7 Best Tech Suit for Sprinters (Reviews in 2020)

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Best Tech Suit for Sprinter ReviewsSprinting is a no joke sport that requires speed and flexibility which can only be found by getting your body comfortable and streamlined. A tech suit is designed to offer you the best streamlining, compression, comfort and flexibility.

Many sprinters will tell you that wearing a comfortable tech suit your mood and confidence of winning will also be boosted. That’s why you need to find the best tech suit for splinters.

However, finding the best suit is easier said than done. But why? The market has too many models, types and brands of different quality and comfort and it will become hard for you finding the best.

And because I believe you’re here trying to find the best tech suit for sprinters, I won’t disappoint you. I have prepared a comprehensive review and buyer’s guide to help you shorten the searching process while also help find the perfect model for you.

Top 7 Best Tech Suit for Sprinters in 2020

Brand & NameColorsSizesPrice
Speedo 705071188Check Price
Speedo LZR Racer Elite 2821Check Price
Arena Carbon Air Jammers24Check Price
Arena Tech Suit11Check Price
TYR Sport Girls’ Comic Strip1014Check Price
TYR Avictor Prelude Male44Check Price
Blueseventy neroTX Kneeskin49Check Price

1. Speedo 7050711 – Men’s LZR Elite Jammer

Speedo 705071If you need the best tech suit for sprinters to boost your sprinting performance, then you need to try the Speedo Men’s LZR Elite 2. It is a high waist jammer made by world-leading tech suit brand Speedo.

The design employed on this jammer uses innovation to derive more confidence and comfort to a sprinter. The tech suit features a building on its authentic base that is made using a pioneering technology making a super-tech suit for sprinters. The tech suit brings better performance, style, and comfort while also providing the best flexibility while sprinting.


  • 65% Nylon/35% LYCRA Spandex
  • Quick dry and compressive fabric
  • Efficient hydrodynamic shape
  • Optimal body positioning
  • FINA Approved
  • Bonded seam


  • Somehow expensive
  • Questionable durability

2. Speedo LZR Racer Elite 2 – Pro Swimmer’s Choose

Speedo LZR Racer Elite 2The Speedo LZR Elite 2 strap knee skin is what you need if you’re looking for the best tech suit for sprinters. It comes as a full-body Kneeskin tech suit for women that offer comfort while also improving the sprinting performance.

The tech suit features a hydro form compression system that is provided by a patented Speedo core stabilizer and internal compression panels. The two also offer help in achieving a streamlined form with reduced drag.

Especially, girls like this suit for swimming buy why? Yes! there are some great features – polyamide, hydro form compression system,  maximum speed, and performance – in this suit.


  • Hydro Form Compression System
  • Internal Compression Panels
  • Water repellency
  • Polyamide made
  • FINA approved
  • Core Stabilizer


  • Fit problems
  • Quite expensive

Arena Carbon Air Jammer

3. Arena Carbon Air Jammers – Racing Suit

Boost your sprinting performance by getting the best tech suit for splinters, The Arena Carbon Air Jammer. The jammers will bring you the benefits of intelligent compression that is coupled with an unbelievable lightness.

The costume also features a sleek construction that will make you feel positive while springing. The carbon fiber bands integration into the horizontal weave unleashes the full intelligent compression.

By being ultra-light and with intelligent compression, it becomes a perfect tech suit for a professional sprinter. The most important part of this technical suit is Carbon-Air that brings supper benefits for the swimmers.


  • Intelligent compression
  • Speed Dry Fabrication
  • Fully bonded seams
  • Sleek construction
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • FINA Approved


  • Quite expensive
  • Fit problems

4. Arena Tech Suit – Powerskin Carbon Flex

Arena Tech SuitGift yourself with one of the best tech suits for sprinters that will boost your sprinting performance and also give you the best comfort by getting the Arena Women’s Carbon Flex VX.

The tech suit combines Arena’s patented V-flex build which is designed with a revolutionary seams placement to give you maximum hip mobility. The suit also provides intelligent compression and power return design technologies for optimized performance. It also improves the lock-in feel and streamlined hydrodynamics.


  • Patented V-Flex construction
  • Streamlined hydrodynamics
  • Intelligent Compression
  • Maximum hip mobility
  • Open Back Tech Suit
  • Locked-in feel


  • Costly
  • Strong chest compression

5. TYR Sport Girls’ Comic Strip – Ringback Swim Suit

TYR Sport Girls’ Comic StripThe TYR Sport Girls’ tech suit is a comic strip ring-back innovative technical swimsuit which was designed from a collaboration between the world’s best elite swimmers and the industry’s top experts.

The swimsuit is FINA-approved and is designed to maximize while also giving the ultimate breaststroke advantage over their rivals. The tech suit also features hydrosphere technology which works in harmony with splinter’s natural swimming abilities thus optimizing positioning in the water.

Another good thing of this tech suit – it offers intelligent compression for the racers. I highly recommend this one for the people who are very professional in swimming.


  • Hydrosphere Technology
  • Supersonic Flex Bonding
  • Speed Dry Fabrication
  • Zoned Compression
  • 100% polyester


  • Somehow expensive
  • Questionable durability

6. TYR Avictor Prelude Male – Short Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

TYR Avictor Prelude MaleThe TYR Avictor Prelude is a well-designed male little jammer that in an ideal choice for those seeking for the best tech suit for sprinters.

It was designed for the elite and age group swimmers, but its compressions allow it to be a good tech suit for you as a sprinter. The suit delivers a dynamic fit and moderate compression levels which help in boosting your performance.

The model also comes with hydrophobic fabric and no-stitch welded seams which create the best ultra-low drag coefficient. Last, the suit fits both slim and lean bodies.


  • High compression TX diaphanous fabric
  • Strategically placed shoulder straps
  • Ultrasonic heat-bonded seams
  • Upgraded gel grippers
  • Body-specific design
  • Comfortable lock


  • Expensive
  • Wears out easily

7. Blueseventy neroTX Kneeskin – Swim Racing Tech Suit

Blueseventy neroTX KneeskinThe Blueseventy neroTX Kneeskin is a Racing Tech Suit that has been named to among the best tech suit for sprinters. But what’s it that made it be this good?

The suit comes with a design that allows the trainers and experts to use it. It has a dynamic fit and moderate compression levels which will boost your performance.

The hydrophobic fabric and the non-stitch welded seams create an ultra-low drag coefficient. The suit is also FINA approved and did not fade for a very long time.



  • Hydrosphere Technology
  • Supersonic Flex Bonding
  • Elite Core Stabilization
  • Speed Dry Fabrication
  • Zoned Compression
  • FINA Approved


  • Strictly made for female gender only

Best Tech Suit for Sprinters (Buyer’s Guide)

Good performance comes with reasonable confidence, and the same applies to sprint. You have the right and perfect tech suit for sprinting then you will have a better performance than before. The guide below will help you find the best tech suit for sprinters that will fit your body and also give you the right compression.

Body type

“One size fits all” do not apply when it comes to tech suit for sprinters. You need to find an outfit that will fit you well and offer the best compression with no restrictions. The printing tech suit comes in many sizes and shapes. They are highly customized to meet a wide range of men and women comfortably, and for you to get a perfect tech suit for sprinters, you need to determine your body type.

Are you thin, tone, round or fat? Classify your body as some tech suit types aren’t beautiful for everyone. A sprinter tech suit might look and feel great on a plump woman, but be an utterly horrible on a well-done girl. So, get the best for your body shape.


Size is also something that will determine how the tech suit fit your body. Tech suits are made in specific sizes, and you need to learn the exact size that will fit your body perfectly. Use the size guides and determine your body size. Remember tech suit companies use different size scales to measure the dimensions so, always check your size before buying.

Type of fabric

The type of fabric will determine the durability of the tech suit and its fitness to your body. The tech suit fabric also protects sensitive organs. It’s therefore vital you be careful while selecting your sprinting tech suit fabric. In general, materials like spandex, nylon, and velvet aren’t for everybody. Some can develop rashes or other allergies. Buy a tech suit made with fabric that is friendly to your skin.


Brand reputation also needs to be a part of your consideration. You will find that most sprinting champions have used a particular brand which they wore their tech suit and worn. If you can get the best tech suit for sprinters that has been used by a champion, it can boost your confidence in a significant way.


Good fit and confidence might impact your sprinting success, but the best tech suit for sprinters will provide you the comfort and protection you need. I believe that the information I have provided above have shortened your searching process as I promised.

Also, I think you have found a tech suit that will give you the best comfort and boost your performance while also meet all your other needs.

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