4 Best Wood Fired Hot Tubs (Reviewed of 2020)

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For those who need something more than the luxury and relaxation of the spa in which they invest, there is a beautiful option in the best wood fired hot tubs.


In addition to bringing people closer to nature, wood fire hot tubs also bring practical benefits to the table.The main advantage of choosing a wood hot tub is considerable savings in terms of electricity costs.

Electric or natural gas baths are much more expensive to use and maintain than wood. That is why you need to go for the best model, and this article will help you get that and the right model.

The 4 Best Wood Fired Hot Tubs in 2020

Brand & NamePerson CapacityDimensionPrice
Allwood Wood Fired Hot Tub5 People6'6" - height 39"Check Price
MCP Hot Tub Outdoor Wood-Fired Hot4-5 People5 FootCheck Price
Northern Lights Spa Wood Fired Hot Tub4 People4'8" diameter by 48" tallCheck Price
Northern Lights Wood Ofuro Wood Fired Heater2 People68" long by 35Check Price

1. Allwood Wood Fired Hot Tub – Affordable

The Allwood DeeLux Wood Fired hot tub is hot tub model that will allow you to enjoy the relaxing outdoor warm bath without the high cost of electricity.Allwood Wood Fired Hot Tub - Best Wood Fired Hot Tub

The new model 200 DeLux comes with measurements of 200 cm in diameter and 100 cm deep and can comfortably accommodate up to 5 adults. The unit also features an easy-to-maintain vinyl liner fixed with molded seating.

The coating prevents potential bacteria growth as it keeps water from touching wood. Additionally, the durable liner also provides an extra layer of insulation, maintaining your hot tub water temperature much longer.

Every customer who has bought this model praises it for being quiet. You might hear some sounds of the wood crackling inside but not the noisy sound of the pump. And the last best part about this model is that it can be set up anywhere.


  • Slow grown Nordic Spruce Frame
  • Vinyl liner with molded seating
  • Thermally Treated and Oiled
  • Minimal assembly needed
  • Aluminum wood heater
  • Stainless steel chimney
  • Vinyl tub lid


  • Takes long to heat up
  • The drain isn’t compatible with a garden hose

2. MCP Hot Tub – Outdoor Wood-Fired Hot

If you’re searching for the best wood fired hot tub that will give you an elegant, luxurious warm bath without breaking your bank with a high cost of electricity, Canadian Redwood Cedar hot tub can be an ideal choice for you.MCP Hot Tub - Best Wood Fired Hot Tub

It’s large enough to accommodate up to five people while also leaving plenty of room. If you’ve got a large family and you need a generous space in a hot tub, then the Canadian Redwood Cedar needs to be on your list.

The hot tub has a diameter of 60 inches which ensures everyone feels comfortable — the two-step ladder aids in climbing in the hot tub.

The model also comes with all the necessary accessories to have it fully assembled. Enjoy your hot tub with a peace of mind as it comes with a 1-year warranty period.


  • Fits five adults comfortably
  • Manual water circulating paddle
  • 1-Year parts only Warranty
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Wood fired Heater
  • Insulated top cover


  • Water circulation is manual
  • Assembling require an expert

3. Northern Lights Spa – Wood Fired Hot Tub

Northern Lights Group is a well-designed complete wood fired hot tub with a capacity of up to four adults. The unit comes as a complete DIY kit which includes all that you need to assemble it quickly.Northern Lights Spa - Best Wood Fired Hot Tub

It also uses an R14 Marine grade insulated cover that helps in maintaining the water temperatures and ensure you get to enjoy the warm water longer. The cover has individual keyed locking clips which keep it secured on the hot tub.

Additionally, this wood fired hot tub comes with a custom cedar stair with rails for an easy way in and out of the hot tub. The unit does not produce any noise as its durable stainless steel Timberline stove operates through thermosiphon.

The hot water system works by heating the water using the firebox and the double walled heat jacket, and when this hot water rises out through the top port, the bottom sucks in thus replacing cold water.


  • 4-person complete Wood Fired Hot Tub
  • Grade “A” 100% Clear Western Cedar
  • 55,000 BTU Wood Fired Heater
  • Timberline Stainless Steel
  • Quick onsite assembly
  • 5-Year Tub warranty


  • The seating design could be better
  • Accommodates four people only

4. Northern Lights Wood Ofuro – Wood Fired Heater

This is yet another model from Northern Lights Group that is made from 100% authentic cedar from grade “A.” It comes with a diameter of 35 inches, and it is 30 inches tall and 68 inches long seats.Northern Lights Wood Ofuro - Best Wood Fired Hot Tub

The cedar wood that is used to make the hot tub outer cover gives a 100% beautiful natural look. With this hot tub, you will be able to enjoy the best relaxing massage with no electricity bills.

The unit is suited for two people and comes with an efficient two 35,000 BTU stainless Timberline Wood Fired Heater that ensure you get that warm that you’re craving.

The long stainless steel chimney with a rain cap top will ensure that smoke does not disturb you when relaxing on your hot tub.


  • Stainless Timberline Wood Fired Heater
  • 2-person Japanese soaking tub
  • 3-Year Complete Warranty
  • Dual burning chambers
  • Heats up in 1-2 hours
  • Insulated cover


  • Two-person capacity

What to Look for in a Best Wood Fired Hot Tub?

We all know to have all the fun you miss, you need to go with a model that meets all your requirements. When you’re making your best wood fired hot tub, there are some considerations to make sure the product you pick meets all your needs.

External Heater or Internal Heater:

An external heater will give you a larger actual space in the hot tub which can be ideal if you will be enjoying the warm swim with your family. On the other hand, that means you will need more water to heat, and that means you will need more wood to heat up.

An internal heater, on the other hand, eats up some of the interior space for your hot tub, but its heat retains heat better. And since the heater is dipped inside the same water you’re using, the heat loss over time is minimal.


Mostly, for the sake of retaining heat and look, the best wood fired hot tubs are contained inside a classy wooden frame that has been thermally treated to guard it against water damage.

You need to make sure that the interior parts are made from metal with an isolating layer like vinyl, ceramics, or more wood. Also, make sure the wood used is of high quality like cedar which won’t be destroyed by moisture.


A hot tub could be more enjoyable if you share with others. However, the size of the hot tub could hinder this if you pick the wrong one. I suggest you make your size decision depending on your family size, and some people you plan of hosting. Mostly, the wood fired hot tubs come in size of 2-person to 5-person.


The best wood fired hot tub need to be portable. Wood fired hot tubs comes in pieces which are then assembled to make a whole unit. The movement of the parts need to be comfortable and smooth, and if you pick a model that’s is quite heavy, then you might have serious problems or be required to hire a crane.

So, I suggest you choose a model that’s portable if you want to have easy installation. However, do not sacrifice quality for portability.

Amount of wood required:

Amount of wood your hot tub need depends on the size of your hot tub and how long you will be spending in the hot tub. Typically, you might find yourself burning 20 – 100 liters of dry wood in every single bath you take.

However, it might vary a little. The best wood fired hot tubs need to economic and also maintain heat efficiently when the desired temperature is attained. If your wood fired hot tub is significant, then you will need a large quantity of timber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I empty the ash from the burner?

The ashes need to be emptied when you’re changing the water or just before lighting the fire. You can quickly remove the ashes using a shovel that comes with the package.

Will it be simple for me to empty the hot tub water?

Yes, all you need is open the tap at the hot tub bottom and water will flow out quickly. You may attach a hose to guide the water and use it somewhere else. However, you might be required to buy pipe connecting adapters.


With the above information, it’s more clear that buying the best wood fired hot tub isn’t that as hard as you might have thought. I’m hoping that, with the help of this guide and review, you have found a model that will fit all your needs.

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