8 Best Tech Suits For Breaststroke (Updated in 2020)

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Best-Tech-Suits-For-BreaststrokeThe competitive breaststroke swim is incredibly fast. Surprisingly, if you practice the breaststroke for fun, this can be a very relaxing option. Breaststroke swimmers require best tech suit for breaststroke for the best performance in the water.

Many beginning swimmers like to learn about the chest because movement allows them to return to the air after each kick and that is why the best tech suit for breaststroke is made for both trainers and experts.

So, how do I find the best tech suit for breaststroke? The market today is overflowing with quality and non-quality tech suit for breaststroke, and without being keen, you will end up buying the worst swimsuit.

Top 8 Best Tech Suit For Breaststroke in 2020

It’s for that reason I have prepared the following review and buyer’s guide that will help you find the best and the perfect tech suit for breaststroke. Read it through and use it to shorten the searching process and also make sure you get that one tech suite right for your body.

1. TYR Sport Girls’ Comic Strip – Ringback Swim Suit

TYR Sport Girls' Comic Strip - Ringback Swim SuitThe TYR Sports Girls’ swimsuit is a comic strip ringback innovative technical swimsuit that was designed from a collaboration between the world’s best elite swimmers and the industry’s top experts.

The swimsuit is FINA-approved and is designed to maximize while also giving the ultimate breaststroke advantage over their rivals. The swimsuit also features hydrosphere technology which works in harmony with swimmer’s natural swimming abilities thus optimizing positioning in the water.

With the combination of the supersonic flex bonding and the fully bonded seams, this tech suit can be worm the whole day without losing comfort. And being a 100 percent polyester suit, its durability isn’t affected by UV rays or choline/saltwater.


  • Hydrosphere Technology
  • Supersonic Flex Bonding
  • Speed Dry Fabrication
  • Fully bonded seams
  • 100% polyester


  • Somehow expensive
  • Questionable durability

2. Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex VX – Jammer Men’s Racing Swimsuit

Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex VX – Jammer Men’s Racing SwimsuitIf you’re looking for the best tech suit for breaststroke to amplify your speed in the water, then Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex Jammer is your ideal breaststroke racing swimsuit.

It came with an athlete-tested design and made from carbon cage fabric which in turn produces a powerful breaststroke suit. The VX bounded seams system together with quads and hamstrings creates a range of motion for a better breaststroke starts, corners, and kicks.

You will love the sleek construction and the high-tech fiber used in creating this suit. By utilization of the two, this tech suit brings comfort and compression that will keep you going while swimming breaststroke.


  • Smart lightness coupled compression
  • Integrated carbon fiber bands
  • Carbon fiber technology
  • Carbon band lockdown
  • Sleek construction
  • High-tech fabric


  • Expensive
  • Questionable durability

3. Arena Powerskin Carbon Air FBSL – Women’s Racing Suit

Arena Powerskin Carbon Air FBSL - Open Back Women's Racing SuitArena Powerskin carbon Air is an open back women’s racing suit that has earned its place in the top best tech suit for breaststroke. But how? The tech suit comes with a sturdy silhouette and a universal appeal.

The costume also features horizontal carbon bands incorporated inside its fabric that activates muscles compression and not hindering flexibility and movement. When you wear this swimsuit your upper body will feel quite comfortable and supported.

Everything about the Arena Powerskin FBSL Women’s suit is designed to make you push to the finish line. It has been designed to make you feel settle inside a well comforting suit by using the intelligent compression and the fully bonded seams.


  • Ultimate freedom of motion
  • Hydrosphere Technology
  • Carbon fiber technology
  • Intelligent compression
  • Fully bonded seams
  • Carbon fibers


  • No foldup up support

Only designed for women and isn’t available for young kids

4. Arena Carbon Air Jammer – Intelligent Technical Suit

Arena Carbon Air Jammer - Intelligent Technical SuitArena Carbon Air Men’s Jammer is one of the newest hydrodynamic tech suits from Arena the offers an intelligent and powerful breaststroke return plus ultra-support.

The arena has woven this suit’s horizontal bands of the carbon technology into the best featherweight fabric which do away with reduced drag, provide optimal compression, give great unrestricted breaststroke movements, turns and better streamline.

It has been named a world-class swimsuit because of its water repellency and durability. Breaststroke swimming requires you to have a relaxed mind, and that is why Arena used the intelligent muscle compression to make you feel like you’re being massaged as you swim. Water repellency makes sure less water gets into contact with your skin giving you more comfort.


  • Intelligent muscle compression
  • Carbon technology
  • Water repellency
  • Ultra lightweight
  • FINA Approved


  • Loses color when exposed to chlorine
  • Durability could be better

5. Arena Women’s Powerkin – Swimming Racing Suit

Arena Women’s Powerkin St 2.0 – Best Swimming Racing SuitArena as always continues to amaze when it comes to the best tech suit for breaststroke. Here is yet another well-performing swimsuit, the Arena Women’s Powerskin St 2.0. It’s a full body short leg one-piece racing/swimming suit that has proved to work great for breaststroke.

With this swimsuit, you will be able to take your performance to a much higher level. It has been designed for use for competition and training for all levels swimmers.

The breaststroke suit utilizes ergonomic flat-lock seams which not only make the suit super durable but also comfortable to wear even for long hours. The high body position and the excellent compression also support comfortability while also providing some support to the muscles as they strain during breaststroke.


  • Great for all levels swimmers
  • Ergonomic flat-lock seams
  • Reinforced center strap
  • High body positioning
  • Good compression
  • Quite Hydrophobic


  • A bit tight on the chest
  • Designed only for slim bodies

6. Arena Powerskin Carbon – Ultra Jammer

arena Powerskin Carbon - Ultra JammerIf you need a swimsuit that will give a better performance during breaststroke swimming, then you ought to try the Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra jammer. Its design is meant to provide you with the fastest performance swimsuit.

It has been used the world’s best swimmers, and they have approved it to be the best tech suit for breaststroke. It takes a new approach to improve and optimize your body water positioning in the water. The costume also features a carbon ultra-cage material which offers a performance boost delivering extra muscle support and compression target.

Take your breaststroke experience to another level when you utilize this Arena Powerskin. As a FINA approved suit with an ultra-link system, this suit will help you train and also compete with your esteem up there.


  • Ultra-Compression and X-Pivot Panels
  • Extra muscle support
  • Carbon Ultra-Cage
  • Ultra-Link System
  • FINA Approved


  • Expensive
  • Wears out easily

7. Speedo LZR Racer Elite 2 – Comfort Strap Kneeskin

Speedo LZR Racer Elite 2 - Comfort Strap KneeskinPolyamide-made, the speedo LZR racer elite 2 is a comfort strap knee skin swimsuit that features hydro form compression system. The swimsuit uses this system to ensure you get the best performance and comfort while swimming.

The swimsuit also comes with patented speedo core stabilizer and an internal compression panels which assists you in achieving streamlined form. Additionally, this unit’s 3D, 3-piece pattern produces an ultimate fit for complete movement freedom.

The suit features a water repellency feature which allows it to dry faster when you get out of the water. For it can fit the body using the powerful body compression, this suit is something you can wear while doing breaststroke, racing or during a fun swim.


  • Boosted speed and performance
  • Ultimate freedom of motion
  • Powerful body compression
  • Hydrodynamic optimizing
  • Water repellency
  • FINA Approved


  • Suit compression is somehow tight on the chest
  • Constricted with all of the seams

8. Speedo 7050600 – Men’s Aquablade Brief

Speedo 7050600 - Men's Aquablade BriefSpeedo Men’s Aquablade Brief is a world-leading swimsuit especially when it comes to breaststroke swimming. But what makes it the best tech suit for breaststroke?

First, it all starts with the makers, Speedo, which are passionate about life in/around the water. It features an authentic base and utilizes pioneering technology created for the top swimmers. The speedo swimsuit also brings performance, style, and comfort to all who love breaststroke swimming.

The dual fabric construction and the fully bonded seams are all set to make the suit super robust and not too tight for your body. Comfort and strength have been balanced on this suit to ensure you get the best time.


  • Powerful and durable fabric
  • LZR Racer Pulselite light
  • Dual fabric construction
  • LZR Racer Comprex
  • Fully bonded seams
  • FINA Approved


  • Fit problems
  • Quite expensive

Best Tech Suit for Breaststroke: Buying Guide

Choosing your best tech suit for breaststroke requires careful thinking. That is important because you do not want to risk your body and risk damaging it. And you’ll want to avoid any uncomfortable skidding or any misstep of fashion while enjoying your breaststroke swim. Therefore, it is always best to remember the following selection parameters before making your choice.

Body type

In terms of tech suit for breaststroke, the adage “one size fits all” is not valid. The swimsuit comes in many shapes and sizes. They are highly customized to fit a wide range of men and women. To choose the perfect tech suit for breaststroke, you need to determine your body type.

Classify yourself as thin, thin, toned, healthy, round, fat, etc. That is an essential exercise because some types of tech suit for breaststroke are not beautiful for everyone. A tech suit for breaststroke may look good on a plump woman, but the same will be utterly horrible on a well-toned girl. Similarly, a diadem in a plump woman would be the worst case.


Size matters a lot especially when it comes to tech suit for breaststroke. Choose the size that suits you best. Remember that tech suit for breaststroke companies use different scales to measure volume. Therefore, always test the equipment before buying it.

Type of fabric

As always, health is wealth. Your best tech suit for breaststroke will not only increase your style quotient but also protect your sensitive organs. Therefore, be very careful when choosing your tech fabric. In general, materials such as nylon, spandex, and velvet are not suitable for everyone. Such tissues can cause rashes and other allergies. Therefore, do not buy a tech suit for breaststroke if it does not suit your skin type.


Although the fundamental purpose of a tech suit for breaststroke is the same, there are different subordinate objectives. Some of the most popular are modeling swimsuits, windsurfing, swimming or other water sports, sunbathing or swimming in the pool.


Give yourself the best breaststroke swimming performance and training by getting the best tech suit for breaststroke. A good tech suit is believed of adding the urge to get to water and train while also boosting your swimming competition morale.

Use the information I have provided you with to ensure you buy the right tech suit, which will suit your body and give you the comfort you need while swimming breaststroke.

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