8 Best Tech Suits Reviews (Updated for 2020)

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Best Tech Suit ReviewsOne way of ensuring that you get an improved performance is by training and swimming with the best tech suits. They are designed with unique features, which will make you feel comfortable while reducing drag. If you use one of the best swimmer’s racing suits, it will not only boost your confidence but increase your overall swimming performance.

When it comes to competitive swimming, you need to gain every edge you can over your competition. The best option which you have got to achieve this edge legally is to use tech suits. These suits reduce drag while swimming. Moreover, they improve oxygen efficiency which ensures that you can get that thin edge which you always wanted.

So, what is the best tech suit or the best jammer swimsuit available today? The review below evaluates the top best tech, jammer, and racing swimsuits available today.

Top 8 Best Tech Suit in 2020

Brand & NameColorsMultiple SizesPrice
Speedo - Powerplus Kneeskin6YesCheck Price
Arena - Powerskin Carbon Air Jammer5YesCheck Price
Speedo - Men's Aquablade Jammer4YesCheck Price
TYR - Avictor Prelude Male8YesCheck Price
TYR - Sport Girls' Comic Strip9YesCheck Price
Speedo LZR Racer Elite 28YesCheck Price
Speedo - 7050600 Men's Aquablade20YesCheck Price
Aqua Sphere - Energize Triathlon Speedsuit1YesCheck Price

1. Speedo Powerplus Kneeskin– Best Tech Swimsuit

The speedo Powerplus Kneeskin is a high-quality tech swimsuit sold at a pocket-friendly price. It comes with excellent compression benefits and a water-repellant fabric that entirely covers your body. 79% of this suit is made of high-grade nylon, making it one of the best training suits.Speedo-Powerplus-Kneeskin

The other 21% is made of Lycra making it less techy than other tech swimsuits but techier than a typical practice suit. The Speedo Powerplus Kneeskin is made from lightweight power plus fabric and comes with a female-specific design and fit. The combination of nylon and Lycra helps the suit to retain its shape between 5 to 10 times longer.

For added security, this tech swimsuit comes entirely lined and with an interior drawstring for extra security. Its quick-drying style and finish with block the burn with UPF 50+ and offer the best sun protection.


  • Power plus compression technology
  • FINA approved
  • Power plus fabric
  • Bonded comfort straps
  • Female-specific fit and design


  • The fabric is average quality
  • Comes with cheaply made straps

2. Arena Powerskin Carbon – Air Jammer Men’s Racing Swimsuit

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Jammer is one of the best jammer swimsuits available today. It is FINA approved and offers a lot of features while emphasizing the swimmers’ comfort. It has been designed to be lightweight yet comfortable when worn.Arena-Powerskin-Carbon

The maker has used carbon fiber technology to improve the fit and compression, thus allowing this suit to provide a broad spectrum of desirable traits. The smooth design of this air jammer serves to give the outfit less water resistance and makes for a competitive jammer.

The combination of carbon fiber with the other two materials (elastane/spandex and nylon) balances comfort and performance, making this a well-rounded swimsuit.

The unique carbon rings positioned on all the carbon air stretch points allow the reinforcement of the suit, thus providing support and control where necessary. The stretch points are strategically placed to support a swimmer’s natural body movements.


  • Intelligent compression coupled with lightness
  • Carbon band lockdown at critical stretch points
  • Comfortably integrated carbon fiber bands
  • Utilizes carbon fiber technology
  • Sleek construction


  • Expensive
  • Wears out easily

3. Speedo Men’s Aquablade Jammer – Best Swimsuits for Athletes

The Speedo Aquablade Jammer is a FINA-approved jammer for competition use. The suit is made from 80% polyester and 20% Lycra Spandex, giving better chlorine-resistance. Blending the two materials provides this jammer with extended durability compared to nylon/Lycra made swimsuits.Speedo-Men-Aquablade-Jammer

The Speedo Aquablade is built using reinforced seams, which give it excellent muscle compression and keeps a tight fit, therefore helping reduce drag during a race. The jammer comes with longer legs for added coverage and a drawcord waist for greater adjustability.

Another feature that you’ll love is its Nine-Thread Flatlock Technology, which is responsible for offering stronger seams, optimal stretch, better fit, and added comfort.

The stripes on this swim race suits create the channeling effect needed to streamline water away from the swimmer’s body. The suit is available in navy blue, royal blue, and black colors. Moreover, a swimsuit is affordable and provides more endurance than other jammers.


  • Made from 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra Spandex
  • Nine Thread Flatlock Technology
  • Slight vertical texturing
  • Inside drawstring waist
  • Available in navy blue, royal blue, and black colors


  • Does not come in a Youth Version

4. TYR Avictor Prelude – Male Short Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

With unprecedented advanced features combination, this FINA approved TRY Avictor Prelude swimsuit is one of the best swimmer’s racing suits available today. It maximizes swimmers’ performance while providing an ultimate advantage over the rivals.TYR-Avictor-Prelude

Swim race suits come with a high waist design that offers two extra inches of coverage for swimmers who need added core support and stability in the lanes. The high-tech Super Flex Bonding featured on this TYR Avictor Prelude male short suit allows its fully bonded seams to conform to your body, providing reliable 360-degree stretch.

The hydrosphere technology used on this jammer works together with swimmer’s natural abilities for body positioning optimization in the water while also causing water to surround the fabric to create a hydrosphere effect. When the positioning has been optimized, the drag will be exponentially reduced, thus increasing the speed.


  • Made from 70% Nylon and 30% LYCRA Spandex
  • Utilizes high-tech Super Flex Bonding
  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Uses hydrosphere technology
  • FINA approved


  • Quite expensive
  • Fit problems

5. TYR Sport Girls’ Comic Strip – Best racing Swimming Suits

The TYR Comic Strip Ringback is a one-piece women’s swimsuit that is made by one of the most well-known brands in the swimwear industry—TYR. The swimsuit passes the FINA tests, and it’s a suit for swimmers who are looking for the best jammer swimsuit that will maximize their swimming speed and performance and keep them ahead of their rivals.TYR-Sport-Girls-Comic-Strip

It is made of 80% heavy-duty nylon and 20% Xtra life Lycra spandex. The combination of these two materials not only allows it to stretch and retain fit but also gives the swimsuit good muscle compression.

The TYR Sports Girls’ Comic Strip Ringback comes with a MidZero back that offers the swimmer excellent thermal warmth and super stretch.

Its matte finish and solid color give a lady that extra elegant look. It’s fully lined to be streamlined and offer less water resistance. The high-performance back with cutout feature improves comfort when wearing the swimsuit. There is no stress about losing a part of your swimsuit because it comes as a one-piece suit.


  • Made from 80% nylon and 20% Xtra Life Lycra spandex
  • High-performance back with cutout
  • The matte finish and fully lined
  • One-piece swimsuit
  • Made in China


  • Questionable durability
  • Somehow expensive

6. Speedo LZR Racer Elite – 2 Comfort Strap Kneeskin

The Speedo LZR Racer Elite 2 is yet another fantastic one-piece swimsuit featured on this top best tech suits list. It is FINA approved and comes with a comfort strap to offer the best water performance. The two new comfort straps that the Speedo LZR Racer Elite feature reduce the shoulder pressure.Speedo-LZR-Racer-Elite

It comes with a Hydroform compression system to ensure that you get the best compressive fit, which motivates to swim faster and for more hours. The Speedo LZR Racer Elite patented Speedo core stabilizer, and its internal compression panels provide a smooth form, thus reducing drag.

It comes with a 3D three-piece pattern that creates an ultimate fit, giving you complete freedom of movement. The lightweight, woven 65% Nylon and 35% LYCRA Spandex fabrics used to make this suit add extra compression. It features bonded seams that provide 6% less skin friction drag, giving you a comfortable swimming experience.


  • Made of 65% Nylon and 35% LYCRA® Spandex Fabric Content
  • Patented Speedo® Core Stabilizer
  • Internal Compression Panels
  • 3D, three-piece pattern
  • Compressive Fit
  • Bonded seams


  • A bit constricted with all of the seams
  • The compression is a bit tight on the chest

7. Aqua Sphere Energizer – Triathlon Speed Men Suit Review

Aqua sphere energizer is the best swimming suit for males. The fabric design gives good compression and allows good movement when swimming. The design improves muscular linking hence it provides a swift movement in the water. The streamlined design reduces water resistance-hence increasing the normal swimming speed. It comes in different colors including black, grey, white and other custom colors.Aqua-Sphere-Energizer

Swim race suits have a zip at the back for easy fitting. The inner part is made up of woolen cloth to avoid discomfort during swimming. The aqua sphere energizer is made lightweight costume best for the swimming competition and personal recreation. It is one piece of costume that appears to be like a separate short and a vest. This costume is elastic and exposes muscles giving an impression of a masculine and body build male individual. It is very easy to wear and use.

It contracts into a small cloth when removed from the body making it easy and comfortable to carry. The part covering the private parts is fixed with a soft material to which protects the delicate part. The aqua sphere energizer triathlon speed men suit price is below $130 and can be comfortably be acquired by an adult male with the above budget.

The shipping period takes a minimum of three days. They are available for adult male individuals in small, medium, large and extra-large but prices are different. Thirty days of money back if the product is not delivered or no communication is made from our official email. The belts can be fastened to any size you feel comfortable with. The material is porous hence it cannot any discomfort while being used. It Has a double layer allows absorption of sweat with the soft inner cloth.


  • Only specially designed for the male gender.
  • Our prices are under $130.
  • Comes with all parts packed in our official sealed bag and our stamp.
  • It has a good rating from our previous users
  • They are of all sizes fitting all interested men


  • It is only designed for men and not available for young kids and any other gender.

8. LZR Speedo Racer X – Best Jammer for Male

This is the best-rated swimsuit for the last few months. It is a lightweight product which is good for competing swimmers. It is made of fabric material which can be easily washed. It does not stain easily. It is fixed with a glittering material on the sides that acts as reflectors in the water. It is a stretching short that can fit all men.LZR-Speedo-Racer-X

Small sizes are available for kids too. The elastic nature compresses muscles enabling one fell a lot of comforts while swimming. The inner part is woolen to avoid blocking skin pores. The outer surface is slippery to overcome water friction. The compression at the thighs and the buttocks form a streamlined body that reduces drag.

This costume is offered at a price less than $30 and all male interested in this suit with a budget of $30 can get it easily it delivered to him within our three business days. We also a policy of 30 days money refund for anyone who feels any form of dissatisfaction with the item delivered or failure to receive the ordered product. Thirty days of money back if the product is not delivered or no communication is made from our official email.

Do not accept if the packaging bag does not have our official seal and our companies stamp. The product has the best rating among all the similar products in our stock.  Available in medium and large sizes although they stretch to extra-large. Available products are strictly designed for men and not any other gender.


  • It is offered at a cheaper price of less than $30.
  • They are of all sizes fitting all interested men
  • It has two laces at the waist which can be fastened to fit you well
  • The cloth used in making LZR speedo racer x jammer is very light
  • It is packed in a special stamped bag.


  • It is strictly made for male gender only

Buying Details:

Once you have decided to buy these suits, it is now the time to compare the different options available. Only through comparison, you can pick the right one. The problem is when you look for variants; there are hundreds of them.

It can be confounding to choose the right one. We will today help you with the same and also answer some of the FAQs which people often have a while buying such suits.

What are Tech Suits?

The suits consist of a hydrophobic material which is entirely waterproof. The design of the f suits is such that they reduce drag and increase oxygen efficiency. These suits help you in swimming more efficiently. Now that you are aware of what these suits are let us look at the things which you should consider while buying one.

Things to consider while buying Tech Suits:

The factors which you should take into account while picking the suit include:

• Event-specific suits:

There are different suites available for various tournaments. Some of them are for sprinting whereas some of them are for longer swimming competitions. You have to look at the type of event you want to take part in and after that make a call.

• Gender-specific:

The suits on offer are gender-specific. You have to choose the one according to your gender.

• Size:

Most of the suits are body-hugging. That, however, means that you should avoid the ones that are tight. It is always a good idea to choose swimming suits which are comfortable and do not cause any pain when you enter the water.

• Nature of fabric:

The fabric should ideally be elastic and should support the core of the body. The stitching should be such that it does not increase the drag. At the same point in time, you need a highly durable fabric which can last for a long time. When comparing the different suits, it is essential to understand the nature of the material.


Once you consider these few factors, it is easier to choose the right suit. Let us now look at the FAQs which people often have while buying such suits.

What are the materials used in tech suits?

These suits usually consist of materials like the elastane, Lycra, spandex, polyester, nylon. They can comprise of one of these materials or a combination of these materials. The aim is to make them with the material which is water repellent and extremely lightweight. The fabric used in the making is often known as hydrophobic. It is porous but water repellent.

What are the best tech suits?

When you’re looking for tech suits, you can either go with Aqua Sphere Energizer or Speedo LZR Racer Elite. Both of these suits are ergonomic in design and reduce drag. They also allow you to wear them comfortably and provide you with an edge when it comes to swimming. When looking for such suits, you can easily choose between these options.

What do tech suits do?

These suits aim to reduce the drag of the swimmer and help them swim faster. The lightweight material ensures that it does not add a significant amount of weight to the body of the swimmer. These suits also help keep a slimmer profile as it is body-hugging in nature. It allows the swimmer to have a more ergonomic body frame so that they can swim faster. All the functions of these suits aim at making it easier for the swimmer to swim faster.

How long do tech suits last?

Such suits you should only be used during competitions and tournaments. They are not for practice. If you participate in specific swimming competitions, it is a good idea to buy one such suit every year. It will always allow you to use the suit which is in optimum condition.

How to wash tech suits?

You have to wash the suit in water by turning it inside out. You have to submerge it in water and rinse thoroughly. You have to squeeze out the excess water gently. You should not dry it in the machine. It requires manual washing.

Globo Pool Overview:

Now that you are very well informed of the factors to consider while choosing such suits and have also got answers to your questions, it is time to go through our list of the best tech suits on offer. The list of tech suits will help you choose the most efficient and reliable option.

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