5 Best Swim Jammers (Reviewed for Swimmers) in 2020

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Best-Swim-JammersSwim jammers are a popular choice among the serious, competitive swimmers for both training and competing. They’re known for their compression, close-fitting design and knee-length style providing more coverage than the swim briefs and trunks.

And because you will be laying all your trust of excellent performance to your suit while race swimming then you need to ensure you get the best swim jammer.

However, get the best model can be a challenge today since the market is overflowing with different models and brands. The availability of different makers and prices will always need you to have well-done research to ensure you get the best.

But where do you start? Do not panic as I have done all the work for you. Below I have brought together a list of the best swim jammers available today and prepared a buying guide to help you get that one model that gives you the best performance and results. Use it to find a model that will meet all your needs.

Top 5 Best Swim Jammers Reviews For 2020

Brand & NameColorsSizesPrice
Speedo Male Jammer Swimsuit420Check Price
Speedo Men and Boys38Check Price
TYR Sport Men’s Solid35Check Price
WUAMBO Swimwear Men’s55Check Price
ATTRACO Women’s114Check Price

1. Speedo Male Jammer Swimsuit – Endurance+ Polyester Solid

Speedo Male Jammer Swimsuit is made of 50% Polyester and 50% PBT which gives endurance and solid build. The jammer features a four-way stretch technology which provides a body-hugging fit, soft comfort and excellent shape retention.Speedo Male Jammer Swimsuit - Endurance+ Polyester Solid

The chlorine-resistant finish allows it to retain color while giving it a long-lasting style. The endurance fabric on this jammer creates a tighter and better body fit than Lycra.

Additionally, this jammer has Low moisture absorption and quick drying. It also comes with a front gusset and an inner drawcord at its waist to ensure you get the best comfort. The great jammer styling offers more and better coverage to the legs.

And to provide you get the best swimming performance, optimal stretch and stronger seams, this jammer is constructed with an exclusive nine thread flatlock stitching technology.


  • Superior color retention
  • Resist bagging and sagging
  • Unique four-way stretch
  • Great shape retention
  • Drawstring at waist
  • Chlorine resistant


  • Leg openings are too tight
  • Shorter than advertised

2. Speedo Men and Boys – Rapid Splice Jammer Swimsuit

The Men and Boys’ Rapid Spice Jammer Swimsuit is yet another well-performing swimsuit from the Speedo. Speedo has yet again proved to produce a high-quality jammer that comes with a better fit and innovation.Speedo Men and Boys – Rapid Splice Jammer Swimsuit

It also features a rapid splice which makes it a great swimsuit and an everyday core jammer with athletic color blocking details from race and performance line. The swim jammer styling is also excellent for adding compression when swimming thus reducing fatigue.

Furthermore, this swimsuit features a trademarked Xtra life Lycra that is proven to last five to ten times longer than a typical Lycra. With the use of this material together with Nylon, there is no bag or sag, and it will look like new even after extended use.

Another feature that impressed me is the nine-thread flatlock technology which offers stronger seams, added comfit, and an optimal stretch. With this jammer, you will enjoy a better swimming, pool play or any other water swimming activity.


  • Made of 74% Nylon and 26% Xtra Life Lycra
  • More coverage and greater compression
  • Unique 9-thread flatlock stitching
  • Lasts 5 to 10 times longer
  • Resists bagging, sagging
  • Superior fit and feel


  • Flimsy waist string

3. TYR Sport Men’s Solid – Durafast Jammer Swim Suit

TYR Sport Men’s Solid Durafast is an ultimate team swim jammer that is built using polyester and polyester PBT. It’s total chlorine proof for 72-hour exposure. The durable polyester fabric used on this jammer lasts twenty times longer than a typical swimsuit.TYR Sport Men’s Solid – Durafast Jammer Swim Suit

Another feature that grabbed my attention is the 100% colorfastness provision. You will also love to hear that this jammer will protect you from unsurpassed UV rays.

The TYR Sport Durafast Jammer Swim Suit also comes with a four-way stretch technology which allows it to maintain an excellent fit. The jammer hits above the knee and offers a tremendous fit.

It also features a free range of motion and adjustable drawcord waist giving the best comfort you need while enjoying yourself in water. The jammer is ideal for young athletes who need reliable coverage which won’t weigh them down.


  • Made of 53% polyester and 47% Polyester PBT
  • Lined, hand wash, cold water
  • 4-Way Stretch Technology
  • Unsurpassed sun resistance
  • Made in USA/China
  • Chlorine proof


  • Fades after some time in use

4. WUAMBO Swimwear Men’s – Swim Jammer Shorts

The WUAMBO Swimwear is a men’s swim jammer short made from 84% polyester and 16% spandex for extended durability, comfortable fit and optimal stretch. The materials are excellent for long-wearing, breathable and fast drying.WUAMBO Swimwear Men’s – Swim Jammer Shorts

If you’re an athlete searching for the best swim jammer which won’t weigh you down, then WUAMBO Jammer is an ideal swimsuit for you.

The jammer also features cool prints, compression, and recovery properties. You can only hand wash this jammer and with just cold water as it is known to lose shape if dry cleaned or cleaned with hot water.

The front elastic waist lining is lined with a soft lining to ensure you get the maximum comfort and performance. It’s ideal for all men swimmers, water enthusiast, fitness, exercise, and triathletes.


  • Great stretch, Speed dry and recovery properties
  • Long-wearing, breathable and comfortable
  • It’s super lightweight yet strong
  • Cool prints and UV resistance
  • Soft front lined elastic waist
  • Excellent Compression


  • The jammer isn’t chlorine-free

5. ATTRACO Women’s – Swim Bottom Jammer Swim Shorts

The ATTRACO brand is a well-known name in the swim costume industry, and many love their products because of their stylish and charming designs.ATTRACO Women’s – Swim Bottom Jammer Swim Shorts

Many customers love Their ATTRACO Women’s Long Board jammer swim shorts for its high-quality, beautiful, comfortable and well-made design. The jammer comes with an American Culture and fashions favorite trend design giving you an outstanding look among your competitors.

The jammer is high waist allowing to offer you the best, full coverage for tummy control. The shorts also come with long leg-boy designed legs which cover up the thighs making you feel more confident while providing with more slimming.

The jammer’s PF fabrication will protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB while engaging in an outdoor sport.


  • Made of 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex and Lining 100% Polyester U
  • PF fabrication protects from harmful UVA and UVB
  • Tummy control full coverage
  • Boyleg bathing suit bottoms
  • Built-in bikini bottom
  • High waist bottom


  • Fades
  • Not ideal for ladies with a curvy shape

What to Look for in a Best Swim Jammers?

Choosing your swim jammer requires careful reflection. That is important because you do not want to risk your body and risk damaging it. And you’ll want to avoid any uncomfortable skidding or any misstep of fashion while enjoying the sun. Therefore, it is always best to remember all the selection parameters of the swimsuit before focusing on one.

Body type

When it comes to swimming jammer, the saying “one size fits all” is not valid. The swimsuit comes in many shapes and sizes. They are highly customized to fit a wide range of men and women. To choose the perfect swim jammer, you must determine your body type. Classify yourself as thin, toned, healthy, round, fat, etc.

That is an essential exercise since some types of swim jammer do not look good for everyone. A swimsuit jacket may look good on a plump woman, but the same will be utterly horrible on a well-toned girl. Similarly, a diadem in a fat woman would be the worst case.


Size matters substantially when it comes to swimming jam, so choose the size that suits you best. Remember that swimming company that practice jamming use different scales to measure suit size. Therefore, always test the suit before buying it.

Type of fabric

Health is wealth. Your swimsuit will not only increase your style quotient but also protect your delicate organs. Therefore, be very careful when choosing your Swim Jammer fabric. In general, materials such as nylon, spandex, and velvet are not suitable for everyone. Such issues can cause rashes and other allergies. Therefore, do not buy a swim jammer if it does not suit your skin type.


Although the fundamental objective of Swim Jammer is the same, there are different subordinate objectives. Some of the most popular are modeling swimsuits, windsurfing, swimming or other water sports, sunbathing or swimming in the pool.

If it is assumed that the swim jammer only adds more glamor, the sharp factor increases, and if this means for the screen, personalize it with pareos, tunics, caftans, short camouflages, long camouflages, etc. Each one has different body proportions. Therefore, what suits someone else may not seem right. Take your time, and buy what suits you best.


How do I wash/clean my swim jammer?

After removing your jammer rinse it again by hand and in cold water. You can wash it using a mild soap and tap water to remove chlorine and saltwater.

Can I put my Swim Jammer in a dryer?

No! Not ever. If you need to dry your swim jammer between sessions, you can layout a dry towel and when you get home or to a hotel, you can let it air dry. You can hot-breathe it if necessary but never dry it using a dryer. Additionally, never hang it up to dry as the weight of the suit fabric, cloth line or hangers can cause the suit to stretch.


Now that you have gone through the top best swim jammers available and the buyer’s guide, I believe you already have a model in mind that meets all your need. Why don’t you head out there and buy it and enjoy your next swimming event with the best jammer? Use the FAQs above to ensure you use your swimsuit correctly.

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