cover from sagging, get a portable reel. Most of these portable reels will come with a less stable base. That means you need to choose right. You may be forced to spend some extra bucks to get a secure model that reduces the slack.

Final Verdict!

How to keep pool cover from sagging goes down to the type of cover you’re using, its size, and the quality. You may have a perfectly fitting pool cover, fitted correctly, but since the quality is poor, it stretches out and sags. The pool cover can also be weak to support the amount of rainwater the pool gets, especially when the pool water is too low. So, the best way to keep pool cover from sagging is by installing a high-quality model, using the right size reel. Fit it correctly with the locks and the anchors and ensure the water level remains ideal.

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