6 Best Sump Pumps for Draining a Hot Tub (In 2020)

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Best Sump Pump for Draining Hot TubsA hot tub is an endless, all-season source of entertainment. It’s probably the reason why hot tubs continue to be popular. It might come as a surprise, but many hot tub owners don’t realize that all hot tubs require complete draining and refilling every 3-4 months.

Draining a hot tub isn’t a hard task as you can connect a hose to it and allow the gravity to drain out the water. However, this method is ideal for above-ground raised hot tubs, and it’s time-consuming. If you’re in a hurry or your hot tubs is in-ground, then you need to get a sump pump, connect it, and drain the water.

The best sump pump for draining hot tubs can help you remove the water in minutes instead of hours. The challenge comes in with finding the perfect model for your hot tub. However, you do not have sweat too much. My guide here will facilitate the search by providing you with the top best models available and buying help.

Top 6 Best Sump Pumps For Draining Hot Tub of 2020

I’ve listed down the top best sump pumps ideal for draining hot tubs available today. All the products in the lists are high-power and versatile for a full application.

1. WAYNE WWB WaterBUG Pump

WAYNE WWB WaterBUG – Submersible Pump with Multi Flo TechnologyMy first model in this list of the best sump pump for draining hot tub is the Wayne WWB WaterBug Pump. It’s a uniquely designed, high-rated, and top-quality model that offer reliable results.

It’s assembled in the US using foreign and domestic parts to give it the perfect structural design and crafting. One thing that makes this pump outperform other models in the market is the use of two drain system; top and side discharge.

The top drain/discharge works great in those tight space inside a hot tub while the side-discharge work marvelously on flat open surfaces. The utilization of modern innovation like Multi-Flow technology allows maximization of the pump’s power without exceeding its working capability.


  • Corrosion Resistant discharge outlets
  • Innovative Multi-ring suction strainer
  • Thermoplastic Construction
  • Top and side discharge
  • Multi-Flo technology
  • Tethered cap seals


  • Low water flow

2. ECO-FLO Products SUP55 Utility Pump

ECO FLO Products SUP55 Manual SubmersibleECO-Flo Products Sump Pump is another well designed draining pump designed to take away the hassle if removing water from your hot tub. The SUP55 Manual Utility pump comes as a submersible 1/4HP – 1900GPH sump pump featuring a long power cord.

As a power cooled model, it offers long hours of draining water from sinks, clogs, tubs, and more. Consumer praises this sump pump for its robust, durable, and compact construction.

It’s made from high-quality corrosion-resistant thermoplastic for long term service and at the best value. The best part is, it has passed all the ISO 9000 quality tests, and it is CSA approved, meaning it’s super safe for use.


  • Continuous duty for higher efficiency
  • Corrosion-resistant thermoplastic
  • Portable and submersible
  • Less energy consumption
  • CSA approved


  • No on/off switch

3. Aceshin Submersible Water Pump Sump

Yescom 1HP 3432GPH 750W Submersible Dirty Clean Water Pump Swimming Pool Pond Flood Drain Heavy Duty Water TransferHere is another top-performance sump pump model ideal for hot tub draining, The Aceshin Submersible Water Sump Pump. It comes as a 1/2HP portable clean/dirty water pump sump featuring a light switch for convenient on and off operations.

It’s also come in three different outlet sizes with three different diameters for outflow, providing hose pipe universal connectivity. The pump provides excellent ability to drain hot tubs, swimming pool, cellars, and even garden ponds.

Apart from that, it’s perfect for utility and household applications water transferring. Its thermoplastic corrosion-resistant construction makes it high-strength while also protecting its metal parts from rust and corrosion. Its automatic start/stop feature makes it quite convenient to use.


  • Top-quality Thermoplastic body
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Valid safety requirements
  • Start/stop automatically
  • Higher Base Plate


  • Too high base plate
  • Hose connector not included

4. Professional EZ Travel Collection Drain Pump

Professional EZ Travel Collection Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Drain PumpNext is a professional model, The EZ Travel Collection Drain Pump, which delivers unmatchable performance. It’s a hot tub and swimming pool draining pump with up to 3700GPH. As a powerful submersible drain pump, it’s capable of removing your hot tub in minutes.

Its newly crafted folding bottom feet allows natural drain of the low lying water. Another thing that makes this model more durable and efficient is the overheat prevention mechanism which shuts it automatically when the water level becomes too low.

Apart from that, it does also feature heavy-duty construction and impact-resistant casing, giving it extended durability. I was impressed to learn that EZ Travel Collection supplies it with a waterproof cord, a hose, and connecting clamps for easy and faster setup.


  • Durable, heavy-duty, impact-resistant
  • Submersible and portable
  • Removable and adjustable spigot
  • Extra-long waterproof cord
  • Powerful yet compact
  • Folding bottom feet
  • Easy to use


  • None

5. Homdox Submersible Water Sump Pump

Homdox 750W 3400GPH Ruyiot Submersible Sump PumpWhen you want to drain water from your hot tub, you need a sturdy, heavy-duty submersible water pump which is durable and easy to use. That is what you get with this next drain pump, The Homdox Sump Pump. It’s a powerful, robust 1/2HP portable pump with 2115GPH.

It comes with a long 15ft cable and a light floating switch to make it more convenient to use. According to the Homdox Sump Pump consumers, it does last for long with less maintenance required.

The durability and service life relies on its long-lasting and corrosion-resistant thermoplastic construction. The crafting also protects its metallic parts from rust and corrosion. The pump is also fitted with a handle that makes it even more portable.


  • High-quality thermoplastic
  • Multipurpose versatility
  • Automatic On/OFF
  • Higher base plate
  • Portable Handle


  • Not designed for continuous use

6. Green Expert 203618 – Submersible Utility Pump

EZ Travel Collection Hot Tub and Pool Submersible Drain PumpMy last product is the Green Expert Submersible Utility Pump. It’s a powerful 1/4HP high-flow pump with up to 1585GPH. It’s designed to provide quick water removal and dewatering applications.

It can be adapted to connect to a 0.75inches standard garden hose and submersed in 20ft depth. The one thing that makes it a favorite to many of its users is the top-quality construction and dependable efficiency.

It comes with an environmental thermoplastic shell providing it with long durability. Above that, it uses a full load motor that features a thermal protector, which keeps it safe by turning it off when thermal heat builds up. Its long cord allows you to connect it to power and reach your outdoor hot tub conveniently.


  • Energy-efficient full load motor
  • Thermal safety protector
  • Lengthened power cable
  • Simple plug-in operation
  • Dependable efficiency
  • UL certificated


  • No automatic shut off function

Buying Guide

Now, what is the best sump pump perfect for draining my hot tub? If you’re still having a hard time figuring out the ideal model for you, I believe I can help. With the following considerations, you will be able to narrow down your search to a single model.

Power and flow rate

While deciding on what sump pump model to buy, you need to first look at the model’s capacity and flow rate. You need a powerful version if you will be draining large hot tubs. Even though you might have a small model, at the time, you might want to use the sump pump to remove other places in your home like the ponds.

A .25HP pump is ideal for a standard hot tub, but if you need a versatile model, then consider at .75 horsepower.

The flow rate will tell you how fast the pump will drain the water inside your hot tub. Flow rate shows gallons of water pumped in an hour. Remember, getting a pump should fasten the process, and that’s why I suggest you buy a model with a high flow rate.

Build considerations

Next, you need to check the construction and materials utilized. You can decide to buy a model featuring lightweight, robust construction. The structure must be resistant to rust, corrosion, and impact like the thermoplastic casing or aluminum body. You might be forced to add some extra bucks, but you will go home with a durable model. Since you’re buying a submersible sump pump, and you need also make sure it features anti-corrosion coating.

Type of Discharge

Sump pumps come with either a top discharge or a side discharge or both. The top outlet works well on tight spaces, while side discharge performs well on flat or open spots. I would recommend you go with a model with both but if not possible, then pick a top outlet or a side curved and rotating discharge. That way, it will be quite easy to remove all the water in your hot tub and with ease.

Features to look for

When it comes to sump pump hot tub draining, there some features you need to check to make the process more convenient for you.

One of the features is the type of hoses and adapters used. Universally connecting adapters will make it easy to connect your garden hose when required.

Next is an automatic shut-off switch. If you do not want to monitor the sump pump while it works, then I suggest you run away from a manual model. Get a model that will shut itself off when the water gets too low.

Another feature is the thermal overload protection. When the motor gets too hot, it can be damaged or even melt the plastic parts. For you to avoid that, I recommend you buy a model that comes with thermal overload safety/protector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I drain and refill my hot tub?

A hot tub or spa bath needs draining and refilling every 3-4 months, which is 2-3 times in a year.

Should I turn off the hot tub during draining?

Yes, the electrical system of your hot tub should be off while you drain. That will prevent damaging the heaters, pump, filters, and the jets.


While most sump pumps are used in draining/transferring water from flooded areas/ponds, here you’ll find a perfect model to drain your hot tub. All the models in this guide are top-quality and high-performance not forgetting durable sump pumps for draining a hot tub. That means whichever model you feel is worth your investment, do not hesitate to buy. Good Luck!

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