5 Best Wooden Swing Sets for Small Yards (in 2020)

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Best Wooden Swing Sets for Small Yards ReviewedAre you looking to add a feature to your backyard? Want to add something which can attract your kids? If yes, the wooden swing set is the perfect option. You might be thinking that there is no space available in your yard to add the wooden swing set.

Well, there is good news for you. There are plenty of wooden swing sets for small yards available these days. That is why; you need not spare an ample space either.

I will today share with you the best wooden swing sets for small yards. These will ensure that you can add a feature in your yard that is well-liked by your kids. I will then follow it up with a buying guide so that it becomes easy for you to pick the right one.

Top 5 Best Wooden Swing Sets for Small Yards in 2020

1. Creative Playthings Playtime Series Charlotte Swing Set

Creative Playthings Charlotte Swing SetThe best thing about this wooden swing set is that it consists of a variety of play items. It includes a monkey bar, Green wave slide, and picnic table along with the swing beam and two sling swings. It means that there are plenty of things to do for your kids in a small space.

With three safety handgrips, it is easy for your children to climb up on the swing set. The access ladder consists of powder-coated galvanized steel rungs. That is why; climbing it is not a problem. With a wooden roof and the frame, you need not worry about the durability. The swing set uses the southern yellow pine, which is denser and stronger than many other options.

With a rock-climbing wall to keep your kids occupied, you cannot go wrong with this one. Your kids can have a relaxing time with the help of the picnic table below it. It comes with most of the hardware and the installation instructions to make it easy for you to assemble. So, everything that you might look for in a swing set is present in this one.


  • Incorporates a picnic table
  • Uses dense and high quality would
  • Includes multiple attractions for your children
  • Heavy-duty steel ladder


  • Limited installation instructions

2. Backyard F270855 Ridgeview Clubhouse

Big Backyard F270855 Ridgeview Clubhouse Deluxe Play SetThe best feature if this swing set is that it has the shape of a Clubhouse. That is why; it is quite aesthetically appealing compared to many other swing sets. When you look at the upper area of the clubhouse, it consists of a solid wooden roof along with a vinyl chalk wall, and dormers.

The design of the top area is such that it can spark the creative side of your children. With a rock-climbing wall, or the monkey bar attachment, your children can easily reach the upper area of the clubhouse. It also consists of 2 stool seats at the bottom with a shaded area to complete the café setup.

With the help of two belt swings and the premium glider, it can comfortably accommodate four children at once. If you’re looking for something unique other than the standard swing set, this is the perfect one.


  • Can accommodate up to 4 children
  • Clubhouse design
  • Multiple attractions on offer
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Limited after-sales support

3. KidKraft Summerlin Cedar Wood Swing Set

KidKraft F24918 Summerlin Cedar Wood Swing SetAre you looking for a swing set up that can accommodate more children? If yes, this one will meet your requirement. The construction is such that 13 children can use it together. Also, it can handle a weight of 110 lbs per child since; it uses cedar wood for construction.

It means that if you’re looking for something compact and has a small horizontal footprint but can accommodate more children, this is the one which you should choose. It consists of everything you can dream of in wooden swing set. It offers swings, glides, monkey balls, Rockwall, upper Clubhouse section, Café area, and clock. There is plenty of room for everyone.

Moreover, it comes with detailed installation instructions which mean that you will have no trouble at all in installing it. When you’re looking for best wooden swing sets for small yards that can accommodate more children, you should look no further than this one.


  • Can accommodate up to 13 children
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Multiple attractions for children
  • Comes with detailed installation instructions


  • The packaging could have been better

4. Backyard Discovery Somerset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing SetThe USP of this swing set is that it uses Cedarwood. That is why; it is highly durable. It offers a canopy, two swings, and a trapeze swing. It also features a slide along with a rock-climbing wall. There is a bench for 2 with a cafe interior.

It means that it can keep multiple kids occupied with ease. The upper area of the clubhouse consists of a canvas roof and has the green and yellow color combination which makes it aesthetically pleasing. The standard playset ladder can help children climb up.

They can also use the climbing wall to do so. With the help of 8 feet slide, you can be sure that your children will never get bored. When it comes to entertainment and durability, this is one of the best options available.


  • Uses CCedarwood
  • Consist of 8 feet slide
  • Multiple ways to climb to the upper area
  • Sitting space as well


  • Assembling is time-consuming

5. KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden Playset

KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden PlaysetSo what’s different about this wooden playset? The answer is that it can accommodate up to 9 children and can handle a weight of 110 lbs per child. One of the distinct features of this wooden swing set is that the slide consists of a high railing. It means that your child is safe when using this wooden swing set.

The Rockwall has multi-colored rocks which can attract any child. It also consists of monkey bars along with the ladder. The upper area of the clubhouse design consists of a window as well. Below the clubhouse, is a sandpit where smaller children can play with ease.

There is sitting space for a couple of children below the clubhouse area as well. The multiple swing options can easily keep children occupied. The Cedarbrook wooden construction means that durability is not a problem. It comes in the form of panels that are easy to assemble.

That is why; you will not have to devote a lot of time for joining it either. The window in the clubhouse is another unique aspect of this wooden playset. The high capacity of this wooden playset makes it the right choice.


  • Can accommodate nine children
  • Can handle the weight of 110 lbs per child
  • Has interactive upper area of the clubhouse
  • High railings on the slide


  • Assembling panels are not labeled

If you’re looking for wooden swing sets for small yards, these are the best options available. Before you make your decision, it is better to go through the buying guide below.

Buying Guide:

• Features:

You have to first look at the features of the wooden swing set. It can consist of swings, slides, picnic bench or tables, sandpit, monkey bars, rock climbing wall, and a ladder. You have to look into the features of the wooden swing set before choosing one.

• Construction:

I am speaking about the wooden swing sets. At the same time, the quality of wood can vary from one swing set to another. That is why; it is essential to look at the type of wood and then make your decision.

• The number of children it can accommodate:

When you’re buying a wooden swing set, you will not buy it for a single child. That is why; you have to look at the number of children that can use it simultaneously. It will help you understand whether your kid’s friends can also play simultaneously or not.

• Installation:

Lastly, you have to choose one which is easy to install. It should have detailed instructions as well. Only then you can buy the swing set and install it in your backyard.

These are the features which you should not miss when you’re choosing the playset. I will now answer some FAQs to help you make that buying decision.


How much area do you need for a swing set?

Ideally, you should have a space of at least 10’ x 10’ for the swing set. It varies from one swing set to another.

What is the distance between swings?

The distance between the swings should be at least 4 feet. It will ensure that the children can enjoy the swing set easily without brushing past each other.

How high should a swing be from the ground?

The swing should be at least 2’ above the ground. It will provide proper clearance for the kids.

In my opinion, if you’re looking for the best wooden swing sets for small yards; my list above can certainly help you. Instead of just going with any substandard option, you can choose any between the five options above. It will help you add a feature to your backyard, which your kids will like the most.

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