15 Health Benefits of Sauna of 2020 You Never Know About It

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If you asked me why I love a sauna, I would give you a long list of benefits. A regular sauna bathing offers highly effective health benefits that promote the general well-being. In fact, up to date, their lots of research papers done by scientists to demonstrate the health benefits of sauna. The list of what you can get from a sauna is endless. But there are those significant benefits of a sauna that go unnoticed.

Top 15 Best Healthful Benefits of Sauna for 2020

Best Healthful Benefits of Using SaunaA good sauna does not only help people stay fit but also improve blood circulation, dissolve and remove toxic wastes. It also provides anti-aging effects on the skin. These benefits have motivated many sauna users to extend their sauna sessions. In this post, I will go through the top health benefits of sauna and explain how each is achieved.

1) Weight Loss

Weight Loss after using saunaThe first reason why a vast number of people go to saunas is to try and speed up their calorie burning. We well know how difficult losing weight can be. Right?

Most people are stuck with get-thin quick diets and exercise machines to try and fasten their weight loss program. What if I told you don’t need all that? Would you believe me? With a sauna on your routine, it can be the fastest way to shed weight and burn calories.

Both steam and infrared saunas have been proven to help with weight loss by heating the body core temperature, thus inducing sweating. It increases the blood flow, melting down fats, and increasing the heart rate. In addition to this, the heating forces the body to maintain the temperature, thus working hard than usual. All that allows you to burn calories without needing to run, swim, or do anything.

2) Alleviates Joint and Muscle Pain

Heat therapy is the most recommended practice by physicians and physiotherapists for those who suffer from different types of pain. A sauna is ideal for you if you suffer from chronic pain or any musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, or fibromyalgia.

A sauna is quite effective in reducing the inflammation and swelling and also help in soothing the sore muscles. It also offers pain-bursting properties dealing with chronic type headaches. However, you should note that this isn’t a cure but a temporal pain reprieve.

3) Increases Blood Circulation

Increases Blood CirculationEveryone that steps in a sauna experiences an increment in the blood flow. It happens because of the rise in temperatures increase the heart rate, and the blood vessels widen up. That helps the blood to make its way all around the body more freely. But why is that such a benefit?

  • It can help and improve particular health issues like muscle soreness, which if you can benefit from if you’re a keep-fit enthusiast or an athlete. It can also help in improving the joint movement, thus boosting your mobility if you have an issue with the joints. Additionally, bettered blood circulation can aid with arthritis, reducing the pain, and increasing your mobility. It is surprising how much you can gain with improved circulation.
  • Studies also have proven that when you get into a sauna, the artery relaxation takes place after an hour of a sauna session. That’s an indicator of good hearth health. Arterial stiffness is a bad condition that raises the risk of cardiovascular diseases and issues. The stiffer your arteries are, the more you are likely to have a heart attack or even suffer a type of bypass.
  • However, many sauna manufacturers do not recommend you use a sauna if you have any heart condition or problem. In contrary to that, studies have shown, patients with severe heart disease benefit a lot with a sauna. But do consult your physician before using a sauna if you have ever suffered a heart attack or if you have a history of any cardiovascular issues.

4) Protects the Lungs

Using a sauna when you’ve got cold or when you’re in the middle of the cold season may seem counter-intuitive. However, research says it’s a good idea. Scientists have proven that with a sauna, you can improve your lungs functions, even if you have asthma or even chronic breathing issues.

A sauna can also reduce the chances of contracting cold or even pneumonia during winter. It may not counteract anybody sharing the sauna from sneezing on you. However, when you feel shivery in the apartment when the temperatures go below freezing, it might be great to get a sauna session.

5) Detoxification

Another health benefit of a sauna is the flushing out of toxins in the body. The human skin plays a huge role in the elimination of chemicals and other compounds which enters the body daily. The process is hugely improved by perspiration. The high sauna temperatures heat the body directly, speeding up the sweating progression.

Sweating is a crucial process of eliminating undesirable wastes — the antiperspirants and synthetic fabric we wear, restricting our ability to sweat ideally. Sauna heat, on the other hand, breaks through these barriers and restore this ability. Thus, allowing an effective way of getting rid of unwanted toxins.

6) Stress Relief

How sauna works on Stress ReliefNext is relieving stress. Sauna is all about body and mind relaxation. Apart from weight loss, another reason why people flock f sauna for a sauna session after a hard day at work or after an exercise is to relieve stress. It’s the same motive why most people take a vacation in the tropical climate during the winter. Heat is a proven relaxant.

Using a sauna is one of the easiest ways of getting rid of stress. All you have to do is get it and leave the sauna to do the rest. You can read a book or listen to your favorite music and allow your body and mind to relax. Additionally, thanks to the increased heart rate you get once you sit inside a sauna, the body releases endorphins all around. As a ‘feel-good’ chemical, it helps you relax and feel happier than before.

You also get time to socialize if you decide to spend the sauna session with friends. Since you will have all your free time for yourselves, it’s a good time to talk fun. The socializing will take away your stress thinking.

7) Skin benefits

Skin benefits of using saunasDo you want to maintain your youthful skin? Are you looking for a better radiant glow to your skin? I bet, yes! A sauna will not only help your body sweat more effectively but also allow the skin to absorb more nutrients. That, in return, promote healthy skin texture and tone.

Imagine the types of soaps, makeup, and moisturizers you load on the skin daily. If you check on the ingredients, some you can’t even pronounce. Mostly they are chemical compounds the body has to deal with every day. With sauna heat therapy, you can help rejuvenate tired skin to look more natural.

Additionally, heat bathing acts as a beauty and health strategy to cleanse the skin. When our bodies start producing sweat through deep sweating, our skin surfaces get washed, and the dead cells replaced. That helps in keeping the skin is an ideal working condition.

Another thing, the sweating rinses any bacteria out of your epidermal layer and in the sweat ducts. Cleaning and opening of the pores improve the capillary circulation also, allowing the skin to get a softer, smooth-looking quality.

8) Induce a Deeper Sleep

One thing that many people forget is the fact that you get a good sleep after a sauna session. Research shows that you can get a night of better, deep, and more relaxed sleep after using a session. Apart from your body releasing the ‘feel happy’ chemical, the endorphins, the raised body temperature elevated during the sauna session fall while you sleep. The slow temperature fall and the release of the endorphins facilitate sleep.

9) Improve endurance sport performance

The human body has a specific heat tolerance level. With regular sauna sessions, you will improve your body’s heat tolerance. That leads to a significant boost in endurance sports. With this practice, you get to feel less fatigue and maintain high energy levels over a long time which in turn improves performance.

10) Better hair growth

hair growth minAccording to research done by Harvard Health, by sauna encouraging blood flow to the skin surface, it also reaches the hair follicles. With more blood flowing, more nutrients reach the follicles, thus promoting hair growth. However, the heat can also rob moisture from your hair, making it dry, leading to brittle and breakage. Therefore, while using a sauna for hair growth, you need to take precautions to retain hair moisture and prevent damage.

What is the ideal way to use a sauna for hair growth?

  1. You have to wash the hair with an ideal clarifying shampoo so that you can remove any residue from styling products. Then lather once for the dry hair and twice for the oily hair.
  2. Next is blotting the excess moisture and applying a deep conditioner. Start at the hair roots and work the conditioner through to its ends. If the hair tangles easily, you need to use the wide-toothed comb for an even distribution of the conditioner.
  3. Gather the hair at the top, secure it with a clip if you need to, and then cover the head using a plastic shower cap. Set your sauna to the ideal comfortable temperature. If you’re in a public sauna, the thermostat will do the work for you.
  4. Now you can sit in the sauna comfortably for up to 20 minutes. Massage the scalp and take sips of water periodically.
  5. After your sauna session is over, take a warm bath to cool down slowly. Rinse the conditioner from the hair and do the final rinsing suing lukewarm water to seal in the cuticles.

11) Reduce cholesterol level

Exercising and eating healthy food is an effective way of keeping cholesterol levels in check. However, some other factors like injuries, age, and other issues make it challenging to exercise, leading to a high level of cholesterol.

What is cholesterol? It’s a lipid and fatty substance essential for building body cells. However, when it’s in large doses, it can lead to significant health risks. It may form lipid pumps inside the blood vessel walls and result in some of the common cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart attack, and angina.

A research done by a team of scientists from the Institute of Biomedicine, University of Cracow shows that regular sauna bathing can reduce the cholesterol levels. It stimulates the breakdown of the lipid substance.

12) Helps in workout recovery

If you want to feel relaxed and recover from a long workout, then get a sauna session. The pain felt after a workout program is known as Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (DOMS). Professionals recommend heat therapy since it’s known to help recover from the training workouts.

Heat is known to penetrate deep into the muscle tissues and help in relieving DOMS. A study done by PubMed Central from the National Institutes of Health database showed that moist heat works well in muscle recovery compared to dry-heat.

13) Boosts the immune system

Various hydrotherapy forms are known to boost immunity and saunas are no exception. When you expose the body to the warm heat and moisture inside a sauna, leukocytes –cells which fight infection get stimulated. As I mentioned above, you can use the sauna to fight off cold. It also works as the first line of defense, but there is no evidence that the sauna can kill the brewing infection. However, with regular sauna sessions, you can give the bloodstream some immunity boost.

14) Cancer Therapeutic Benefits

In most cases, some cancer patients undergo chemotherapy to help eliminate drugs from their system faster using a FAR infrared sauna. Chemotherapy helps in ensuring the drugs leave the body system after their benefits are used up. It prevents them from poisoning the body. On top of that, it improves the body’s regenerative abilities while reducing pain by improving circulation.

15) Chromotherapy

Most home saunas use chromotherapy for an added advantage. The technology, also known as color therapy uses color and light to bring about homeostasis gently. The light and color are applied to the specific areas on the body.

In the early days, color and light were used for healing. The ancient Egyptians used solarium-type rooms that had colored glass panes. The sun shined through the glass, covering the patient with color. Some people use colored silk clothing to cover the body and flood it with sunlight. Today, color and light healers use the modern colored gels and glass sheets to apply the healing light on the body.


All these are the health benefits of sauna. Everything here is proven to work, and that’s why I can trustfully share it with you. Now you can confidently get in a sauna knowing that, you will come out with better health. I have also mentioned some precautions here and there, remember them for a better sauna experience. We wish you “Feel Better”, “Look Better” and “Sleep Better”!


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