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Freestyle Swimming TechniqueThe freestyle swimming or else the crawl technique uses any stroke or method. Regularly, freestyle technique is used in competitions. There are no real conditions or regulations on how to swim. It is recommended to learn the freestyle swimming technique as you will surely appreciate the sensation of sliding and gliding in the water.

Tips to Help You Master Freestyle Swimming Technique

While learning this technique, the time required to swim each lap get reduced as you master the method. You also learn to swim faster, longer, and to minimize blows. Remember that to learn this swimming technique, and you must develop different swimming methods. Here are several tips to help you master the technique.

1. The position of the body

The most basic method to do is the position of the body. You must establish the correct body position to get the proper flow in swimming. You must use the functions of your hips, belly, back, and chest. Turn your body from side to side while your head is fixed. Ensure you plunge into the water like a fish and move forward with each stroke, and this will maximize the efficiency of your swim.

2. Breathing

The next easy technique to learn to swim is to practice breathing. Having proper breathing will allow you to have a mild stroke, and you will not have trouble breathing. Your face should be down breathing through your mouth. Turn the head towards the beginning of the arm for recovery. Your head should be tilted back at the end of the shot, then repeat the sequence. Breathe each in recovery to move on the other side.

3. Arm cycle

The next method is the arm cycle if you want to learn the technique of freestyle. Pushing, pulling, and recovering are the steps of the arms cycle. The stretching is the actuating movement of the arms of the waterline at the chest. Keep your arms straight, and your hands should point to the center of your body and down. Make your hands firmly in a section when you put your hands in the water.

Spread out your fingers slightly then complete the pulling push. That will bring you back to the water level. Now, the palm of your hand should be moved into the water just below the body at the beginning. Also, on the side of your body during the final push.

4. Recovery

Next is the recovery. It is a position where the elbow is arched in the direction of swimming. Practice the movement of the elbow by rubbing the water with your fingers. Try to relax your arm while you recover.

5. Kick

The next important method is the kick in the leg. The swim kick controls the position of your body in the water, while your arms will push your body forward. The right time should be established between the arms and legs as it is essential to perfect your stroke.

Your kicks must be in a beat style to make a 6-cycle correctly. You must stay horizontal in the water to prevent your legs from falling. Make small splashes with your legs to slightly break the surface of the water.


Freestyle swimming technique has many advantages over other swimming techniques. Swimmers are starting to learn more as they learn different techniques. Plus, when it comes to comprehending the dog paddle style, it can help you feel safe and a lot more comfortable when you’re in the water. Therefore, it is appropriate that you always practice freestyle methods.

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