8 Best Tech Suit For Butterfly (Reviewed) in 2020

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Best Tech Suits For Butterfly ReviewsSwimming sport is an endeavor that requires seriousness in terms of training and swims suit wear. When butterfly swimming, you need to ensure your body stays streamlined and floating for a natural movement.

And to ensure you get that, you need to wear the best tech suit for butterfly. But why do you find it? The online market has everything you need including a tech suit for butterfly.

However, it also poses a challenge of making it hard to find the best. So what do you do? All you have to do is read this comprehensive review and guide, and at the end, you will be able to find a product that meets all your needs.

Best Tech Suit For Butterfly in 2020

1. Speedo 7050600 – Men’s Aquablade Brief

Speedo 7050600 – Men’s Aquablade BriefGift yourself with the best tech suit for butterfly, the Speedo 7050600, which is made by the world’s leading swimwear brand – the Speedo.

The Speedo Men’s Aquablade Brief is developed to give both amateurs and expert a chance to compete better. The Brief is said to be very effective at keeping your body streamline while also making you float better.

The compression on this Speedo Brief is created through innovation and will take your butterfly swimming to the next level.

It comes as a durable swimsuit made from robust fabric and the fully embedded seams keeps every fiber firmly attached. And being a newly designed tech suit, it a swimsuit that has been created to protect you from UV rays while giving you the best streamlining.


  • Maximized support seam construction
  • 65% Nylon/35% LYCRA® Spandex
  • Powerful and durable fabric
  • Dual fabric construction
  • Fully bonded seams
  • FINA Approved


  • Fit problems
  • Fabric is average quality

2. Speedo Women’s Fastskin – LZR Elite 2

Speedo Women’s Fastskin – LZR Elite 2As I have previously noted, Speedo has proved to many that its product is of high class. The Speedo Women’s LZR Elite 2 is a fast-skin open-back swimsuit that has shown to be one of the best tech suits for butterfly.

The tech suit is made from quick dry 100 percent chlorine-resistant fabric that does not decolorize at any condition. The tech suit also features curved racerback straps which offer a free range of motion while butterfly-swimming.

With its top soft removable cup and the moderate leg cut, it’s a Speedo Swimsuit that can serve when training and also competing. Give yourself the chance to enjoy the best fit with body stretching by getting a genuine swimsuit from Speedo.


  • Chlorine-resistant fabric
  • Curved racerback straps
  • Soft removable cups
  • Core compression
  • Moderate leg cut


  • Runs Small
  • Not double lined

3. Arena POWERSKIN ST 2.0 Jammer – For Butterfly

Arena POWERSKIN ST 2.0 Jammer - For ButterflyThe Arena Men’s ST 2.0 Powerskin is a men jammer that marks a fresh generation in a classic high-performance racing suit. The tech suit features 3-superior knitted fabric which has been coupled to provide a high-class stretch, outstanding compression and full freedom of motion.

The suit will help you as a swimmer to keep an optimum shape while in water. An extra reinforced shoulder strap employed on this tech suit enhances the upper comfort and durability.

As a durable high-tech with knitted fabrics, it has proved to work to both armature and an expert swimmer. It’s able to protect your body from UV rays or extreme cold.


  • Greater leg and core compression
  • High-performance tech suit
  • 3-superior knitted fabrics
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Flat-lock seams


  • Not lined
  • Runs small

4. TYR Women’s Aerofit Tracer – Light Short John Swim Suit

TYR Women’s Aerofit Tracer – Light Short John Swim SuitIf you’re are a lady searching for the best tech suit for butterfly that is designed to today’s athlete, then the TYR Tracer Light Aerofit swimsuit is an ideal choice for you.

The Aerofit short John tech suit is created using the most breathable textile. Those who have used it have left great positive reviews praising its well-designed compressions and the nicely welded seams.

It features a streamlined innovation design that allows a swimmer to experience the best body-fitting compression.

If you’re looking for a coverage that you can rely on, then you can give this swimsuit a try. It’s flexible and sleek strapping ensures you get the best body fit.


  • Sleek/flexible straps
  • UPF 50+ technology
  • Moderate cut leg
  • Reliable coverage
  • Medium neckline


  • No bra padding
  • Wears out easily

5. Arena Powerskin – Air Jammer Men’s Racing Swimsuit

Arena Powerskin – Air Jammer Men’s Racing SwimsuitFor those men searching for the best tech suit for butterfly that will give them the perfect comfort and a performance boost, the POWERSKIN carbon air jammer is a swimsuit worth considering.

It combines the benefits of smart compression with great support and a sleek design to give you the perfect suit for butterfly swimming. The tech suit also features an ergonomic construction that is meant to provide enhanced core support, stability, body fit and comfort you need while butterfly swimming.

It brings maximum comfort, and it’s quite easy to put on, and that’s why this Powerskin Carbon air jammer has received many positive reviews from great swimmers. The compression on this suit keeps you wanting to swim some more each time you wear it.


  • Intelligent Compression
  • Ultimate motion range
  • Maximum comfort
  • Sleek construction
  • Easy to put on


  • Somehow expensive
  • Questionable durability

6. Arena Powerskin Carbon – Women’s Racing Suit

Arena Powerskin Carbon - Women's Racing SuitAny lady searching for the best ladies tech suit for butterfly swimming should try the Arena POWERSKIN carbon Ultra racing suit. It comes as a one-piece open-back women’s tech suit that is designed using innovation and functionality.

The design loads it with features that will make sure to keep you in the first place. The tech suit also uses quick-dry fabric that does not decolorize with chlorine/saltwater and stretches enough to keep your body comfortable.

It stretches enough to keep your body comfortable and also keep your muscles relaxed while having some swimming time. When you wear this suit, you put yourself in state of a classy look and improved swimming mood boost.


  • Maximized support seam construction
  • Dual fabric construction
  • Fully bonded seams


  • Size issues
  • Strong chest compression

7. Blueseventy Jammer – Swim Racing Tech Suit

blueseventy neroTX Jammer - Swim Racing Tech SuitButterfly swimming needs the best streamline, and that is what BLUESEVENTY neroTX Jammer will provide you will. The TX Diaphanous fabric used to create this jammer features a highly compressive nature which provides a figure-hugging fit.

The design helps to streamline your body shape while you’re in the water, making you go faster. The ultrasonically welded seams employed on this tech suit significantly reduce the drag.

I love the way this suit has been designed. All the seams are designed to support compression and excellent durability, not forgetting quick drying. The protection against UV rays also protects the suit from discoloring when you wear it in salt or chlorine water.


  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Strategic alignment/interplay
  • Enhanced seam welding
  • Water repellent nature
  • Comfortable fit
  • FINA approved


  • Limited patterns and colors
  • May not last as long

Speedo 7050600 – LZR Racer

8. Speedo 7050600 – LZR Racer

If you need the best tech suit for butterfly swimming that is made from sturdy and durable fabric, then the Speedo 7050600 Brief is what you need.

The tech suit is made from dual fabric construction that provides higher compression levels and increased freedom of motion, making it ideal swimwear for butterfly. The tech suit also features a maximized support seam construction which improves the strong kinetic chain linkage.

The suit will also bring you a unique one way stretching and quick drying after swimming. As a lightweight suit, it doesn’t drag you when it gets wet when you swim. Another most important features of this brand (Speedo) is, all the Olympic swimmers choose the brand for racing.


  • Increased freedom of movement
  • Light, durable and powerful fabric
  • Higher compression levels
  • Comprex one way stretch
  • FINA Approved


  • Fit problems

Best Tech Suit For Butterfly [Buying Guide]

Selecting the best tech suit for butterfly will need you to go through some important considerations. That will ensure that you find a perfect tech suit that fits your body and provides you with the best compression, not forgetting, make you float better on water. The considerations are:

Body type

Body type will help you find a tech suit that fits well with your body shape. When it comes to tech suit for butterfly swimming, one size fits all do not apply. You need therefore to classify your body as either thin, tone, round or fat. Tech suits are made in these shapes, and you need to know your category before you pick. Not all forms will look good on you, so I recommend you be more careful on the body type and shape.


Having known your body type and shape isn’t enough to give a perfect tech suit. You also need to determine your size. Tech suit manufacturers make suits with different sizes, and they sell them also in categories of size. And because you need a tech suit that will fit your body perfectly, and not compress your body too much, you need to determine your body size and get a fitting model.


The fabric material used will determine how heavy you will become after getting in the water, the durability of the tech suit, the drag coefficient, among other essential things. You need to make sure that the tech suite you pick is made from quick to dry fabric, which is also lightweight, chlorine-resistant and with the best comfort.


Different brands sell different tech suits and with different quality. If you don’t want to get disappointed after buying your tech suit, it’s vital that you ensure you go with a model from a reputable and well-known brand.


The price will always tell you what to buy and what to run away from. Some tech suits will have rates that are high while others will have low prices. So, how do you know which is better than the other considering your budget? You need to check at its construction and the fabric used, the structure and the material are nearly the same you can pick the tech suit that is budget-friendly. But if the budget does not limit you, then go with the best quality.


By keeping the above information at your side while selecting the best tech suit for butterfly, you’ll not only be giving yourself the best swimming gift but also ensuring you get a model that will last you years. I hope I have presented you with enough info to guide you in this process. Now, it’s your time to use it and find a model which will be great for you.

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