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The 10 Best Hot Tub Brands in the World

With over a hundred registered hot tub brands in the market, it is understandable if you feel overwhelmed while looking for the best hot tub brand. As we well know, a hot tub is a significant investment packed with essentials that makes it the perfect way to unwind a long day. They are also excellent for massages and hydrotherapy.

Different brands have designed their models in different ways. For you to put your trust on a model, then you have first to trust the maker. Here, I’ve researched on the top hot tub brands to facilitate your search of the right type of hot tub for your needs and budget.

Top 10 Best Hot Tub Brands

As I mentioned above, there are over a hundred hot tubs brands in the current market. Some are reputable while others are here for the money. Here I will give you the top ten best hot tub brand you can trust while buying your hot tub or spa for fun, relaxation, or health management.

1) Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Spas

The Jacuzzi brothers in 1950s started jacuzzi hot tubs and spas company and were popularized in 1980s. As a brand, it offers five hot tub lines, namely the J-500 collections, J-400 collection, J-300 collection, J-200 collection, and the J-LX collection. So what makes it one of the best?

One, the Jacuzzi hot tubs feature a durable, high-grade, and scratch-resistant acrylic construction with improved heat retention. Additionally, their hot tubs feature modern innovation like the PowerPro Jets and the Aqualibrium technology for perfect air-water balancing.

Additionally, their product’s value for money cannot go unnoticed. Even though the Jacuzzi models are slightly high-priced, they are worth every penny. Their Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and spas bring a different level of relaxation thanks to all the features employed on them like the exterior lighting and ergonomic seating.

2) Sundance Spas

Sundance is also a reputable hot tub brand with over 40 years of producing high-quality hot tubs. Their products feature a design aimed at meeting all the consumer’s needs. They thrive in a reputation as a community-based hot tub and spa company. As a production company, they offer four hot tub lines, namely the 980 Series, 880 Series, 780 Series, and lastly the 680 Series. What makes it great?

One of the reasons they are among the best brands is customer satisfaction and their up-level customer care services. According to customers’ testimonies, I realized that many people trust the Sundance brand for their attachment to the customer.

Once you buy their hot tub or spa, they ensure you’re fully satisfied. Additionally, their hot tubs and spas crafting and durability are also high-class. Every model they sell is well inspected to ensure it delivers as intended.

3) Hot Spring®

Next is the Hot Springs Spas and Hot Tubs. It’s the largest hot tub manufacturer in the 21st century. With has over 900 dealers worldwide, its dealers pride themselves on excellent customer care. The brand offers three hot tub and spa lines, namely the Highlife Collection, Limelight Collection, and the Hot Spot Spas.

Hot springs’ attention to design and comfort in their high-level hot tub brings out their key advantage over other brands. It works with Designworks, a BMW group company to build comfort and design. With Hot Springs models, you’re sure of comfort in the seats.

Furthermore, another feature that sets the Hot Springs Spas out of the enormous hot tub brands crowd is the availability of saltwater systems in the many of their models. The saltwater system works great in keeping the hot tub and spa clean and sanity since the salt kills bacteria.

4) Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spa is a Utah-based company that was founded in 1997. It designs and manufactures a high-end hot tubs line with a branded feature known as the JetPak Therapy System. The brand is well known as a hot tub company great with the provision of best massages.

Bullfrog Spa offers four hot tub lines, namely the modern STIL spas, Premium Luxury A-Series, Value Focused X Series, and the Quality R Series. Their production line brings out innovative engineering and design. They aim at creating an experience that offers a peaceful mind, body, and home for each of the consumer of its products.

The JetPak System employed on their hot tubs and spas allows the user to customize their massage with 18 options. Each option targets a different massage therapy type. The interchangeable jets and the customization choices are the big selling point for the Bullfrog brand.

5) Cal Spas

The Cal Spas is another reputable hot tub brand ideal for giving you an excellent product for a spa experience like no other. The company was established in 1978. Today, it’s one of the top recreational products for home manufacturers in the world. With over 28 trademarks, it also has over 48 patents to its credit.

Cal Spas has been involved in the production of quality hot tubs and spas decades. Additionally, their precision engineering offers its customers the best hydrotherapy options in the market today. The customizable therapy options and their adjustable water jets ensures each hot tub or spa session leaves a great experience.

The brand’s innovative design is more than creating a relaxing and fun place, but also embracing a new spa lifestyle of health and wellness through hydrotherapy systems. Their hot tubs come with unparalleled structural strength and superior durability.

6) Caldera Spas

Caldera Spas is yet another reputable hot tub brand which you cannot go wrong with. The brand has been was founded in 1977 by the Watkins manufacturing. Their focus is on comfort, design, and performance, not transparent pricing. Customers agree well that the brand hits all these elements quite well.

Each element on their products, from the jets to the seats, is optimized for a soothing, therapeutic experience. The brand offers three product lines, namely the Utopia Series, the Vacanza Series, and the Paradise Series.

Caldera spas provide in-line sanitation systems and saltwater sanitation together with the U-Select Hydrotherapy System. The three are the main selling point for the company. One downside of this brand is, they have the fewest number of hot tub models.

7) Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas is a highly rated brand that makes both swim spas and hot tubs. They have been making quality products over two decades now. They are among the top best hot tubs brands for their reputation in the warm tub quality and craftsmanship. Their construction aim at producing high-performance therapeutic aspects of hot tubing and maintaining a function on form mentality.

They are also known for their superior design aesthetics, which draw influence from organic styling and geometric shapes. Their models use ConstantClean plus water management systems. The system uses ozonation and in-line filtration/sanitation to keep the water clean while also improving energy efficiency.

8) Arctic Spas

With Arctic Spas and Hot Tubs brand, they are well known for their significant innovation. You know what, they are the first spa company to design and produce all-weather swim spa. They use the same superior technology they use on hot tubs to make their hot tubs.

The best part is, the Arctic knows well how to insulate their hot tubs and spas. The brand is also renowned for its superior, efficient heat recovery system and its insulation packages. Their hot tubs and spas are highly skilled even in those coldest climates.

Additionally, their design and the hydrotherapy setup is unmatched to other brands. They bring the use of modern innovative technology to bring out comfort, superior design, and efficiency in their models. Best of all, they have a beautiful line that provides outdoor equipment and accessories to go with the hot tubs like gazebos.

9) ThermoSpas

If you want a durable and aesthetically-pleasing hot tub, then you will get it from ThermoSpas Hot tubs. It’s a reputable hot tub manufacturer which designs easily accessible hot tubs. Their aim is providing high-quality, durable, and aesthetically elegant hot tubs to their consumers.

One of the features which have set their name among the best is the molded rock outer shell employed on their models. The shells make their hot tubs among the most durable models on the market. The hot tubs are also energy efficient, deep relaxation, easy to use and maintain and with the highest rated warranty.

Additionally, with their models utilizing Eco-Smart technology, their hot tubs far exceed water efficiency standards set by the California Energy Mandate. Above all, their models are budget-friendly and widely available in most of the online stores and retailers.

10) Beachcomber

Lastly, we have the Beachcomber. The reason I featured this brand in the fact that it produces functional yet straightforward models. The Beachcomber, a Canadian hot tub company, majors in creating the most affordable hot tubs without compromising comfort. Their models do not feature the added bells and whistles.

Their production line features hot tubs with simplicity in design and incredibly comfortable and easy to clean construction. Their Canadian origin allows the hot tubs to function great in the colder environment. Overall, if you need a simple, reliable and budget-friendly hot tub, then a Beachcomber model can be ideal for you.


All the above are reputable hot tub brands that you can trust their products. For those people who ask for the hot tub brands to avoid here are some tips for you. You need to run away from any brand with a bad rating –customer testimonies are quite efficient in finding the ideal product maker.

Next, avoid a brand with no dealer –A local authorized dealer will ensure excellent service before and after purchase. Lastly, double-check the warranty –A good brand need to cover their product with a warranty for any unexpected trouble in the craft.

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