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How to clean pool liner

Most people love swimming in the pool. The pool cleaning is a regular part of pool owners. When they have done clean the pool perfectly and regularly, that means they ensure the water more fresh and healthy. But most of the pool owners do not know how to clean pool liners regularly without any mistake. As you pull out the sponge’s scrubbers and vacuum, you need to check out the below tips and tricks to clean the pool easily.

Whatever here, I discuss around nine tips and tricks which are actionable and workable. So, without delay, let’s maintain the below tips so that you can easily clean the pool without hassles.

Step 1: Never drain your liner pool for deeply clean

If you have a vinyl liner swimming pool, you should not drain the above pool during a routine clean. The water in the swimming pool helps secure the liner, and by draining the water, you may risk damages it. On the other hand, most of the cleaning can be done without draining your pool. However, if your pool requires empty, you need to contact the expert who empties the pool without any damages. I hope that you easily follow this step without hassles.

Step 2: Clean your pool regularly (weekly)

Removing debris, vacuuming, and brushing the liner regularly will help reduce the likelihood of major stains that keeps your pool water fresh. According to pool experts, pool owners need to clean their pool at least once a week a month. If they clean the pool every week, then it is truly beneficial for them. There is plenty of pool app for your Smartphone that will help you to remain the pool clean regularly according to your timer. So, you need to follow the section deeply.

Step 3: To absorb oil, use a tennis ball.

While you are swimming or use commercially, the pool captures your sweat, oil, hair products, sunscreen, and many things that are truly harmful to the human body. What is the solution? Through a tennis ball or once more in the pool water and leave it for sometimes. After sometimes, the tennis ball’s fiber captures the oils, sweat, hair products, and other things and provides you freshwater. It not only clean your pool but also keeps your water cleaner longer and resistant to long-time damage.

Step 4: Use natural cleaning products

If you do not use chemicals for your pool, you have plenty of options to use the natural element for cleaning your pool. However, for removing stain or other things, you can use vinegar and soap, which is a great alternative option of chemical. The vinegar and soap can prevent mildew and stains with less health and environmental impact. They are also a cheaper option, so you need to cost a lot of money for them, whatever you will get the product from local and online shop wherever you want to purchase the product.

Step 5: Always brush the ground floor

Most of the pool owners brush the wall or ground wall when the wall dirty and look ugly; that is absolutely wrong. You should consider your pool clean regularly and brush at least once a week. Now the world is updated, and the brush is also become updated. So, you can get an excellent pool brush which works very fast and deeply. However, regularly brush your pool walls so that you can always get healthy water.

Step 6: Clean each of the corner or space

The vacuum and brush always do not reach out to each of the corners, which is a great challenge for the pool owners. When cleaning your liner, it is best to give those hard to clean areas some loves by scrubbing them a hand through a small tool. The tools clean the liner space without single damage. Some people thought that they could manually do the jobs, but I think it is very challenging and does not work perfectly. So, it is better for you that clean the pool liner with the tools.

Step 7: You should invest a robotic pool cleaner

According to my experience, each of the pool owners is now investing in a robot pool cleaner. Robot pool cleaners are awesome, and they take less time to clean the pool deeply. They reduce the pool dirt, stain, and other harmful thing with a short time. A robot pool cleaner is not much costly, so you can easily afford the product. So, it is a great option for you if you want to invest in a robot cleaner. You just need to follow the user manual, and it works automatically.

Step 8: Test your water, copper, and Iron regularly

Good water always preferable. Whatever if you want to test your water, you need to purchase a water testing kit. After checking the water, you can take proper action. Copper and Iron affect you a great impact on your health condition. So, if you find the copper and Iron highly, you can apply some chemicals so that your pool water becomes safe. I think this section helps you a lot to safe your pool water.

Step 9: Get the pool clean professionally at least one year

It is one of the most effective ways to clean your pool deeply. Though it is an expensive method, you need to do it to clean your pool perfectly. You can hire a pool expert so that the pool cleans deeply. Whatever the professional pool cleaners used powerful accessories and advanced technology, your pool is easily clean without hassles. So, it would help if you remembered this section.


I hope that you already understand how to clean a pool liner perfectly. Whatever the above 9 steps are workable and actionable. According to my experience, the professional pool cleaning system is more workable than other steps. So, if you think you have enough money to clean the pool, you can choose a robot cleaner and also go for a professionally pool cleaner service.

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