Top 6 Best Solar Pool Skimmers [Reviews] For 2020

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Best Solar Pool Skimmer ReviewsSwimming pools get dirty, and the way we handle the cleaning matters a lot. Today, there are a lot of cleaning tools you can use for your pool cleansing, like a pool skimmer. Pool skimmers are of three different types, manual, automatic, and self-driven, which are called the solar pool skimmers.

The solar pool skimmers are powered by the free solar energy collected by their built-in solar panels. They use the energy to swim all-around your pool, managing the floating leaves and twigs. It’s much costlier than a manual skimmer but hugely advantageous, easy to use, and low maintenance.

With technology improving each day and the market growing with every second, buying a solar pool skimmer can be hectic. Luckily, I’m here to share with you some of the top best solar pool skimmer reviews and a buying guide. The information I’ve provided will help you decide on the best model you can buy and get the best cleaning results. Let’s jump in!

Top 6 Best Solar Pool Skimmer Reviews in 2020

Here are some solar pool skimmer reviews I have gathered together to give you a better reach to the models you can buy. Each of the solar pool skimmers in this guide has something unique it offers, and it might be what your pool needs to stay clean.

1. Solar-Breeze NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Solar Breeze NX2 – Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner Save MoneyThe first review is about a robust and reliable model from Solar Breeze, the NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner. It comes as a cleaning robot powered by solar energy through its high-quality solar panels.

The model worked hard to ensure it removes 90-95% debris, thus helping reduce leaves, dust, pollen, and even bacteria from your swimming pool. As a long-lasting, solar-powered skimmer, it’s able to use the free energy to swim for several hours on the pool water after sundown.

The best part is, it does know how to navigate your swimming pool and also smartly get out of sticky situations. The skimmer also comes with a chemical dispenser that holds Trichlor tablets it uses to fight bacteria and keep your swimming pool fresh.


  • Cleans and remove about 90-95% debris
  • Several hours run-time after sundown
  • Convenient Chemical Dispenser
  • Autonomous in pool navigation
    Large debris capacity
  • Built to last


  • Expensive

2. Solar Breeze NX Automatic Solar Pool Cleaner

Solar Breeze NX Automatic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner Cleaning RobotThe next review is about Solar Breeze NX, a predecessor of the NX2. It’s also power and reliable even though it doesn’t hold much power as the previous model. As an automatic cleaning robot, this skimmer provides automatic pool cleaning when it removes about 90-95% debris.

It’s able to handle large and small dust particles, leaves, bacteria, and even pollen. Moreover, this model does feature autonomous pool navigation where it smartly navigates all through while it cleans.

It’s also able to get itself out of sticky situations fast and easy smartly. The best part about this Solar Breeze model is the fact that it skims, filter, and also kill bacterial using the chemical dispenser.


  • Cleans and remove 90-95% debris
  • Autonomous pool navigation
  • Huge debris collector
  • Long operating time
  • Chemical dispenser
  • Built to last


  • None

3. SolaSkimmer Automatic Solar-Powered Pool Cleaner

SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool CleanerIf you do need an automatic solar pool skimmer to reduce your energy bills, then here is another model you can consider. The SolaSkimmer Automatic pool skimmer is a powerful model that works great at removing leaves and debris before they sink.

As a cordless robotic cleaner, it does its cleaning tangle-free and hands-free. The model is designed for both inground swimming pools as well as above-ground pools. It autonomously navigates across the swimming pool while it collects the dirt, leaves, and other debris.

It’s a great way to save you from constant hand pool skimming and cut down the energy bills. It also reduces the pool pump circulation time, thus returning more money to your pocket.


  • Smart pool skimming solution
  • Autonomous pool navigate
  • Four infrared sensors
  • Skims up to 8 hours
  • Auto-turn


  • None

4. Amazon Renewed SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool Cleaner

SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool CleanerThe next model is a renewed version of the previous SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool Clear. Its attributes are quite similar only that this model has some improvements to make it look like and perform as new.

Everything on this model serves as an improvement of the previous model. It does a great cleaning job as it captures the debris and leaves before sinking to your pool bottom.

The model has a unique design fitted with four infrared sensors and two water jets, which ensures it senses obstacles like a wall. That allows this model to navigate across your swimming pool as it cleans autonomously. As a cordless unit, it’s designed to handle both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools.


  • Durable and dependable solar panels
  • Convenient autonomous navigation
  • Reliable, high-power skimming
  • Four infrared sensors
  • Built to last


  • Currently unavailable

5. Natural Current NCSKMF120WSKM Savior Solar Pool Skimmer

Natural Current NCSKMF120WSKM Savior Surface Pool SkimmerIf you’re eager to eliminate the tiring manual pool skimming, then getting the Natural Current Savior Pool Skimmer can be a wise decision. Why did I include in my best solar pool skimmer reviews?

One is the fact that it’s made in the United States using high-quality materials that make it durable. Another thing, this model does feature a unique floating design that allows it to collect solar energy and use it to clean your pool.

Additionally, this Savior Surface pool skimmer, as the name suggests, saves pool owners by catching debris before it sinks. It does a great job of reducing the need to vacuum your pool.


  • Dependable and Efficient
  • High-quality construction
  • Unique floating design
  • Smart pool navigation
  • 100% solar powered


  • None

6. Natural NCSSPSKIMF Savior Solar Pool Skimmer

Natural Current Water Products NCSSPSKIMF Pool Savior SolarAnd finally, we have a Natural Current Water Products model, The NCSSPSKIMF Pool Savior. It’s a solar-powered floating skimmer designed to capture debris before they sink into your pool. It does a great job of skimming the pool water surface while it eliminates manual skimming.

It’s a model I believe you will love as it reduces the need for frequent pool vacuuming. It has been designed to drastically improve your pool water quality safety and also build value while it saves you money.

With American integrity, this model harnesses solar energy to make water treatment eco-friendly and off the grid. It’s a hand-free, cost-effective cleaning method that you can rely on when it comes to pool cleaning.


  • Improves water quality drastically
  • Truly eco-friendly and off-grid
  • Safe with a better build value
  • Catch debris before it sinks
  • 100% solar powered


  • None

Best Solar Pool Skimmer: Buying Guide

While most people might argue that the list is too small to need a buying guide, it might take you longer than you expected to find the right model. But since I already know the tiredness that follows if you go blindly, here are some of the aspects you have to consider. They will help you settle with a model that meets your needs and those of your pool.

a) Pool type

The solar pool skimmer is made to be compatible with either above-ground or in-ground pools or both. An above-ground skimmer might not perform as intended in an in-ground swimming pool. So, it’s best if you buy a model that is compatible with your pool type.

b) Size

The solar pool skimmer size will affect how fast it’s able to collect the dirt while its solar panel size affects the effectiveness of solar energy collection. I wouldn’t tell you to run for the most prominent model, but I would like you to consider the ideal size. Which size is perfect? If you have a huge swimming pool, then consider buying a big unit or buying 2-3 skimmers. If you’ve got a small swimming pool, then a medium-sized skimmer is ideal.

c) Build Quality

Yes, a solar pool skimmer is an investment that needs to pay for itself with the services it delivers. That means it needs to be durable enough to cover the expenses as well as give you a bonus. But that won’t be possible if you buy a low-quality, low-grade unit. That’s why I recommend you buy a model that is made from high-quality materials and have a sturdy structure. The crafting needs to be UV-resistant and also waterproof in the electrical areas.

d) Cleaning and Emptying Difficulty

Cleaning and emptying is also an aspect worth considering. Different solar pool skimmers are made with various difficulties when it comes to the maintenance routine. Without being careful, you will end up buying a model that gives you headaches while cleaning. So, I suggest you read the customer reviews and see how the unit performed on the customer’s hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many skimmers does my pool need?

According to APSP – Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, you need to have one pool skimmer in a 400 square feet pool surface.

Is the solar panel of a solar skimmer replaceable?

No. The panels are built-in, and they are made to last. Unless they are hit by something hard, they can stay on shape for quite a while.


No one likes a dirty swimming pool. Right? Not you, not your visitors and mostly not your pool pump and filtration system. If your pool pump and filtration get dirty and clogged, they can incur thousands of dollars to have them repaired or replaced.

So, getting the best solar pool skimmer is a cost-effective and better way to protect the system and also keep your swimming pool clean. Use the above solar pool skimmer reviews to find a model that fits your budget and meets all your needs. Good Luck!

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