6 Best Steam Saunas For Home [Reviewed] in 2020

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Everyone wants to relax and rejuvenate after a long tiring day. A steam sauna gives you this and much more. A steam sauna will allow you to relax, detox, slim, do away with stress and eliminate joints and muscle aches. Imagine getting all these steam sauna benefits at the comfort of your home?Best-Steam-Sauna-For-Home

The best steam sauna for home use will bring all those benefits to your house. And to ensure you get the best steam sauna experience then you need to get the best model.

Today, the sauna market is overflowing with different models of different features, styles, and materials making it quite challenging to pick the best. And since I’m well experienced at doing researching the best models, I have prepared the review below considering online reviews and personally reviewing the products to make sure I picked the best.

I have also provided a buyer’s guide to ease the process for you. Read it through, and when you are reading the conclusion, you will have found a steam sauna that meets all your sauna needs.

Top 6 Best Steam Sauna For Home in 2020

1. Durasage Lightweight – Personal Steam Sauna

Durasage-DSS-404-Personal-Steam-SaunaIf you are among those who are searching for the best steam sauna for home, then Durasage personal steam sauna is an ideal choice for you. The sauna will give you great relaxation and detoxification in the comfort of your home.

The sauna also comes with a 60-minute timer which allows you to set the sauna sessions with intervals of 60 minutes. This Durasage home sauna also comes with a design that features the most desirable features only found on those expansive and fancy saunas. The separated steam generator gives a better user-safety.


  • Relaxing heating foot-pad and an Ergonomic chair
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • 800w steam generator
  • ETL approved heaters
  • 60-minute timer
  • Extra-large size


  • Weak crossbar
  • Not suitable for large people

2. Durherm Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Spa Sauna

Durherm-Portable-Personal-FoldingDurherm is a brand that has built its popularity by producing high-quality products, and this personal, portable, therapeutic spa sauna is one of their quality products.

The model is a home sauna that is designed to help with weight loss and detoxification. It produces steam of about 113 degrees Fahrenheit which will activate your sweat glands thus making you sweat and in turn dissolving the toxins in your body.

The heat inside the sauna forces the body to work out trying to cool down thus burning lots of calories. The unit also comes with an ergonomic foldable chair which allows you to have a relaxed sauna session.


  • Exceptional fabric material construction
  • Energy-efficient steam generator
  • Deep penetrating infrared rays
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy assembly


  • Non-even Heat distribution
  • Weak construction

3. Giantex 2L Portable Steam Sauna Spa

Giantex-Portable-2L-Steam-Sauna-Spa-Full-Body-Slimming-Loss-Weight-Detox-TherapyEnjoy sauna health benefits at the comfort of your home by getting the Giantex portable steam sauna. It’s one of the best steam saunas for home which offers full-body therapy.

The unit will help you detox, slim and support your weight loss program. The sauna uses steam at the temperature of around 117 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with the most desirable features found on those expansive and fancy saunas. Setting up is quite easy, as it will take minutes to have it entirely set up and running.


  • Powerful Separated steam generator
  • Lightweight and easy to carry Design
  • Tourmaline Negative ION heater
  • Three-foot pad heating levels
  • 60-Min Max Timer


  • No session timer
  • Insulation requires some improvements

4. AW Portable Large Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna

AW-Portable-Large-Chair-Blue-Personal-Therapeutic-Steam-Sauna-SPA-Slim-Detox-Weight-Loss-HomeIf you need the best steam sauna for home that will give you slimming, weight loss, and detoxing benefits while also offering muscles, joints, and stress therapy. The unit comes as a kit that features a steamer, a chair, remote control, and all the other sauna necessities.

It also features a detachable frame that allows space-saving. The fast connecting frame design will let you comfortably and easily install the unit. The sauna is lightweight and portable, and the chair is foldable, allowing you to enjoy your sauna anywhere you want.


  • Foldable, portable design
  • Ergonomic chair included
  • Precise steam control
  • Remote control
  • Timer function


  • Small chair size
  • Crossbar needs some strength improvements

5. Durasage Portable Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna Spa

Durasage-Infrared-IR-Spa-SaunaSimilar to its previous brother, this portable and lightweight personal steam sauna is a good match if you’re searching for the best steam sauna for home. It’s ideal for detoxing, weight loss, and relaxation.

It uses a separated powerful 800-watt steam generator and a 60-minute timer to give a perfect sauna detoxing and relaxation steam therapy.

The unit comes with a relaxation heat footpad and an ergonomic foldable chair to ensure you get comfortable while enjoying your sauna benefits. It comes with a cotton cover that features a waterproof layer to prevent moisture from penetrating thus extending its life.


  • Easy to disassemble and storage
  • Powerful steam generator
  • Super convenient to use
  • Two zippered openings
  • Foldable Chair with a bag


  • The footing area could be bigger
  • Price is somehow high

6. KUPPET 2L Folding Portable One Person Steam Sauna

KUPPET-2L-Portable-Folding-Steam-Sauna-One-Person-Home-Sauna-Spa-for-Full-Body-Slimming-Loss-WeightKUPPET 2L is a portable folding one-person portable, folding home sauna that has been very productive in helping people slim, detox and lose weight.

It comes with remote control, a steam pot, a footrest and a mat providing all the necessities required from a perfect home sauna. The unit also comes with a thick fabric that prevents heat from leaking.

Its inner layer is waterproof which helps you in achieving a better slimming effect. The KUPPET sauna is also easy-to-use, install and quite convenient.


  • Time and temperature remote control
  • Saving space and humanized design
  • Thick environmental fabric
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Automatic power off


  • The tent quality needs some improvement
  • Not great for big people

Best Steam Sauna For Home Buyers Guide

Yes, I might have given you the best steam saunas for home that are available today, but I have given you a variety from which you’ve to choose a model that will suit all your needs, and I assure you its easier said than done. Each steam sauna features its unique features and cons and is therefore vital that you pick a steam sauna that comes with the features you require. The following guide will help you identify the characteristics that your model choice should possess.


The best steam sauna for home use requires portable enough for easy transportation and storage after use. A lightweight and movable model will give the best portability. If you are using the steamer outdoor, you will need to store it, and that is why you need something that won’t take you forever to have it saved.

Size and capacity

How many people will be using the steam sauna at once? If you are planning using the sauna alone or one person at a time, then a one-person model will be an ideal choice. However, if you will be using the steam sauna with your spouse, of a family then getting a bigger sauna will be the best choice. Additionally, ensure that the sauna gives you enough area to breathe and move your legs as too many constraints can kill your relaxation.

Durability and reliability

What materials are used in making the steam sauna? Are they long-lasting? Is the sauna insulated? You steam sauna choice needs to be made from high-quality materials that will last for years. They need to be protected from damage from moisture. Make sure that the unit is well insulated to prevent steam from escaping for better reliability.

Steam generator power

A steam generator is the heart of the steam sauna, and if it’s not overpowering, then the sauna effect won’t be sufficient. You need to make sure that the steam generator is powerful enough to give continuous steam and hot enough to make you sweat. It should also be energy-efficient thus giving you low running costs and saving you on bills.


A timer, remoter controller and steam generator controller are great features that the best steam sauna should have. Your steam sauna choice should be convenient to use and operate, and these features will make it possible.


A warranty is something that will give peace of mind while using your steam sauna. It’s best to ensure that the model you pick comes with a guarantee that covers the unit itself, steam generator and other parts.


Sitting in a steam sauna is one of the most relaxing experiences. But most people only enjoy this experience once in a blue moon. Imagine if you had a sauna at home! Then you can relax in your steam room on weekends or after a tiring day at the office. So, why don’t you use the above info and make sure that you make the best choice?

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