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How to Keep a Small Pool Clean Without a Filter

Summer comes with the freedom to enjoy swimming, a refreshing hobby, and activity for most of use, including the kids. It’s an excellent way to cool down and exercise our bodies. For most people, owning a vast swimming pool is not in their minds, especially small kids. For that reason, they fit a small swimming pool in the backyard; it can be an above-ground kiddie or a small inground pool.

Most people skip the need to fit filters because of the small size; others won’t even hold a filter system because of its compactness. So, in this, you need to know how to keep a small pool clean without a filter. I guess that’s why you’re here. Right? Well! You’re in the right place. Read along.

#1) Water treatment

The first method you can run to when needing to keep your small pool clean without a water treatment filter. That includes maintaining the water pH, using chlorine treatment, and leaning toward algaecides.

Maintain the pH

Your pool water pH must be balanced to create a challenging environment for the unstable elements like calcium and more that can cause cloudy water. The pH indicates the acidity and basicity of your swimming pool water. The level needs to be between 7.2 and 7.7 for the neutral pH and water suitable for swimming. That’s because the pH alteration of the water might cause the sanitizer to lose if effectiveness.

Controlling or adjusting the water pH requires a reducer or an increaser. If your water pH is low, it’d be best to add a pH increaser to raise it. If your water pH is high, you need to reduce it with an ideal pH reducer. The pH reducers come in two forms; there is liquid acid or dry acid. Use a water testing kit to analyze the chlorine level, along with the pH, bromine, and alkalinity, and know the type of stabilizer to use, increaser, or reducer.

Chlorine Treatment

Chlorine is one of the excellent pool sanitizers used to care for and disinfect swimming pool water. It’s among the most economical method of cleaning a swimming pool without a filter. It does kill bacteria, fungi, and other water micro-organisms quickly and efficiently.

Pool chlorine treatments are available in various forms. You can get it as granular chlorine, tablet, or even liquid. You have the freedom to use any that you feel would give you the upper hand in treating pool water.

Algaecide Treatment

Another problem you have to deal with in your small pool without a filter is algae. These are plant micro-organisms that appear inside the pool water. They spread so fast, especially with high water temperatures, which also favors bacteria and fungi’ growth.

Algaecide, when combined with chlorine, makes an excellent treatment that makes it impossible for algae to grow. If your pool water gets invaded by algae, things could get complicated. That’s why algae control needs to be a priority while thinking about how to keep a small pool clean without a filter.

You could buy a multi-action chemical cleaning product that comes with everything you need to complete pool water treatment. All the pool sanitization chemicals will help you keep your small pool water conditions optimal even without the need for a filter.

#2) Cleaning Treatment

A small pool tends to attract a lot of debris, bugs, and insects. Since you don’t have a filter, you need to give it a pool cleaning treatment. When the filter is not working, all the water gets contaminated with dirt making it tough to swim in such water. Consistent pool cleaning is an effective way to keep the water safe for you and your kids, prevent algae growth, and discourage any other unwanted agents from taking your swimming pool hostage. Here are a few ways on how to keep a small pool clean without a filter.

Drain and refill

Draining and refilling your pool is the best way to clean it without a filter, depending on your pool size. As you can imagine, filling a huge swimming pool can be quite expensive and time-consuming. So, this cleaning method is only ideal for a swimming pool with a few gallons of water. If it feels like you’re wasting your water, you can use it to water your lawn, shrubs, flowers, or backyard plants.

Aqua Broom

After your swimming pool collects all the dirt and debris, most of them settle on the floors, mainly sand. One of the best methods to deal with such a mess when you don’t have a filter is using an Aqua Broom. It does offer more intense cleaning that helps remove silt and sand from the pool bottom. It will broom and vacuum out all the dirt on the floor, leaving you with a clean surface.

Skimming Nets

A skimmer net is another method you can use to clean a small pool without a filter. If you use it regularly, it can help you keep out any visible dirt in the pool water. Another thing, skimming is something you can do with the kids on Saturdays as a fun activity.

Cover it

You can also cover the swimming pool as a method on how to keep a small pool clean without a filter. When you do this, your pool cleaning frequency will be reduced exponentially. Get a cover that protects your small pool for the environment when you’re not using it. You can use a homemade cover temporarily, but it will become ineffective during the rainy season. It’d be best to buy a cover designed for your swimming pool type, preferably a cover with bungee cords and tarps.

Cleaning soap lather

If you, your kids, or anyone you share the swimming pool with soap, a bubbling agent, or shampoo inside the pool, your cleaning method changes completely. For this case, you need a scumbag; a sponge soaked up to 40-times its weight. The cleaner can be dipped near the soap lather, and expect after 10-15 times; your small pool will be free from bubbles. It would be best if you rinsed the sponge after you using it.

Household Chemicals

You can also use household chemicals for cleaning. You can try out the baking soda, white vinegar, or rubbing alcohol to remove the sticky gunk from your pool. Vitamin C is also a natural stain remover. And you know what, baking soda is cheap and natural, and you can use it to maintain the pool alkalinity.

Keep the Pool Clean: Preventive Measures

Now that you have cleaned your swimming pool, how do you keep it cleaning without a filter? You need to employ preventive measures to maintain the swimming pool clean and safe, preventing you from turning cloudy.

Use a Pool Cover

As aforementioned, a pool cover can reduce your cleaning frequencies exponentially. It will protect your swimming pool from all kinds of fall dirt, leaves, dust, insects, debris, and more. It does also facilitate evaporation reduction, thus saving you on chemicals. A pool cover can also maintain the pool water temperature and prevent the apparition of the algae.

Use Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is another method of preventing dirt from entering your swimming pool. When you shower before you enter the pool water, you reduce the amount of organic matter and dirt that enters your swimming pool, including sweat. Place a foot bath at the pool entrance.

Final Verdict!

Of course, there are many ways on how to keep a small pool clean without a filter. I have picked the easiest and the most straightforward methods for anyone to try out. Protecting your swimming pool from algae, balancing the pool pH, treating it with chlorine sanitizer, and covering it are the top methods to keep your swimming pool clean without a filter.

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