6 Best Solar Pool Rings Reviews (Updated in 2020)

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Best Solar Pool Rings ReviewsEvery swimmer wants to swim in a warm swimming pool, especially when the weather is cold. When the summer ends and fall arrives, most of the swimming pools get colder. That’s the time many pool owners invest in the expensive pool heating appliances like an electric heater.

For those who don’t want to go fancy, you can decide to use the best solar pool rings for the same job, heating the pool water. Solar pool rings are an affordable option of keeping your swimming pool water warm. The solar rings use free heat energy from the Sun to heat the pool during the day, thus eliminating the energy bills.

Their thermal blanket effect works great at helping in heat retention during the night. Another thing, they reduce water and chemical evaporation. And you know what, they are quite easy to install or remove.

With that in mind, would you like to know how to find the best solar pool rings today? I bet you would. Inside this guide, I have provided you with all the info you need to purchase the right solar pool ring(s) for your swimming pool.

Top Best Solar Pool Rings In 2020

The first step to finding the best solar pool rings is knowing the ideal models available in the market. I have done a listing for you to facilitate your search. They include:

1. Solar Sun Rings SSR-1 Solar Pool Heater

Solar Sun Rings SSR 1 Solar Sun Rings Solar Pool HeaterMy first best solar pool ring for you is the top-quality, highly-rated Solar Sun Rings SSR-1. It’s a solar heater that provides 21,000 BTUs of heat per solo ring per day and for free.

It’s made from dual heavyweight UV resistant vinyl, which heavy-duty and also resistant to water chemicals. As an inflatable solar ring, the upper transparent layer of this solar ring holds insulating air while focusing the sunlight on the blue lower layer.

Its blue layer absorbs around 50% sunlight and also converts it to heat. With each inflatable unit measuring 60-inches in diameter, the units are also equipped with magnets that attach them.


  • Provides 21,000 BTU/day for EACH unit
  • Heavyweight UV resistant Vinyl
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Inflatable Rings
  • Six magnets


  • A little expensive
  • Takes time to heat the pool

2. Solar Sun Rings 10-Pack Solar Pool Heater

Solar Sun Rings Pool Water HeaterMy next model is the high-quality and top-performing Solar Sun Rings Solar Pool Heater that comes in a pack of ten units. As a passive solar pool heating device, it features two layers of durable, heavy-duty UV-resistant Vinyl.

Its upper transparent layer does a great job of directing the sun rays to its bottom layer for absorption. The lower blue layer, on the other hand, works its magic by absorbing around 50% of sunlight, which it then converts to heat. As an inflatable unit, the air between the two layers acts as an insulation preventing heat loss after absorption.


  • Efficient dual-layer heating design
  • Heavy-duty UV resistant Vinyl
  • Absorbs about 50% sunlight
  • Comes in a 10-Pack
  • Inflatable design


  • The Solar Sun Rings might vary in design and color
  • Require additional coverage for effectiveness

3. Solar Sun Rings SSR SSRA-100 Pool Water Heater with Anchors

SSR SSRA 100 Solar Sun Rings Pool Water HeaterThe next model in the list, the SSR SSRA-100, is one of the most customer-praised Solar Sun Rings Pool Heaters. It’s quite similar to the above two, but this model does come with anchors.

It’s made from dual layers of sturdy, UV-protected Vinyl material ideal for an unbeatable heat collection and extended durability. The model features a transparent upper layer, which allows the sun rays to pass all through to the next blue layer.

The second layer is designed to absorb and convert the sunlight collected to heat, which is then distributed to the pool. The sunlight which remains is filtered through the ring to your swimming pool water.


  • Sturdy UV-resistant vinyl crafting
  • Does not require a flotation device
  • 50% sunlight absorption
  • Dual-layer construction
  • Inflatable Design
  • Air-insulation


  • Small coverage area
  • Expensive than a typical pool cover

4. Sun Ring Plain Round Solar Cover

Sun Ring Plain Round Solar CoverMy next product for you is the robust and sturdy Sun Ring Plain Round Solar cover. The solar ring is constructed of high-quality polished Vinyl with UV protection. The crafting features a two-layer design that allows proper sunlight capturing and collection.

The upper layer enables the sunlight to pass through to the second blue layer for conversion. The second blue layer absorbs 50% of the sunlight, which then converts to heat. The remaining 50% of sunlight is filtered through the layers deep into your swimming pool.

With that, this Sun Ring Cover is designed for continuous use without encouraging a pull full of mustard algae. The solar ring is intended to be compatible with all automatic pool cleaners. It’s also compatible with the pool solar panel system providing your pool with double solar heat energy and ideal night insulation.


  • Easy placement and removal
  • Designed for continuous use
  • A lightly frosted lower layer
  • High quality polished Vinyl
  • Above-ground/In-ground


  • Material Quality can be better

5. Solar Sun Rings 3-Pack Plain Blue Swimming Pool Heater

Solar Sun Rings Plain Blue Swimming PoolIf you haven’t found a model you can buy yet, here is another top-performing Solar Sun Rings model ideal for purchase. The Plain Blue Swimming Pool, sold in packs of 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, and 15.

They are passive swimming pool heating devices made from high-quality, UV resistant Vinyl. The Solar rings feature two-layer design, which allows them to collect and convert sunlight to heat.

The upper layer is clear enough to allow sunlight to pass through to the second layer, where half of it is absorbed and converted to heat. The remaining half is filtered through the sheets into the swimming pool. Each of the Solar Sun Ring units features six magnets that attach the rings. The inflatable design offers excellent air insulation between the layers.


  • Robust UV resistant vinyl construction
  • Inflatable for superior insulation
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Two-layer design
  • Solar activated


  • Not ideal in windy days

6. Solar Sun Rings NEW Sunburst Design Pool Ring

Solar Sun RingsNEW Sunburst Design 6 PackLastly, we have the 6-pack Solar Sun Rings, New Sunburst Design. These units are uniquely designed to heat your swimming pool without incurring any running costs. They are made from high-quality material, UV-resistant Vinyl, which gives them long durability and heavy-duty performance.

The center sections of these rings are now welded to the bottom to increase the heat out. Another thing, the NEW sunburst solar rings does a great job of sunlight capturing, absorption, and conversion.

It comes with two-layer design, with the upper layer featuring a transparent model for allowing sunlight through. The second one is the blue ring layer, which captures and converts the sunlight to heat. With this performance, these solar rings can keep your swimming pool water warm and swimmable.


  • Flipped over to decrease water temperature
  • Easy drainage of excess water
  • Easily placed and removed
  • Center welded section
  • Inner grid Grommets
  • Corners Magnets


  • A bit tricky to inflate

Best Solar Pool Rings Buying Guide

Buying the best solar pool rings for your swimming pool requires you to keep on the features and the construction of the products available for purchase. For you to do that, you do have to consider certain buying aspects. They include.

Quality and Durability

Solar pool rings work with exposure to sunlight. That means for the best performance and durability, and these units need to feature UV-resistance materials, which are also robust and sturdy. And since sun heat can lead to breakage or chipping, the solar pool rings should feature thick, well-seamed layers. That’s why most of the models in my list are made from heavy-duty, UV-resistant Vinyl.

Size of Your Pool

Unlike the pool covers and blankets, the solar pool rings do not cover the whole pool surface. They float on water and leave some areas uncovered. For you to make sure your pool is well covered, you need to know its size and the number of solar pool rings you require.

Ring Design and Decorations

The solar pool rings come in different shapes and designs, from circular, oval, or even rectangular. Some also come with some decorations to give your pool a new look. There are many decoration designs you can choose from, like palm trees, bubbles, and more. You need to pick as per your preferences and likes.

Heating Power

Different solar rings have different heating power. The proven ones offer 21,000 BTUs of heat for maintaining your swimming pool warmness all the time. Read the product specs while making your purchase to know how much your unit provides; the higher, the better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ideal thickness for a solar pool ring?

The thickness of the solar pool rings ranges from 8mil to 16mil. A thicker ring is better with heat retention and isn’t as quickly blown away from the swimming pool by strong winds.

Do I need to cover my swimming pool again at night?

Probably yes. The solar pool rings do not cover the entire swimming pools. That means there places where heat can escape from, meaning you do need a thermal heat blanket or sheet.


Best Solar Pool Rings are ideal when you require a rapid solution to swimming pool water heating. They offer an affordable way of keeping the pool water warm. For you to have a better solar pool rings, ensure they aren’t too heavy to get submerged or too lightweight to get blown away by winds. Use the information I have provided to find a fabulous, high-quality, robust, and durable solar pool rings and enjoy warm-water swimming. Good Luck!

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