Can I Install Pool Basketball Hoop in My Pool?

Swimming is a source of endless fun, whether you want to get some exercise or relax and enjoy some delightful summer day. Swimming might be great, but adding some extra fun like a basketball hoop would make it more exciting. Adding a basketball hoop to a swimming pool gives you a perfect way to enjoy the additional element of a swimming pool fun.

But the question is, can you install a pool basketball hoop in your pool. Well, the answer is simple: yes, it’s essential, but not a must. And considering you will be adding some for to your quiet pool, well it’s a great idea to install a pool basketball hoop. I will be discussing this further, giving ideas on how to choose the best, and how to fix it.

Let us jump right in!

Why You Need the Best Basketball Hoops?

Basketball is a natural sport beloved a lot globally and more in the United States. The young generation is well known to be nothing short of addicted to basketball. A study done in 2012, the finding shows that over 26 million Americans do play basketball. It’s certain by now; the number has grown higher than that. It’s more likely your kids to love to play basketball. The popularity of the sport is fueled by the fact that you don’t need much training to have some fun.

Another thing, while you play basketball, you add some cardio exercises that will improve your health and wellbeing. Swimming, on the other hand, is a sport loved by almost everybody, especially for cardio routines. The game is a great way to improve your cardio. The same goes for swimming activities. Some swimming exercises are quietly intense that they cover all your muscle areas. However, you still need to have your body thoroughly worked out, and adding basketball play to your swimming routine would improve it significantly.

Today’s world is full of technology, and most of the time, you will find yourself behind a desk. Your kids, on the other hand, will be glued to their phone, computer, or TV. You have no time to bond. When you go swimming in a silent swimming pool, nothing much to play or any conversation starter. But when you have a basketball hoop, it becomes easier to have family time, play some balls and keep score. It’s a real family binder.

Still, on that point, when you have a family come together, a home BBQ gathering or you invite some friends for a grilling party, a basketball hoop can help wait for the dish to be ready. That is the time when you get to play your friendship part, enjoy your time together, and have fun. It’s a perfect idea for local neighborhood parties.

With all these reasons, your question of whether it’s okay for you to install a basketball hoop in your swimming pool should be fully answered. The next step is to understand some pointers in buying the best pool basketball hoop.

Need Buying the Best Pool Basketball Hoop: Thing to Consider While Choosing the Best

Now that you have decided to install a pool basketball hoop in your swimming pool, you need to understand that not all of the available units are ideal for your needs and swimming pool. The quality, build, and also the durability of each model differ from the other. For a better understanding of this, kindly consider the following factors during your purchase.

(1) Size

The sizing will depend on the purpose, the deepness and wideness of your swimming pool. You need to get a model that is large enough for your swimming pool. If you’re getting a model for your family, you should get a small or medium-sized hoop because of the kids.

If you need an adult-only pool basketball hoop, then the largest the best. Additionally, a narrow swimming pool would require a smaller unit, reachable from a shorter distance. Pick the opposite if you have a broad swimming pool.

If your swimming pool is deep, you shouldn’t get a tall hoop that you can’t reach. You can also decide to use a basketball hoop with adjustable height for universal use both by kids and adults as well as both in the deep end and shallow end.

(2) Construction

A pool basketball hoop construction is also crucial. You will have to check section quality and build integrity. A pool basketball hoop will have four sections, the backboard, the rim, the stand, and lastly, the base. These three parts need to be high-quality, durable, and also secure.

a) Backboard Material

Basketball hoop backboards are made using a range of materials, including fiberglass, polyethylene, and polyurethane. The quality and durability of these construction elements are different. For a budget unit, you need to consider the polyurethane, but if you need a durable, long-lasting repairable backboard, fiberglass is the best.

What you need to know here is, the material used in constructing the backboard needs to be long-lasting and sturdy enough to handle the rebounding of the ball. Additionally, it needs to make the basketball ball reliable sufficient to withstand the forces of shots landing on it.

b) Strong Rim

While enjoying the game, you will be hitting the hoop rim more times than you can count. If your hoop rim isn’t sturdy enough, there is a chance it will tilt with a few games played. Additionally, if the hoop rim is made using inferior materials, you will face issues trying to hit the basket.

Top-quality rims use solid materials like high-quality steel or high-impact plastic. For the best outcome, if you decide to buy a steel hoop rim, ensure you buy a model that comes with ant-rust material coating the steel. I would recommend the vinyl-coated steel rims since they feature high tensile strength and more capable of withstanding any powerful shots you through without tilting.

c) Heavy Base

The basketball hoop base is an essential element in choosing the right unit. You can decide to go with a fixed base requiring some modeling on your poolside, or you can go with a tank-base or weighted base. A fixed base requires that you have a hole dug on your poolside and the pole inserted in it to support the basket basketball hoop.

However, if some remodeling is out of the picture, you can decide to use s tank-type model that comes with a tanked base requiring you to fill it with water to provide the necessary support. That works similarly to a weighted base, which requires you to weight the bottom with stones, sand, or regular weights.

(3) Weather Resistance

Most swimming pools are outdoors, and most of the time, your basketball hoop will be staying outdoors. Unless you plan to get it out of the garage storage every time you go swimming, you might want to consider a weather-resistant unit. Additionally, since you are playing near the water, most of the time, the pool water will splash to the basketball hoop. That calls for a model that can withstand the wetness for a long term service.

Due to water chemicals such as chlorine and salt components used in most pool treatment systems, materials such as PVC, steel, and plastic never score well. However, those basketball hoops that feature steel poles, the poles come powder-coated protecting it against moisture, and that is the highest the manufacturer can go. For better durability, you can spray the steel with rust and corrosion protective layer.

(4) Budget

A basketball hoop can be cheap and also expensive, depending on the make and quality. If you need a classy, premium-quality basketball, then you have to be prepared to spend some real money. However, if you’re working with a limited budget, you should buy a model that gives you the best chance of enjoying pool basketball long enough. Get something durable and sturdy under your price range.

Installing a Pool Basketball Hoop

Installing a Pool Basketball Hoop isn’t a heavy-duty project, but it will all depend on the type of hoop you buy, mostly on the base properties.

For a fixed base type hoop, you need to have the hole prepared. That will require you to hire some pool remodeling team. The expert will advise on the appropriate place to have the hoop installed and do the hard work of installing the whole thing for you.

IF you decided to buy a weighted base, then you don’t need to pay for anything. The basketball is portable, meaning you only need to select the best site, place it, weight the base, and whoa, you have a basketball hoop.


The simplicity involved in having the right pool basketball hoop in your swimming pool is an indication that the whole process is simple and straightforward. The benefits of the entire setup are marvelous, and the fun is exceptional. IF you want to turn your silent swimming pool to something welcoming this summer, install the right pool basketball hoop and have some real fun.

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