Top 6 Best Two Speed Pool Pumps Updated in 2020

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Best-Two-Speed-Pool-PumpAre you upgrading or installing a new pool pump? Whichever the case, pool pumps are quite an investment and buying one can’t be taken lightly. Pool pumps are ideal for filling, circulation, and recirculating, filtration, vacuuming or sucking water out of the pool. There are three types of pool pumps. There are single speed, dual speed, and variable speed pumps.

Today, I will be looking at the two-speed pump and their available models. Two-speed pumps work in a similar single speed pump. However, they can run at low speed and high speed. The change in flow speed allows the system to match the pools needs and shift if low or high power is needed. The low-speed setting works great for the essential water circulation and filtration while the high-speed setting is ideal for vacuuming, running pool heater, or any other operation which needs more power.

With that, it’s time you get to know what this article is all about. I have carefully selected the top 6 best two speed pumps available in the market today and created the following reviews to help you buy the right model. So, let’s jump right in!

Top Best Two Speed Pool Pumps in 2020

There are quite several two-speed pool pumps in the market today. The number is rising each day. With manufacturers fighting for a spot, it’s quite hard for you as a customer to buy the right product. However, I aim to give you the simplest way of purchasing high-quality models, which is ideal for your needs. The following list contains a list of well-selected models to help you buy the best.

1. Hayward SP2615X202S – for Inground Pools (Dual-Speed)

Hayward-SP2610X15My first best two-speed pool pump is the powerful Hayward SP2615X202S Super Pump. It’s a large capacity 2HP pool pump which combines durable corrosion-resistant construction and state-of-the-art performance for years of hassle-free service.

With this pump, you get to enjoy its bright and easy-to-open lid, a super-sized basket and superior quiet operation. On top of that, the pump delivers efficiency, dependability, and energy efficiency. Its super totally-balanced and efficient NORLY impeller produces high flow rates and at lower horsepower, thus saving on electricity.

Its super durable body is made from high-performance thermoplastic which makes it virtually indestructible. Additionally, it has a stable mounting base which provides an added versatility.


  • Heavy Duty high-performance motor
  • Exclusive swing-aside knobs
  • Quieter cooler operation
  • Oversized debris basket
  • Self-priming suction
  • Easy installation


  • A bit expensive
  • A bit loud at times

2. Hayward SP15932S – Above Ground Pool (Dual-Speed)

Hayward SP15932S – PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Pool PumpThe next models is another durable, high-performance pool pump from Hayward. The SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix pool pump is a dual-speed above-ground pool pump that provides reliable performance.

It also features an industrial-size strainer basket for huge debris collection and minimal maintenance. Apart from that, it also converts from horizontal to vertical discharge orientation.

As an energy-efficient pump, it has a heavy-duty, high-performance motor featuring integrated automatic thermal overload protector allowing it to have years of operation.

The pool pump also comes with a robust and reliable impeller with a wide opening which works great at preventing clogging by debris and leaves. Its protected rear-mounted switch keeps the device intact and sturdy for the job at hand.


  • Heavy-duty, high-performance motor
  • Sturdy heavy duty construction
  • Protected rear-mounted switch
  • Automatic thermal protector
  • Durable and reliable


  • Professional installation required
  • Pipe union and nipples not included

3. Blue Wave NE6181 – 2-Speed Pump (Above Ground Pool)

Blue-Wave-NE6181-Tidal-Wave-Pool-PumpThe Blue Wave NE6181 Tidal Wave is a 2-speed replacement pump ideal for above ground pools. It features powerful performance with high-cost saving benefits. As an energy-efficient dual speed pump, it allows you to select the speed that fits the jobs for a better energy cost saving.

With less water flow, there is less friction in the filter and the plumbing, which reduces energy usage. There is why it runs at low speed when pumping the water. Otherwise, when more power is required to vacuum the pool, you can switch it to high speed.

The pump also features a corrosion-proof polymer construction which delivers long durability and years of dependable service. It also provides a convenient hair/lint trap making sure you get a crystal clear water. Besides that, this system is quiet, efficient, and self-priming, meaning low maintenance required.


  • Efficient filtering and cleaning
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Simple maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use


  • Quite heavy
  • Not so quiet

4. Pentair 340044 – Two Speed Pool Pump (Inground)

Pentair-340044-SuperFlo-High-Performance-Energy-Efficient-Two-Speed-Pool-PumpThis next model is a powerful, well-performing pool pump from Pentair. The Pentair 340044 SuperFlo comes as a high-performance and energy efficient dual-speed pump. As a 230volt, single-phase and energy star certified pump, it offers reliable and extremely quiet operation.

It’s a direct replacement of nay Hayward Super Pump. It’s an innovative SuperFlo pump that can move water efficiently, resulting in reduced operating costs. Additionally, with the single and dual speed options, there is a perfect match to your pumping job and assurance of reduced energy consumption.

The considerable debris basket features a clear heavy-duty cover which allows you to view its content and know when it needs cleaning. The construction of this pump is rust and corrosion resistant and also comes with unionized fittings giving it an extended outdoor life.


  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Innovative SuperFlo ability
  • Tranquil operation
  • Lower operating costs
  • Cam and Ramp Lid
  • Unionized fittings


  • Expensive
  • A bit loud at times

5. XtremepowerUS B01FNEQ96G – Variable 2 Speed

XtremepowerUS-Variable-2-Speed-1HP-Inground-Swimming-Pool-PumpIn the fifth position, we have a heavy-duty, durable dual speed pump from XtremepowerUS. It is an energy efficient variable speed pool pump. As an energy saving machine, it comes with a heavy-duty, high-performance motor that features air-flow ventilation for cooler and quieter operation.

The built-in speed setting provides extra user control to adjust the water flow speed to match the task at hand. Furthermore, the pump has an oversized basket that has a transparent lid cover to indicate when the basket needs cleaning of debris, dust particle, and leaves to prevent clogging.

The best part is, it’s ideal for use in above-ground and in-ground pools. One thing I would forget to mention is, the pump is UL certified and comes with an efficient and reliable thermal protection, which turns the motor off automatically when there is an overload.


  • Thermal overload protection
  • Built-in airflow ventilation
  • Quieter, cooler operation
  • High-performance motor
  • Built-in Speed settings
  • Transparent lid cover
  • Energy Saving


  • Not for use/sale in California
  • Union Fitting Sold Separately

6. Hayward SP32152EE – TriStar Pool Pump

Hayward-SP32152EE-1.5-HP-Pool-Pump-Dual-SpeedLastly, we have the heavy-duty Hayward SP32152EE TriStar Pool pump. It’s a high-performance, dual speed pool pump that outperforms other models when it comes to flow power, efficiency, and value. As an easy-to-install and maintain pool pump, it’s Energy Star Certified, meaning it keeps the energy cost low while providing reliable performance.

As an all type and size in-ground pool pump, it features a Tri-Star base which allows it to retrofit in an existing pool system seamlessly. It also comes with a balanced, high-head impeller which provides a high-volume output.

Additionally, its super-sized basket works great in extending the time between cleanings while the rigid construction works at ensuring a free-flowing operation of the massive debris.


  • See-thru strainer cover
  • Free flowing operation
  • High-volume output
  • Super-sized basket
  • Rigid construction
  • Tri-lock design


  • A bit loud
  • Quite Heavy

Best Two Speed Pool Pump Buying Guide

When buying the best two-speed pool pump, you have to make sure you buy a pool pump ideal for your pool type and size, with excellent efficiency, energy efficient and powerful. But to do that, there are some quick factors you need to consider. They include:

Pool Size and Type

Some pool pumps are designed to work with either an in-ground or above-ground pools or both. You need to get this right, or else the fittings won’t work or for the worst, the pump won’t be capable. On the pool size, I recommend you by a model which will deliver the best performance for your swimming pool. Purchase the best two-speed pool pump, which is powerful enough to handle your swimming pool demand.


The pool pump power determines how fast and well it will work. A powerful two-speed pool pump needs to move more water efficiently, without overheating. You need to check at the power rating before you make your purchase. For pools above 20, 000 Gallons capacity, I recommend you buy a pool pump with at least 1-horsepower. The more powerful the motor is, the best it handles the pools need, and with ease.

Flow Rate

Pool pump flow rate is measured in Gallon per Hour, GPH. It is vitally the amount of water the pump can pass in one hour. Since you’re looking at a two-speed pump, then you need to consider the minimum and the maximum flow rate. The time it takes for the water to be fully circulated is called the turn-over. The ideal turnover needs to be around 8-10 hours. Divide your pool’s capacity with the given flow rate, and you will get the turnover, so make the right choice before you buy.


Maintenance isn’t something to ignore. Some two-speed pumps require more maintenance than others. And I don’t think there is nobody who wants to keep opening the pump for maintenance routine. Your best two-speed pool pump needs to be a model of high-performance and low maintenance. Read the customers’ reviews to be sure before you buy.

Ease of Use

A pool pump needs to be something you plug-in and leave it to work. However, that isn’t always the case. You will come across some models that need to be wired to your electrical system or others which are more complicated. I suggest you check the connections provided to be sure. Also, the installation shouldn’t take you forever. Pick a model that you can install and have it running in no time.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is yet another quite vital factor to consider. Since the pool pump is quite an investment, it wouldn’t be fair to come and impose huge power bills to your home. You need to be careful while selecting. Buy a model that features Energy Star Certification as they are inspected on how they consume energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do pool pump keep the pool wall and bottom clean?

No! It doesn’t. Pool pump cleans the water in the pool only. And it works great if there are no big leaves and debris in the water. For you to have a clean pool bottom and walls, then you might want to get a vacuum cleaner and clean them.

Can you replace the pool pump motor with one which has a lower horsepower?

In general, it’s impossible. The impeller inside the pump is designed to match the motor horsepower. If a low-horsepower motor operates with a bigger impeller, it will fail faster, requiring replacement sooner than expected. You have to match the two.


A high-performance two-speed pool pump can be a great addition to your pool systems. It can help you clean, vacuum, fill, and recirculate the pool with no time. But for you to make this possible, then you need to buy a high-quality and well-performing durable model.

And to make that possible, you will need to consider everything in this article, from start to the end. All the models in this review are high-quality, high-performance, and durable so, if still having problems picking, select any model ideal for your pool and proceed to purchase.

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