10 Best Swim Snorkels (Buying Guide For 2020)

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Diving with a swim snorkel and breathing underwater can be very fun if you are an adorable fan of swimming pool sports. Unlike diving, it is not necessary to be an expert in snorkeling, and you can enjoy aquatic life just by swimming.Best Swim Snorkel Reviews

This activity can be done even by children, and for this, you can get a good set of the snorkel for adult and children too. However, finding the best snorkel might be a challenge since the market is full of different types and brands of swimming snorkel. For that reason it is good you know the best snorkel which will suit you best. The review below will give you an insight into the best snorkel in the market and help you make the best decision, so read through!

breathing underwater is not so easy alright? These magic gears make you more and more surprised! when you have the opportunity of using these cool swimming equipment. Look at this small picture to have an idea, how this girl continues breathing under the water. It’s looking cute? Yes! I think so.

When did I decide to write this Swim Snorkels review what I think to let you know? First, I spent hours and hours to figure out what are the main problems faced by users then I identify the snorkel common problems then I selected the items which actually super good for swimmers.

Top Picks: 10 Best Swim Snorkels for 2020

I have made a decent comparison table of the items which are the best snorkels for swimmers are beginners and professional. Before you are gonna buy these products just think about a fact that you are professional swimmers or non-professional swimmer. If you are here to buy your snorkel for an occasion you might simply avoid them because of these items a bit costly. I make no sense to spend a lot of money for a day.

If you think that you need the best product on swimming snorkel the go through the article.

Item NameStep Tread DimensionsPrice
Access Pool Step31 x 32 x 83Check Price
Curve Pool Steps27 x 10 x 11Check Price
Deluxe Above Ground Ladder5 x 18 x 22Check Price
Vinyl Works A Frame47 x 20 x 14Check Price
Confer In Ground Base Steps27 x 10 x 11Check Price
Blue Wave NE122SSUndefinedCheck Price
BiltMor Above Ground StepUndefinedCheck Price
Confer 6000X46 x 56 x 10Check Price
Main Access Above Ground PoolUndefinedCheck Price
FibroPRO Stainless Steel36 x 30 x 8Check Price

1. FINIS Adults and Junior Swimmer’s Snorkel

FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkel is a perfect water snorkel for a triathlete or a great swimmer. The long tube lends itself to block large waves or extreme water disturbances, making it one of the best swimming gear. The FINIS snorkel is available in some bright colors, which makes it a fun accessory.FINIS-Adults-and-Junior-Swimmer’s-Snorkel-Review

However, they have another reason: the highlighted colors can allow a swimmer to emerge in the sea, lake or waterway, which makes it an incredible safety feature. The snorkel accompanies an additional element of a unidirectional purge valve. That makes it a bit heavier, but many people do not see the distinction.

Because the central swimming snorkel is mounted in the center, the Finis Swimmers snorkel allows you to see even with standard swimming goggles. The central support avoids your primary field of vision, which means that you can concentrate on what you are doing and not emphasize where you are going.

As a general rule, Snorkel Finis swimmers are a decent option for a person who hopes to improve their fitness continually to fight for the air. A more modern swimmer can have a good time without emphasizing how to breathe while staying afloat, while the more experienced swimmer can concentrate on his form and not on his breathing or line of sight.

The FINIS swimmer snorkel is an original and is the most famous of the group and, therefore, is at the top of the list among the best swimming snorkels. They are available in standard FINIS, yellow and pink.

We realize how irritating it is to want to focus on what you are doing, but this sacred habit of breathing is a burden. The Finis Swimmers Snorkel is centrally mounted and allows swimmers of all ages and experiences to do so.


  • Designed to build lung endurance
  • Universal fit and V02 max increases aerobic capacity
  • Stays in place during freestyle, breaststroke, flip turns, and butterfly swimming
    Center-mount design
  • Adjustable head bracket
  • One-way purge valve
  • Hydrodynamic tube
  • Curves around head


  • Fragile Side clips
  • Hard to get used to the headband
  • Headband pressure cause markings

2. Kraken Aquatics Swimming Snorkel

Unlike most models, the Aquatics Dry snorkel has a delicate mouthpiece. Most swimming snorkels have a standard silicone quality for the nozzle, but it is noted that it has a slightly smaller and extremely soft tip, ideal for prolonged use. If you are looking for a dry and decent snorkel that friendly to your wallet, it is a decent option.Kraken-Aquatics-Swimming-Snorkel-Review

Users who start and have never used snorkeling when swimming with experienced divers seeking a decent mouthfeel like this thing. The soft Kraken Aquatics snorkel silicone tip allows you to float comfortably and minimize jaw fatigue. The mouthpiece is made of high-quality hypoallergenic silicone, delicate and adaptable, and comfortable enough to make you forget that it is even in your mouth.

The adjustable and lightweight headrest accompanies the delicate cushions and a silicone strap to ensure a pleasant fit. The easy-to-use buckles take into account the simple adjustment of the silicone strap. The head support has recently been updated to better anchor the mounting screw.

Removing water from the tube is comfortable with the unidirectional purge valve located below the nozzle. The construction of the unidirectional bleed valve is tilted back to prevent air bubbles from influencing the line of sight. The position of the safety tube reduces the resistance to water while swimming, which allows you to swim more efficiently with less effort.

This Aquatics swimming snorkel is designed to keep your head still so you can concentrate on the technique of your body with a mouthpiece mounted in the center of the tube. The discreet tuba is extraordinary with a silicone tip and padded head support.

The swimmer’s Snorkel by Kraken Aquatics welcomes you to swim long lengths without turning your head to breathe, which makes it perfect for swimmers with neck or back injuries. Snorkeling will allow you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the duration of swimming without exerting unbearable stress on the wounds, which will give you a much better swimming experience.


  • Center Mounted Mouthpiece
  • Premium quality, flexible and soft silicone mouthpiece
  • Adjustable padded Head Brackets
  • Center mount snorkel design
  • Low profile snorkel tube design
  • One-way purge valve


  • Only available in Blue only
  • When taking a deep breath, the ball valve can cause issues

3. MP Michael Phelps Focus Swim Snorkel

Michael Phelps Swim Snorkel is a well-known brand, so when you see him on a swimming team, you probably go crazy. Someone who likes to get close to the pool knows the name of Olympic swim teams in competitive swimming, at the end. Man must understand what he is discussing to improve his fun.MP-Michael-Phelps-Focus-Swim-Snorkel-Review

Taking into account all aspects, take a look at how it fulfills its reputation based on the equipment it offers and the possibility that it is the ideal option for you. Also, the snorkel wraps the head tightly, which means it sinks less when swimming at high speed or when U-spinning. The Focus snorkel comes with two different sizes (a standard setting and a reduced setting) and a variety of colors.

The Michael Phelps swimming snorkel has a unique peak shape among a considerable number of snorkels. Its powerful mouthpiece and triangular beak give the tuba a power it can count on. It is incredibly resistant and does not move at all when swimming or jumping at high speeds, making it an incredible option for sprinters.

The mouthpiece is constructed with an additional flap that rests on the upper part of the mouth. That encourages the snorkel to stay in place and does not need to clinch its jaw every time it turns to prevent the snorkel from moving. The disadvantage is that it periodically catches water in the mouthpiece, which makes breathing difficult.

It seems that most users have appreciated the Michael Phelps Swim Snorkel triangular shape of this breathing tube in this configuration. The design allows the water to flow quickly without virtually any resistance known to have the typical round breathing tube.

Using a pipe to swim is not a habit to which many are all accustomed, but the Michael Phelps Swim Snorkel makes it easy to do so. The front rest and the strap are very well designed with zippers so that the belt takes into account the movement with a negligible interruption of the snorkel that moves over you.


  • Unique, low-profile, hydrodynamic tube
  • Good for cardiovascular strength
  • Cushion integrated adjustable lightweight head bracket
  • Silicone Comfo-Bite mouthpiece
  • One-way purge valve
  • Triangular tube design
  • Ideal Fitness Training swim gear
  • Good for Streamline Swim Technique
  • Available in small fit and regular fit
  • Available in Blue Neon, Black, Purple MP 2016, Blue-white and Coral


  • Sharply defined mouthpiece edges can seem awkward.
  • Cost seems elevated

4. FINIS Freestyle Snorkel

This snorkel from Finis can allow the swimmers to use the technique of freestyle strokes without any problem. It can help in keeping your head and eyes in proper position due to the curved shape of its design.FINIS-Freestyle-Snorkel-Review

By maintaining the alignment of their body correctly, the swimmers can feel relaxed, and for maximizing their efficiency, they can improve their technique of stroke. This freestyle snorkel is one of the best swim snorkels as it can allow the swimmers to swim freely by using movements in full range including the flip turns due to the consistent stability it provides.

This freestyle snorkel also allows the swimmers to turn their head to breathe and focus on the technique of their freestyle stroke without any problem. It is the best swim snorkel when used as a training tool, but it should not be used only for recreational swimming as its tube can fill with water if the position of the head of the swimmer is not proper.

It can be the best snorkel for lap swimming in the pool. It is also suitable for the swimmers who want to enjoy laps continuously or improve their stroke technique without any problem as it can be used for all styles of swimming including backstroke, butterfly and front crawl, etc.

Swimmers can turn their head to breathe and concentrate on their technique of stroke without any difficulty. One can maximize the efficiency of his stroke by maintaining the alignment of the body and keeping his head in the right position with the help of its curved design. One can use his entire range of motion including turning with flip regardless of the level of his speed.

Being made of medical-grade silicone, its mouthpiece is flexible and comfortable for every swimmer. It can be fitted to all by making some quick adjustments as its head strap is adjustable


  • You can focus on freestyle
  • Stroke technique without the interruption
  • turning the head to breathe
  • Head strap gives for quick strap adjustments
  • universal fit or fit for everyone


  • Sometimes it flops over to the side while taking flip turns

5. Zionor Snorkel

This swimming snorkel is specially designed for training the swimmers for lap swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the open water of the pool. The spout makes it the best swim snorkel as it provides oxygen in enough amount by making the flow of air smooth during the triathlon, as well as lap swimming.Zionor-Snorkel-Review

It also increases the speed considerably. It has a thick pad which sits comfortably and firmly on the head of the swimmer to remain comfortable while eliminating movement in flip turns in all types of stroke swimming. Its mouthpiece is made of durable, odorless and feed grade material. It is designed to remain in its place and perfectly fits into the mouth to drain out the entire water while exhaling.

Its hydrodynamic and sleek design allows the swimmers to feel the minimum resistance of water and swim effortlessly. It will enable the swimmer to rotate his arms smoothly and improve the efficiency of his stroke by maintaining the alignment of his body due to its front mounting feature.

It is also the best swim snorkel for the training of snorkeling and diving. The dry top of this snorkel prevents choking when submerged underwater as it prevents or minimizes the incoming of water into the tube due to the flotation mechanism used in it.

It can quickly build confidence in the snorkelers and swimmers by allowing them to swim efficiently by conserving their energy. The purge valve of this snorkel has been designed elliptically to provide water cleaned instantly and get the happy experience of the flotation system of this snorkel.

The flexibility of its mouthpiece reduces the fatigue of the swimmer’s jaws to the minimum while diving or swimming in open water or a pool. The tube of this snorkel has a solid clip attached to it to keep the mask tight while diving. This clip can be installed and removed easily.


  • Training snorkel for swimmers, divers, and snorkelers
  • Flexible and improved mouthpiece for easy and perfect fitting
  • Saves energy of swimmers by allowing the swimmers to swim efficiently
  • Firm and comfortable head-pad to eliminate movement in flip turns
  • Designed to mount at the center to reduce the fatigue of jaws
  • Top of this snorkel remains dry
  • Ensure smooth and comfortable breathing
  • Elliptically designed purge valve for cleaning the water instantly
  • Designed for fast swimming
  • Easy to install and remove clip to tighten the mask while snorkeling


  • Instruction for users is not provided with the package to allow them to use it properly

6. Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel

The float ball system used in this dry snorkel helps in keeping its opening dry by keeping the saltwater out of it. When submerged into the water this floating system closes the commencement of this snorkel situated at its top and opens it again when it comes at the surface of the saltwater.Kraken-Aquatics-Dry-Snorkel-Review

In this way, it is the best swim snorkel as while snorkeling it keeps the saltwater out of the mouth of the swimmers. Its mouthpiece is made of silicone to allow the swimmers to enjoy the comfort of its firm but soft fitting for a long time while snorkeling, spear-fishing or scuba diving. It does not hurt your mouth like plenty of other snorkels with a cheap mouthpiece.

Its hose made of corrugated silicone to provide more flexibility to the swimmer as he can wrap it around his face in a more natural manner to keep it into his mouth more easily while snorkeling or scuba diving. It also allows the mouthpiece to remain away from the mouth when the swimmer is not using it.

The one-way purge valve of this snorkel also makes it the best swim snorkel as it helps in clearing out the water efficiently to keep the snorkel dry. At times water can enter into the snorkel but to keep it dry its one-way purge valve clears out that water quickly and easily even when the swimmer is snorkeling or scuba diving under the water.

It has a quick-release clip which can allow the swimmers to disconnect or connect the mask of this dry snorkel easily. This quick release clip can be used very quickly for this purpose as it is designed to release soon. This clip can also be used to ensure better fitting the mask of dry snorkel just by adjusting it easily.


  • Suitable for snorkeling, spear-fishing and Scuba Diving
  • Dry top with floating ball system to keep it dry in any condition
  • Comfortable mouthpiece made of silicone
  • Quick and extremely convenient release clip for better fitment of the mask
  • One way Purge valve for clearing water quickly and easily


  • It was not found suitable for freshwater swimming
  • As it does not close tightly and water comes in it

7. FINIS Original Snorkel

When you’re looking for snorkels which are good enough for beginners and expert swimmers alike, you can choose this one. The design is such that it is easy to use. It is one of the common reasons why it is considered to be one of the best swim snorkels which you can opt for.FINIS-Original-Snorkel-review

Additionally, the mouthpiece is made from a silicone material. With high-quality silicone material used, you can be sure that you will be able to use the snorkel without any problems at all. Due to this widespread reason, it is pretty durable. With the help of the adjustable head bracket, you can be sure that you will be able to wear them without any problems.

The center-mount design ensures that it is highly stable when you’re swimming. Moreover, irrespective of the type of swim strokes which you opt for, it will always remain in its place. It could be the main benefits of this swim snorkel.

When you look at the additional features, you will realize that it consists of a one-way purge valve. That is why, if water creeps through, it will be removed quite easily as well. It means that you will be able to use it consistently without any problem at all. The hydrodynamic design ensures that even when you use it for a longer period, there will be no pain in the head or the neck. Thus, it is pretty comfortable for everyone to use.


  • It has a center mount design
  • It is highly stable
  • It has a hydrodynamic design
  • It has a one-way purge valve
  • It has a silicone mouthpiece
  • It is suitable for experts as well as beginners use
  • It is easy to use
  • It has an adjustable head bracket


  • The purge valve is not that easy to use

8. Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel

Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel comes with four different color options to choose from and hydrodynamic design. You will have no issues when you’re selecting this snorkel. It is also pretty easy to use. The minimalistic design ensures that you do not need to worry about the learning curve while using it. You can use it without any problems right away.Speedo-Bullet-Head-Snorkel-Review

The advantage of the hydrodynamic design is that it is highly stable. Whether you’re swimming at low speeds or higher speeds, it will remain stable without any problem at all. When you look at the headband, you will realize that it is padded. Due to this very reason, you will face no issues when using this snorkel. Also, the minimalistic design reduces any kind of a drag. It also improves your visibility due to minimalistic design which is a definite advantage. The design is based on a teardrop shape. As a result, it can cut through the water quite easily.

Moreover, with the help of the smaller tube, you will be able to easily improve your lung capacity over a period which is a definite advantage. With the help of silicone head strap, you can be sure that it will be highly durable. The silicone mouthpiece can be easily cleaned whenever you want. Thus, maintaining it in a hygienic condition is pretty easy as well. All in all, you can surely go for this swim snorkel as it is easy to use and easy to maintain.


  • It has a minimalistic design
  • It consists of a padded headband
  • The mouthpiece is easy to clean
  • It provides you a higher field of vision underwater
  • It is available in 4 different colors
  • It has a minimal drag


  • It requires frequent purging

9. Arena Swim Snorkel

When you look at the design of this very snorkel, you will realize that it has a frontal design. Due to this very reason, you can easily opt for proper body alignment to reduce the drag. Moreover, since it is available in 3 different colors, it will become much easier for you to choose the one which you like the most.Arena-Swim-Snorkel-review

When you look at the mouthpiece, it is made from silicone. As a result, you will be able to use it quite easily. Also, it consists of a purge valve as well. It ensures that any water which is obstructing can be easily eliminated. With the help of slim design, you can be sure that your vision will not be obstructed in the water. It is highly portable which ensures that you can carry it with yourself wherever you want.

When you’re using the snorkel, you will not be required to turn your head to breathe. It means that your sole concentration will be on the strokes which you are making rather than the breathing technique. You will not have to change your strokes at all to use the snorkel.

It is one of the main reasons why it has become so famous. It is good enough for drills as well as actual competitions. If you’re looking for a versatile swim snorkel, you can consider this option.


  • It is available in 3 different colors
  • It has a minimalistic design
  • It does not obstruct vision
  • It has silicone mouthpiece
  • It has a purge valve


  • The strap can become a bit loose after a period

10. TYR 2.0 Ultralite Snorkel

The compact design and a couple of color options make this swim snorkel one of the best swim snorkels which you can choose from. Additionally, it consists of a lot of different features as well.TYR-2.0-Ultralite-Snorkel-review

The entire design of the swim snorkel is in such a way that there is perfect body alignment. Thus, the swim snorkel will aid you rather than obstructing your body alignment. It is one of another reason why it is so useful. Additionally, the weight of the swim snorkel is just 175 g which is a definite advantage.

The design of the hydrodynamic tube is such that there is proper stability. You can ensure that you will be able to swim at faster speeds without any obstruction at all. It is one of the main reasons why it is considered as one of the best swim snorkels which you can opt for.

Moreover, it helps you in improving your lung capacity over a period which is a definite advantage as well. Also, the mechanism is such that small quantities of water can be quickly eliminated if required. The design of the snorkel is such that you will not have to turn your neck around to breathe. It ensures that you can spontaneously concentrate on your activity without having to change your technique.

The snorkel also comes along with a mesh bag which ensures that carrying it around is not a problem at all. When you look at the design, you will realize that it consists of 2 air restriction end pieces which you can use according to your requirement. All in all, it is a versatile snorkel which you can easily use for an extended period without any problem at all.


  • It comes in 2 different color options
  • It has a compact design
  • It is lightweight
  • It is highly stable
  • It comes along with a mesh carrying bag


  • The hair can get stuck in the strap holes

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