7 Best Steam Generators For Showers 2020 [Reviewed]

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Steam Generators For ShowerA steam generator for private showers are units that bring the steam sauna to your shower room. Body steaming has been linked to a lot of health benefits including toxin dissolvent, skin hydration, and muscle relaxation among others.

By picking the right model from best steam generators for showers will guarantee that you get the best steaming benefits. So, what are the best steam generators for showers?

Finding the best steam generator for showers will require you do research and get to know what models are best and also read customer reviews to understand their performances.

And I assure you the process can be quite tiring especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. However, there is no need to losing hope as I have done the whole research, gone through customer reviews, reviewed the products personally, and came up with the report below. Below this review is a buyer’s guide that will help you find the right and perfect model.

7 Best Steam Generators For Showers in 2020

1. Steam Superior – Self-Draining Steam Generator

Superior-9kW-Self-Draining-Steam-Bath-Generator2The Steam Planet Super Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator is what you need if you’re searching for the best steam generators for showers. The device will transform your shower into that private spa and allow you to enjoy a therapeutic and body relaxing benefits.

The steam produced will hydrate your skin, soothe your tired muscles, improve and enhance your breathing, while also help with weight loss and get a more restful sleep. The control panel is waterproof allowing it to be mounted in or outside the shower room.


  • Easy Operation & Installation
  • 3-year parts warranty
  • Steam Control Panel
  • Aromatherapy outlet
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Self-draining jet


  • Produce too much steam for smaller showers

2. Steam Planet Superior – Programmable Controls

Superior-12kW-Self-Draining-Steam-Bath-Generator2Superior Self-draining steam bath generator by Steam Planet is a high-performance unit that comes with water-proof programmable controls and two chrome steam outlets.

It’s an ETL Certified steam generator proven to be safe for human use. The waterproof control panel can be mounted on either side of the shower room. The 16 feet long control panel connecting wire allows you to put it wherever you want.

The device also comes with a temperature sensor to ensure the steam temperature doesn’t get too high. The unit also has a chrome steam head which is fitted with an aromatherapy outlet for that best steam relaxing massage.


  • Easy-to-operate Control Panel
  • Precision Temperature Sensor
  • Durable Chrome steam head
  • Aromatherapy outlet
  • Self-draining system
  • ETL Certified


  • Use Celsius only
  • Too powerful for the smaller-sized showers

3. Steam Spa RY900BNC – Steam Generator

Steam-Spa-RY900BNC-Royal-Complete-Package-with-Steam-Generator2Steam Spa RY900BNC Royal Complete Package is a unit that comes with a 9kW steam generator. If you need to experience the benefits of the best steam generators for showers, then you ought to give this model a try.

With it, you will be able to provide yourself with a luxurious steam sauna package that will have everything you might need to experience the profoundly soothing and most relaxing steam bath. The kit also comes with an aroma steam head designed to immerse you deeply into that relaxing state.

The package also comes with chromotherapy lighting, controlled by a smart designed dual control panel system. The system gives full control to the lighting and temperature settings while saving your favorite configuration for future use.


  • In-Line Water Filtration system
  • Brushed Nickel Steam Head
  • Chroma therapy LED Light
  • Auto dedicated drain
  • Dual control panels


  • Expensive

4. Kohler K-1696-NA – Fast-Response Steam Generator

Kohler-K-1696-NA-13-kW-Fast-Response-Steam-Generator2The Kohler Fast-Response Steam Generator is a steam bath provider that will help you escape to a soothing experience in the comfort of your home steam shower room.

By connecting the unit to your shower system, you will be getting a sauna that will help you relax your body and mind.

The Kohler steam generator also allows one to enjoy the steam purifying benefits like respiratory relief and body toxins and impurity cleansing. The device is equipped with a Fast-Response technology produces steam in one minute.


  • Flexible time and temperature settings
  • Steam head aromatherapy reservoir
  • An easy-to-install digital control panel
  • 3-year warranty
  • Safety shut-off
  • Digital clock


  • Expensive
  • Quite large

5. Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 – Residential Steam Generator

Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 Residential Steam Generator2If you’re seeking to find the best steam generators for showers, then Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 is your answer. It’s a 7.5kW powerful residential steam generator that utilizes microprocessor operating the control to deliver the best streaming results.

The unit also features a precision temperature probe which is for optimal steam shower control. The durable and weather-resistant heating elements in this unit are removable and serviceable for easy care and maintenance.

The model interior and exterior are made from 100% recyclable stainless steel allowing to withstand the test of time. Lastly, the model comes with an easy to add plug and play spa therapy accessories and can be installed comfortably up to 60 feet away from the shower.


  • Remote thermostat controller
  • Removable heating elements
  • Integrated Time Cutoff
  • Stainless steel body
  • Digital LED display


  • Space-consuming design
  • Very bulky

6. Superior Self-Draining – Steam Bath Generator

Superior-9kW-Self-Draining-Steam-Bath-Generator2Superior self-draining 6kW steam bath generator is a high-performance steam generator that comes with a waterproof programmable control and a chrome steam outlet.

The model is here to transform your shower into the best and private spa allowing you to enjoy therapeutic and relaxing benefits.

BY using this unit, you’ll be able to soothe your muscles, improve and enhance your breathing, hydrate your skin, achieve restful sleep and help with weight loss. It also comes with all you need from a personal spa.


  • Long control panel joining wire
  • Long-lasting aromatherapy outlet
  • Easy-to-operate control panel
  • Effective Self-draining system
  • Temperature Sensor
  • ETL Certified


  • Not that energy efficient
  • Quite heavy

7. CGOLDENWALL Shower – Bath Steam Sauna Generator

CGOLDENWALL-Steam-Generator-Shower-Sauna-Bath-Home-Spa-Steam-Bath-Generator2CGOLDENWALL Steam Generator is a shower sauna steamer that can heat up to 4.2 m³ shower space. It’s easy to install a unit that is also easy to operate. It produces a consistently soft and soothing steam flow, thanks to the well-designed dual tank technology.

The model also eliminates any distracting operation noise. It comes with an ergonomic design that features an automatic water shortage protection and an inner pressure safety protection. The system also comes with an LED digital display that you can use to control the room lighting.


  • Soft and soothing steam consistent flow
  • Automatic water shortage protection
  • Over-high pressure protection
  • Dual tank technology
  • LED digital display


  • Costly
  • Require professional installer

Best Steam Generators For Showers {Buyers Guide}

Buying the right and the best steam generators for showers requires that you understand some factors which will break down the needs to specific requirements. So, follow the following considerations as they will give you a clear insight of what to look for and help you pick the best.

Shower room size

Shower room size is among the most important things worth considering while making your purchase decision. You need to check how big your shower room is as both underpowered and over-powered steam generators won’t meet the satisfaction you require.

If you need a steam generator for a shower room with an area between 100 and 250 cubic feet, buying a 10 kW steam generator is much effective than picking a 12 kW generator. Similarly, if your shower room area is over 450 cubic feet and below 550 cubic feet then choose a 15 kW steam generator as it’s much capable of giving you the level satisfaction you need.

Control panel

The steam generator requires a control panel that should easy to use and operate. The control panel need also to be waterproof allowing you to install it inside or outside the shower room. Steam with a control panel will be much more convenient. Also, the control panel will allow you to select your preferred temperature settings, and control the lighting.


Best steam generators for showers come with a variety of displays. Some come with an LED display that provides almost every information about the unit while others come with small bulbs. Pick according to your preference. But remember, these are add-ons and models with these features might cost more than that without them.


Mounting design is one of the most significant issues that might bring complications to the unit’s functionality. Some models are designed to be wall-mounted while others designed for floor mounting. Check the place of installation before heading to the market and pick a model that fits your mounting.


Best steam generators for showers need to be covered against some defects that can be caused by manufacturing quality. A model with a warranty will give peace of mind and allow you to enjoy steam showing to your fullest. Ensure you select a model that comes with a guarantee of more than a 1-year comprehensive warranty.


As you might have noticed, all the models in the review above have their unique set of features. Some steam generators are good at heating large shower rooms while other small shower rooms, but they are all the best steam generators for showers available in the current market.

Choosing the right model will require you to use the buying guide I provided and keep it simple, don’t overlook or else you will be confusing yourself more and more. Do a simple search using this guide, and at long last, you will be left smiling while enjoying a steam massage in your shower.

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