Top 6 Best Swim Spas Reviews (Updated For 2020)

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The-Best-Swim-Spas-&-Hot-TubsWhen you want to have all the natural exercise and fitness fun while bathing, you require the best swim spa. If you have good quality swim spas include many features, you can think that you have a fitness center as well.

One way to have a particularly relaxing time is by owning a personal residential swim spa. Swim spa has been associated with many benefits. One benefits are that a swim spa can be relocated and also it can conveniently be cheaper compared to a standard pool. You can also use the bath as an aerobic of fitness spot. That is why many companies out there are utilizing or their resources in making the best swim spa.

Top 6 Best Swim Spas [Updated for 2020]

However many people are having challenges with buying a good tub. The reason is that the market has so many brand and types of this spa of different size and prices. That’s why I have prepared the review below to help you buy the best one. If you need to see the brand reviews of the swim spas, you can read my Buying Guide.

I recommend that you go through the whole article and get to know why I have selected each of them to be on the list of the best swim spas.

Have a look without further ado on the products, these are available for different brand and model

Brand & Product NameDimensionsPrice
Canadian Spa Company - St Lawrence13 ft 39-Jet 12-PersonCheck Price
Atera AnyTemp Spas - Swim Spa True-Zone Aerobic91 x 191 x 50 inchesCheck Price
Canadian Spa Company - St Lawrence20 ft 73-JetCheck Price
Canadian Spa Company - St Lawrence16ft 72-Jet 15-PersonCheck Price
Atera AnyTemp Spas & Swim Spas -Zone Balance91 x 191 x 50 inchesCheck Price
Generic - Family Home Swim Spa126 x 87 x 39 inchesCheck Price

1. St Lawrence Spa – Latest Technology (Expensive)

Canadian Spa Company has come to the rescue of many people searching for the best swim spa. They have made this St Lawrence Swim Spa with durable materials to make it last for long. The bath is big and strong enough to support up to 12 people. It is a system that is 13ft long with 39-Jet water jets.

St Lawrence 13 ft 39-Jet 12-Person – Excellent LED Lighting & Speakers

This feature makes it perfect for swimming and aqua-aerobics. The three river resistance jets featured in this spa creates a unique swim lane system. It is equipped with three water pumps together with its 1oft flat floor making it ideal for a wide range of activities. The controls on this Canadian Spa Company St Lawrence spa always come in handy.

You can use the controls to customize the water flow for any exercise level. You can set slow currents or switch off when jogging. Also, you can turn off the currents and enjoy the advantages of resistant training or other motion exercises.

The Canadian Spa Company St Lawrence spa also works as a hot tub so after having a good swim you can use one of the five multi-jet captain’s soothing massage chairs to relax. The spa comes with a digital audio sound system, pop-up speakers, two cascading waterfalls a multi-colored perimeter LED lighting to give a nice night relaxing time all in the privacy of your home.

Canadian Spa Company St Lawrence spa is a combination of unbeatable of high-quality features, great services, and design that are certain to satisfy any household. The St Lawrence spa and other spas by Canadian Spa Company come with a valuable lifetime customer and technical support. The spa uses original components made in America including Balboa, waterway and Lucite acrylic. The unit is delivered curbside.

For you to have the system shipped to your address you need to make an additional arrangement with a third party ahead of delivery. For the installation, you will need an installation crane.


  • It is a 13ft 12-person St Lawrence spa by Canadian Spa Company
  • Comes with multi-colored perimeter mood LED lighting
  • Features a digital audio sound system
  • Comes with strong and loud pop-up speakers
  • Ozone purification system
  • 200 square feet Microban filtration for crystal clear water
  • Two waterfalls and Diverter valves Complete customizable
  • The Cabinet is Infrared-line insulated
  • High-density closed-cell foam insulation surrounding the shell
  • Includes spa steps, Microban filters, curbside delivery, and two-section hardtop cover


  • Hard to install
  • Challenging to have it derived to your property

2. Atera AnyTemp Spas – Aerobic Swim Spa

Are you searching for a swimming spa that you can use for training, exercising, walking and swimming with friends and family? The crafted True-Zone Aerobic Swim Spa by Atera AnyTemp Spas & Swim Spas is the unit to have. It provides all the features you need to meet your fitness goals at a patent and independently controlled dual temperature zones.

Atera AnyTemp Spas & Swim Spas True – Best Zone Aerobic Swim Spa & Beautiful LED

The system is suitable for a cold or hot swim. Its advanced features bring together a full cycle therapy system featuring a gravity-free exercise and adjustable endless river swim currents. That makes it a perfect spa for advanced skills levels and those who need aquatic massage therapy after a long strenuous workout.

This swim spa is a complete True-Zone aerobic spot with a dual temperature hot and cold tub. It’s 100% American made, USA custom-crafted and it’s shipped from Arizona. It operates on 220 volts power and at a current of 30 amps. It means you will need a licensed electrician to do the wiring for your safety. You will love the overall design of the unit.

It comes with interchangeable and adjustable power therapy jets which provide that relaxing massage effect to the whole body. The adjustable power swim lane jets on this unit are utilized to ensure that the current water flow is as steady as possible. Relax on this spa knowing that you are secure from being burnt by the hot water. The system comes with hot or cold temperature control.

The spa has a self-cleaning water mechanism, and no chemicals required-all natural water treatment. This spa is a perfect place to have family recreational activities, and it is recommended for year around use. Its ideal design incorporates the different capability of using it to teach kids and adult beginners how to swim. Its vast capacity makes suitable to be a family relaxing spot.

The manufacturer covers the unit with a lifetime cabinet and jets warranty which means they are satisfied that it will give a lot of years of service, maybe until it’s outdated. A 20-year warranty covers the shell structure, and lastly, the heating comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • True Zone™ Aerobic Swim Spa
  • Dual Zone Swim Spa
  • Ships from Arizona
  • 100% American Made
  • USA Custom Crafted
  • Size: 191”L x 91”W x 51”D
  • Filled Weight: 20,000 lbs. Approx.
  • Dry Weight: 2,800 lbs. Approx.
  • 5-Year Heating Warranty
  • Lifetime Jet & Cabinet Warranty
  • 20-Year Shell Structure Warranty
  • Optional AnyTemp Chilling System
  • All Natural Water Treatment
  • Self-Cleaning Swim Spa
  • 220V 30 Amp Power


  • Pricey
  • Quite heavy

3. Canadian St Lawrence Spa – Best Choose

Canadian Spa Company has yet again come up with a fabulous swim spa – The St Lawrence 20ft with 73 jets. The systems come with a perimeter multi-colored mood lighting to give you an exciting, relaxing time. Also, it features a digital MP3 high-quality audio system played through its pop up speakers. Great, right?

Canadian Spa Company St Lawrence 73-Jet 20ft – Multi-coloured LED & Two-Part Hardtop Cover

You can play your best relaxing music playlist using the system all in the privacy of your home. The ozone purification system of this spa ensures that you don’t have to use any chemicals and also gives you a self-cleaning system. The system plus the 200 square feet Microban filtration provides that you have a crystal clear water.

The system comes with complete customization featuring two waterfalls and diverter valves, thus believe me when I say you will have excellent time relaxing on the St Lawrence 20ft spa/tub. The insulations system of this spa is equipped with a high-density cell foam which surrounds the unit’s shell. The cabinet is infrared insulated to trap the warmness inside the tub.

It comes provided with two-part hardtop cover, fiberglass tether pole and Microban filters. The item is curbside delivered. Thus you will need a third-party shipping company to ship the item to your property. The installation is not a DIY, and you will need a crane to have fixed.


  • Comes with Perimeter multi-colored LED mood lighting
  • Equipped with the Digital audio sound system
  • Features Pop-up speakers
  • Comes with Ozone purification system
  • The spa has a 200 square feet Microban filtration system
  • Features Diverter valves and two waterfalls with complete customization
  • Has a High-density sealed cell foam insulation
  • Accompanies Two-part hardtop cover, fiberglass tether pole and Microban filters


  • Difficult to install
  • Quite expensive

4. Canadian Spa Company St. Lawrence – Adorable Features

Swim spa is definitely a delightful experience for any swimmers as this can be incredibly relaxing. Hence, if you are looking for the best swim spa to enjoy the utmost luxury and relaxation, you can choose this one. The Canadian Spa is one of the best ways to enjoy a fabulous spa time in the pool.

Canadian Spa Company St. Lawrence 72 Jet Swim Spa – Adorable Pop-up Speakers

This is a great spa system made up of premium quality material that can provide you with long-lasting durability. It is more than just a spa. After a long hectic day, you can unwind easily with the help of this swim spa. It features the perimeter multi-colored LED mood lighting system along with a digital MP3 audio sound system.

This music system comes with two pop-up speakers for creating a light and relaxing mood for everyone. You can have clean and purified water in your pool all the time without working hard for it. Choosing this swim spa is one of the wisest decisions because of the ozone water purification system. This system helps you to ensure that there are no impurities in the pool with the 200 feet of the Microban filtration system.

It helps to keep the entire water crystal clear. Also, it is straightforward to use and operate as it comes with the latest and advanced control technology. It provides you with completely hassle-free operation. You can control the force of the jet and streams in whatever way you want or like. This swim spa system is insulated with high-density closed-cell foam which is surrounded by the shell.

With the help of an infrared-line insulated cabinet, the heat remains trapped inside the enclosure keeping the water warm and comfortable. Also, this swim spa comes with a very advanced and unique W stream. It can help in creating additional buoyancy providing very comfortable yet challenging swimming.


  • Six multi-jet lounger
  • 72 adjustable hydro-massage jets
  • Soft, gentle touch and muscle massage
  • Mood lighting soft LED lights
  • Value for money
  • MP3 music system with great sound


  • Only six persons can sit at a time

5. Swim Spa True-Zone Balance – Natural Water Treatment

Another excellent swim spa that you can consider to buy is this one. It is undoubtedly one of the systems in the best swim spa list. It comes with some handy features and advanced specifications. It can serve the purpose of both swim spa and a dual temperature hot tub. The Swim Spa True-Zone Balance is made up of 100% American standards.

Swim Spa True-Zone Balance – American Made Natural Water Treatment & No Chemicals

It is custom made to match the needs and preferences of the customers. The best part is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on the cabinet as well as jet. You can use this for complete chilling and relaxing.

This is surely one of the best swim spas that you will love to own. It also comes with a dual colored LED lighting system (blue and red). There are 3-inch therapy jets in the spa zone and four adjustable ultimate power swim jets in the swim-exercise region. There are two different zones with swim spa and exercise where you can adjust two different temperature at a time.

It is crafted exceptionally to provide the ultimate relaxation and comfort. You can also have excellent swim time along with hot therapeutic massage. You do not have to worry about cleaning the swim spa tub as it can get cleaned by itself. It is an amazingly advanced technology where you get to use all natural water treatment.

You do not have to use any chemicals for cleaning this. It is also not safe to use chemicals. With the advanced self-cleaning technology, this can clean itself thoroughly and provide you with clean and purified water all the time.


  • Dual temperature control
  • For winter use as well as summer
  • Both hot and cold tub
  • Provides therapeutic massage
  • For recreational and fitness purpose
  • Adjustable between 62 degrees and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It comes with different types of jets which can be adjusted too


  • Not for a large group

6. Generic Large Flat – Home Swim Spa

Are you looking for a perfectly large swim spa tub for your family? Then this is the best swim spa that can fit into that category. It is a great swim spa tub which provides great relaxation with four persons. Though at a time only two persons can lounge, it is quite spacious enough to let others enjoy the spa and have a great time in the tub.

Generic Large Flat Family Home Swim Spa Tub – Massage Surfing, Efficient Heating

This tub is constructed with multilayered fiberglass with highly dense foam insulation. It will help you to keep the warmth of the water intact in the pool. So, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort for a longer time. It provides you with a perfect place for both entertainment and relaxation at a time. It comes with efficient heating which can heat the water within a few seconds. The thermostat and Ozonator are quite powerful.

You can have a great time enjoying the message. This hot water therapy is excellent for ultimate relaxation after a stressful day at the job or even after hectic household works. It comes with 62 massage therapy jets to offer an extremely relaxing sensation throughout your body. You will enjoy the entire time spent in the tub. You can simple lounge or perform water-exercises too.

You can digitally control and set the temperature according to your needs. You can have a great time experiencing the best massage and spa in this tub. This tub is built and designed to provide you with the best comfort and fantastic quality that you are looking in a perfect swim spa tub. The innovative design incorporated with uniqueness and great functionality make it an ideal value for money.


  • 12 bubble mouths
  • 62 massage therapy jets
  • Provides hydrotherapeutic massage
  • Sturdy and durable built
  • Comfortable full-length loungers
  • Value for money


  • Only two loungers in the swim spa tub

What to Look for in a Best Swim Spa?

Have you been thinking for a long time about buying a swim spa? Have you started researching to find out the choices that fit you best? If yes the next step is to and get answers to questions you have to ask to ensure that you make the best buying choice. Below you will come across the frequently asked questions when buying a swim spa.

What do you want?

When asking yourself which swim spa should help you buy, you need to ensure that you’re clear on what you need from a swim spa.

Is it primarily for swimming? Relaxation? Therapy? Workouts? Or connect with your loved ones?

You need to know what other people will use the swim spa. Have a list of what you need the swim spa to have. That will help you accelerate the searching process and keep you away from being distracted by models with all the features which can be costly and use a lot of power.


If you need a working out spa then you might be looking for a jetted swim spa. It’ll give you the best performance while swimming. Make sure up your spa or tube has Jet features. 

Swimming:Spa Swimming

If you’re looking for swimming spa then it would be good that you go for a dedicated swim spa and if you are swim training then you’ll need a swim spa with paddlewheel or propeller created currents.

Relaxation and connecting with loved ones:

Some swim spa features relaxation features like an audio system with pop-up speakers. Also, the relaxation spa needs to have a dedicated relaxation area with seats and jets similar to those found on a hot tub.

What is your budget?

Getting to know how much money you’re willing to spend is a crucial starting point. However, ensure that you get to know the relative price of a good swim spa beforehand. In addition to that, you will need to estimate other costs which will be used during installation like setting a concrete base, installing electrical hookups, the spa cover and monthly heating bill. If your budget cannot cater for quality work and a quality spa, it would be good to wait then buy a low-quality one.

How big swim spas do you need?

Swim spa is available in a variety of sizes. The manufacturers are trying to ensure that almost every consumer will be able to have a spa model that meets their needs best. For aerobic exercise spa with now swimming, you need a swim spa that will have enough space to allow you to take some steps forward, backward and to the sides. For a swimming spa, you’ll need a swim spa long enough to allow you to complete a swim stroke.

How big swim spa or hot tub you need

Mostly a good swim spa is between 3ft to 5ft in depth and 10ft to 21ft in length. Taller swimmers will need a deeper swim spa. Some spa models like the modular ones, they feature sections which are up to 2ft deep and that is ideal for swimmers who water to tread water in the spa. Typically, most swimmers will be comfortably swim in a 15ft long swim spa. For those considering buying a modular swim spa (Swimming and sitting areas), they need to ensure that the swimming lane is long and wide enough to allow them to swim without kicking the separation wall.

How does the water propeller work in swim spas?

Swimmer and trainers need a robust and steady current to swim and train — a swim spa at least one of the three water propelling methods to create currents and keep them stable: Propellers, Jets or Paddlewheels. The type of technology is used to manufacture the flows should be your next concern after understanding the size of the spa you need.

For the jetted spa, they use jest similar to those used in hot tubs to create the currents. However, some users find it difficult to use the jets to create water current as of the air generated by these jets obstruct their vision even when they’re wearing swim goggles.

For the spa using the propellers, they are mostly designed for intermediate and advanced swimmers. The propellers are most likely to be featured in a housed unit inform of the swimmer. These propellers push water back thus creating a swimming currently. The currents seem to go deeper compared to the jetted system.

Lastly, a paddle-wheeled spa uses a paddle wheel that is placed at the rear of the system to create the current. It draws backward water cycling it under the pool and pushing it out in front of the swimmer. That creates a smooth flow cutting across the whole pool width.

What is the spa made of?What is the spa made of

Before investing in a spa, you need to choose one that is made of quality components and materials. Most swim spas are made of fiberglass that is baked with an acrylic base. They are strong compared to the plastic made. Also, quality insulation will ensure that the heat is redirected to the spa. Outstanding massage features and a hard locking cover are also critical features to consider. For an excellent resort, the pump needs to deliver at least 1hp per 5-8 jets.

What is needed to install the swim spa?

Swim Spa installation requires minimal work compared to the regular in-ground swimming pool. However, the installation site needs to be adequately prepared. Many companies provide detailed installation manuals and guides inform of pdf and videos on their websites while some can recommend local spa installation contractors to help plan the site.

Swim spas need a leveled ground. So, the spa sitting area needs to be, and if you are installing it in-ground or partially in-ground, then you’ll need the place excavated. Most companies indicate how heavy their products are. So, if you will be considering putting the unit on an outdoor deck, then you will need to check if the floor can support its weight.

A swim spa will need an electrical outlet for the heater and the pumps. Mostly, swim baths need a 220V outlet, and these outlets provide more voltage compared to standard household outlets. You will need to get the necessary permits for installing the new outlet and also hire a licensed electrician for the work.

Where will you install the swim spa?

Many people select to use swim spas in place of a swimming pool because they are limited in space. A swim spa is a versatile unit, and you need to buy a model that can be fitted in your desired location without any risks. So, now that a swim spa comes a unit will it fit through the entrances between the installation site and the street? If not, go for modular units as they can fit through tighter spaces.

In case you’re considering using the swim spa all year round, it would be good if you consider indoor installation. Indoor installation places are like a newly constructed building or a garage. If you consider going for an existing room or the basement, you’ll likely be required to go for a modular swim spa so that it can be bought in sections and assembled from inside. If you live in a warm climate area or you will want to heat your swim spa, it would be great if you go for outdoor unit installation.

Some swim spa requires above-ground installation while others required in-ground installation. The above-ground swimming bath can be moved even after fitting making them ideal for those people who do not own their home. While for the in-ground swim spa, they become a permanent part of the property. Their installation might add some property value.

Is a swim spa energy efficient?

After buying a swim spa, the cost of running, heating or cooling the unit will be your first consideration. These costs are affected by the unit’s insulation, cover, and motor. The better the unit insulation, the less the number of time the unit motor needs to run. The insulation properties of the units should be included in the product description. A lot of energy is lost through the spa cover when the system is not in use. A well-insulated cover will prevent energy loss.

A swim spa motor is meant to run the jets and the filtration system. Its horsepower determines its energy use. But, a high motor HP does not necessarily mean it will result in strong currents. For you to get the most energy efficient, go for a company that gives detailed features of the motor energy efficiency. Consider the system’s all features and specs to have a complete image of the system efficiency.

How good is the warranty?

Going for a full warranty is beneficial as it keeps you away from paying any repair costs in case of an issue. A good Swim spa warranty should cover labor, parts, and travel to your property. Also, the warranty period should start from the day of your purchase. Ensure that you know the warranty on the acrylic since it cannot be replaced. Go for 3-years warranty and more for the heater, pump, and other replaceable components. It is also important to know where servicing will happen. The best place is in a retailer shop with licensed, experienced staff.

Can you try the spa before buying?

If you are visiting a physical swim spa shop, carry with you a swimsuit to try out the spa before taking the plunge. Most spa dealers have an already set up swim spa for their customers to try. Get in the swim spa so that you can feel it and decide if it is something worth in investing. But this is different from online shopping. With online shopping, you will need to read online reviews and watch videos.

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