15 Best Swimming Forums on The Internet For 2020

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Best-Swimming-Forums-on-the-internetToday, lots of people have benefited from online forums. The forums have proved to be influential and educative. When it comes to swimming, the community forums aren’t any different. They are used to answer questions concerning various swimming and swimming pool problems.

With many people relying on these online forums, experts use them for training and advice beginners on how to swim and what to expect. Do not keep the questions or expertise experience to yourself, get help, or offer support with the following online forums.

Top 15 Online Swimming Forums in 2020

  • The UK Swimming

  • Reddit Swimming

  • The Total Immersion

  • SwimOutlet

  • Marathon Swimmers

  • Quora – Swimming

  • SkillsNT Swimming

  • SwimForums Swimming Discussion

  • Pacific Masters Swimming

  • DOVER Channel Swimming

  • D3swimming

  • Trouble-Free Pool

  •  Forumhorsens Aqua

  • GoKunming Open Water Swimming

1. The UK Swimming Forum

The UK Swimming Forum is a website designed to provide a friendly forum for any aquatic enthusiasts which are hosted in the UK, but not entirely based there. It’s a place where swimming experts and beginners meet to talk about things concerning swimming, all-round aquatic activities. The website also has experts who are there to answer questions that need expert view.

The forum also provides a section where you can host a discussion, and the members contribute, and a gallery for images not forgetting a messaging part. It’s an excellent place for those looking to learn something new about swimming, and experience faced by other swimmers.

2. Reddit Swimming Sub-Reddit

The Sub-Reddit swimming is another great swimming forum bursting with topics on swimming, from recreational, beginners, to competitive swimming either inside a pool or in open water. I

t’s also a forum centered on swimming and nothing else. They have strict rules on posting memes, spam, bots, campaigning, sexualizing minors, and even abuse.

Here you get to share your experience, your thoughts, and some great swimming moments and share problems you might be facing. In general, it’s an excellent place to spend your time talking about swimming. It’s the right place for any swimming enthusiast.

3. U.S. Masters Swimming Forum

This is a collection of discussion forums arranged in a categorized manner. It has four categories, namely forum announcement, and questions, General, USMS Administration, and LMSC and Zone Forums, with each class having sub-categories.

In this forum website, you get to discuss the general swimming-related discussion, non-swimming related discussions, and workouts, open water swimming, even announcement and reviews, national championship, and coaching. There is also a section for the local masters swim committee and zone forums. The forum is a collection of all swimming activities and events discussion in one place.

4. The Total Immersion Forum

If you’re a swimming enthusiast and you’re looking to take your swimming to the next level, this forum can help you a lot. Everything here is swimming talk. It’s a well-categorized forum with sections where you can discuss different swimming styles, breathing skills, links and references, Olympics and coaching blogs.

With this forum, you can learn how to become an expert by reading expert views and other people’s experiences. There is no need to register to view the forum discussions, but if you are posting, then you will be required to open an account.

5. SwimOutlet Forum

SwimOutlet.net is not new to many. For some time now, it has set its place in selling top quality products and being interactive with their customer. Sometime back, they had a community which was set up in an organized way for ease of navigation, topic to topic.

The community forum link was then removed, and they added a blog link. With this area, they cover the main issues discussed on the forum and now serves as a place for answers and tutorials for swimmers. They provide a blog post with ideas, experiences, and events taking place in the swimming community.

6. Marathon Swimmers Forum

Marathon Swimmers Forum is one of the world’s largest independent online community mainly for marathon open water swimmers. It’s uniquely developed to promote and celebrate the sport of marathon swimming.

Additionally, the forum does foster connections and information sharing on the global marathon swimmers community while also providing an educational resource for the aspiring marathon swimmers.

The best part is, you do not have to be an actual marathon swimmer for you to join. It’s for anyone with interest in swimming in open water. There is also a section whereas a new member you’re offered the chance to introduce yourself.

7. Quora – Swimming

Quora is a place known by many as a website for gaining and sharing knowledge. It is also a platform where you ask questions and connects with many people who contribute unique visions, intuitions, perception, insights, and quality answers.

Now, Quora has a swimming section where a community of swimmers asks or answer different questions concerning swimming. You can read the posts as a guest, but for you to post, you will need to sign up. Additionally, you can follow the topic and be up to the loop with any update on this category. It’s quite functional and beneficial.

8. SkillsNT Swimming Forum

The SkillsNT swimming forum is a small well organized and newly created community centered at providing tutorials to the swimming enthusiasts. SkillsNT provides swimming tutorials, and the community forum helps those new to the program to interrupt and learn from the expert’s point of view.

The community is divided into six groups. There is a section for welcoming new members, a category about swimming in general, swimming nutrition, swordfish course, USA swimming, and SkillsNT products. It’s quite simple to open a discussion and read answers. But, at the moment, it’s not quite active.

9. SwimForums Swimming Discussion Forums

Swimforums.net Swimming Discussion Forum is an old community forum which was much competitive in 2009. It was an ideal place to share different swimming techniques, discuss matters concerning swimming, and help others in improving their swimming performance in competitions and meets.

It was offered by the MyBB community, which is an online discussion software that brings communities together. The forum might be dormant for now, but the information is still available. For now, it’s a community forum archive in myBB.

10. Pacific Masters Swimming

Pacific Masters Swimming is an online coaching organization that blends fitness and competitive swimming for all adults. They offer regular structured workout and use interval training techniques in a fun, participation, fitness, and friendly atmosphere.

They have 130 swimming clubs joined by anybody with essential swimming ability who can comfortably swim a few pool lengths. Today, they have a community forum section where the members discuss the usage and responsiveness of the website. The same forum is used by other swimmers to talk swimming by asking and answering questions.

11. DOVER Channel Swimming Forum

If you’re looking for a forum where you can share of finding anything about swimming in the UK, Dove Channel Swimming Forum is the place to be. It’s a very active community forum with lots of information on swimming.

The community forum is under the Dover Discussion Forums. In this forum, swimmers post questions and other Dover users respond. It is a very user-friendly forum with an excellent user interface.

One downside of this community forum is, you have to navigate through lots of pages for you to find the answers you’re looking for. Or you can use the search function which goes through all the forums on this website. Many users call this Dover Channel swimming forum a center of all swimming talks.

12. D3swimming Forum

The D3swimming Forum is one of the oldest and still active swimming forums for swim talk. In this forum, you get to talk anything about swimming, from swimming in general, championships, women’s forum, recruits, jobs, and conferences.

It’s a broad community with lots of things to talk about; it’s not a centered forum. Navigation in this community is quite easy, and starting a discussion is also a breeze. Similar to the other online forums, you need to log in or sign-up for you to post anything.

13. Trouble-Free Pool Forums

These are a collection of swimming forums which are well categorized depending on the topic of the talk. In this community, people talk about the swimming pool other than swimming activities. It’s more a pool talk forum than a swimming forum.

The categories include news and announcements, water chemistry, build, use, and repair equipment. There is also the skimmer basket section where you can discuss all things that are not related to pool. The main rule is, you have to post a question, discussion, or answer related to the topic, and this is how the admins keep the forum in line.

14. Forumhorsens Aqua Forum

The Aqua Forum form Forumhorsens is a unique forum that has something for everyone. It’s a Danish forum which is offered in different languages. Whether you love to swim for fun, exercise in water or relax and enjoy yourself, this forum can help you go far.

It’s not an interactive user forum, but you can get everything about swimming and exercising here. There is no sign-up or login and even posting; all you can do is read. It’s similar to a blog post. The links on this forum direct you to another helpful page for you to learn more.

15. GoKunming Open Water Swimming Forum

Now you can talk swimming in open water and living in Kunming inside the GoKunming forum. It’s a uniquely designed community that allows the users to post question, answers, ideas, and tips about open water swimming.

Inside this forum, you get so many posts and comments that can benefit you with public water swimming in Kunming. Above that, the posts are categorized with the user’s username, allowing you to read all the posts from one user.

You can sign up and subscribe for email RSS feed updates whenever there is a new post. Its arrangement isn’t that good as a new member you can get stuck to the first page.


You don’t have to suffer from questions that do not have answers anymore. With the above online forums and blogs, you get to interact with other swimmers, and your questions get answered. Also, as an expert, do not just keep the expertise and experience to yourself, share it through the forums and help a fellow swimmer.

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