Top 5 Best Harris Pool PumpS Reviewed (in 2020)

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Harris pool pump reviewsHarris is a well-known brand when it comes to pool pumps. However, since there are numerous models available, you have to look at the best ones available.

I will today share with you the Harris pool pumps which are above average and which are compatible with your pool.

I will also go into the details of the parameters on which you should compare them. Once you are clear about them, it will become easy to choose the right one among the five options below.

Top 5 Harris Pool Pump Reviews of 2020

1. Harris H1572728 ProForce Pool Pump

Harris H1572728 ProForceThe pump which I am highlighting now has a power rating of ¾ HP. It is compatible with aboveground pools. The advantage of this pool is that it consists of a highly durable thermoplastic body.

Due to this body, the noise is also on the lower side. Since it comes with a 3-foot cord, connecting it to the electrical socket is easy. Moreover, corrosion-proof construction means that durability is not a problem.

The large filter ensures that you do not have to empty it frequently. That is why, if you’re looking for a Harris pool pump for pools, you shouldn’t ignore this option.


  • Compatible with aboveground pools
  • The power rating of ¾ HP
  • Corrosion proof construction
  • Low noise
  • Large strainer basket


  • Little slow at the start

2. Harris H1572230 Vortex Sand Filter System with 1.5 HP Pump

Harris H1572230 Above Ground Sand Filter System with PumpThe next option on my list is compatible with aboveground pools. It consists of a pump along with the sand filter system. That is why; you can get clean water at the output.

The rating of the pool pump is 1.5 HP. With the help of 24-inch filter, you can be sure that the contaminants and pollutants can get removed. Also, it can operate with the water temperature range of 32°F to 113°F.

The 7-position dial valve means that you can clean the pool water easily. Since it consists of a sand filter, the fine pollutants are easy to remove as well. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty Harris pool pump, you can go with this one.


  • Consist of 24-inch filter
  • Seven position dial valve
  • Easy to eliminate fine pollutants
  • Power rating is 1.5 HP


  • Installation is time-consuming

3. Harris H1572730 ProForce Pool Pump

Harris H1572730 – ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump ReviewThe next Harris pool pump on my list has a power rating of 1.5 HP. It is compatible with aboveground pools. The advantage of this pool pump over its predecessor is the higher power rating.

It means that it can handle a higher quantity of water. Also, with the help of 1.5-inch suction and discharge ports, it can circulate the water efficiently. The heavy-duty construction reduces the noise and makes it highly durable.

It comes with a 3 feet cord, which means that connecting it to the pool is not a problem. It consists of 1.5-inch internal threading and 2.5-inch external threading. That is why; using it with the plumbing fixtures is not a problem. If ease of use is your requirement, you should consider this option.


  • Power rating is1.5 HP
  • Compatible with aboveground pools
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to install


  • Noise is a bit high

4. Harris H1572729 ProForce 1 HP Above Ground Pool Pump

Harris H1572729 ProForce Above Ground Pool PumpWith 1 HP power, this pump is perfect for aboveground pool pumps. The stainless steel shaft construction means the durability is not a problem. Also, the corrosion-proof design means that you can use it consistently with minimal wear and tear.

It is not only efficient but produces little to no noise. The strainer basket is highly efficient. It can easily filter out even the smaller particles. As a result, you can get clean water.

The discharge and suction ports are easy to integrate with the pool. The sturdy construction of this pool along with adequate power rating makes it a worthy choice.


  • Power rating is 1 HP
  • Easy to integrate with the pool
  • Corrosion proof construction
  • Low noise


  • Susceptible to overheating

5. Harris H1572748 ProForce Pool Pump

Harris H1572748If you have been going through Harris pool pump reviews to find the best one for inground pools, you can consider this option. The power rating of this pool pump is 1.5 HP.

It has stainless steel shaft construction, which means that the durability is not a problem at all. With the help of carborundum and graphite seals, you can be sure that wear and tear is not a problem. Moreover, due to these heavy-duty seals, you need not worry about leakage as well.

It can work at 115 volts as well as 220 volts, which is a definite advantage. You can connect it using the 2-inch suction and discharge ports. The thermoplastic body means that you can use it in any weather. These features make it an excellent choice.


  • 1.5 HP power rating
  • Heavy-duty seals
  • No leakage problem
  • Dual voltage design


  • Bit higher electricity consumption

If you do not want to go through all the Harris pool pump reviews to find the right one, you can go through my list above. I have included the best Harris pool pumps for inground and aboveground pools. That is why; you will not face any problem in finding the right one. I will now share with you a simple buying guide which will help you choose among these five options.

Buying Guide:

• Power rating:

The power rating will help you determine the speed of circulation of water. It will also help you understand how much water the pump can handle. Generally speaking, anything over 0.5 HP is a good option.

• Compatibility:

You have to also look at the compatibility to determine whether it is suitable for inground pools are aboveground pools. You have to choose the pump according to the pool which you have.

• Integration:

Ideally, you should choose a Harris pool pump that is easy to integrate with your pool. When that is the case, you can install and start using it. You have to look at the suction and discharge port size and then make your buying decision. If it comes with any of the accessories and installation instructions, that is a definite plus.

• Durability:

You have to look at the components in use and also the outer casing. The materials in use will determine the strength and sturdiness.

These are four simple factors on which you should compare different Harris pool pumps. Once you do so, it is relatively easy to choose the right one.


What size of pool pump do I need?

Anything over 0.5 HP of power in the pool pump is an excellent option to go with for private pools. The larger the pool size, the higher should be the HP rating of the pool pump.

Should I run my pool pump 24×7?

Ideally, you should run the pool pump at least throughout the day. The electricity consumption for most of the pool pumps is on the lower side, and that is why running it throughout the day is not a problem.


So, if you’re looking for the best Harris pool pumps, you can go through my Harris pool pump reviews above. With the help of my list, it becomes easy for you to choose the right pump. You have to look at the pool compatibility and the power rating and then take a call. If you’re confused between any of the options above, you can use my buying guide to choose the right one.

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