6 Best Solar Pool Ionizers To (Buy in 2020)

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Best Solar Pool Ionizer ReviewsOne thing we [pool owners] run to keep our pool clean is chlorine. Right? Unluckily, for some of us, this chlorine is what causes the itchy, red skin and hives after a splash in a chlorine-treated swimming pool. One way to avoid this allergic reaction is by using the best solar pool ionizer. The question now is, is it a better alternative?

To answer this, you need to check on the advantages ionizer comes with. Primarily, Ionizers work with silver [bactericide] and copper [algaecide]. The two-element are great at, not only sanitizing the water but also in the prevention of mold and algae growth.

Above that, unlike chlorine solution, pool ionizers aren’t harsh to the pool and its equipment. In addition to that, these ionizers protect pool users from a potential allergic reaction and do not irritate the eye or skin.

With that said, it’s time now you get to know what this article is all about. One obvious thing is, finding the best pool ionizer to buy is a tricky process. But it doesn’t always have to be, with my article the process will be shorter, more comfortable, and straightforward.

Top 6 Best Solar Pool Ionizer in 2020

A list of the top models available comes in handy at giving you lesser options to compare. That’s why I present you with the top six best pool ionizer you can trust.

1. Floatron Solar Powered Pool Ionizer

Floatron Solar Powered Pool IonizerMy first best solar pool ionizer is the Floatron Pool Cleaner. It comes as a solar-powered ionizer that uses natural mineral copper. It’s ideal for effectively killing algae.

One thing that many consumers adore about this ionizer is the fact that it’s a safer and economical alternative for the chemical marinade. Another thing is, it comes in a portable solid-state without any moving part and no batteries.

The copper mineral used here depletes in 1-3 years depending on your poolside. With this ionizer, no more allergies, discolored hair, red eyes, or bleached suits as it reduces your chemical expenses by 80% on average.


  • Highly effective on large pools
  • Safe, durable and portable
  • High-quality copper anode
  • Additional essentials kit
  • 100% solar powered


  • High price tag
  • Not effective at night

2. Remington Solar Sun Shock Water Purifier

Remington Solar Sun Shock Water PurifierThe second product is another high-quality ionizer ideal for safer and economical pool maintenance. The Remington Solar Shock Water Purifier also uses proven technology to remove the microbes and algae from your pool.

The technique leaves the swimming pool sparkling by generating low-voltage current. The current passed through the copper tube, creating ions that kill bacteria and algae in your swimming pool.

It reduces the use of chlorine for sanitization for around 80%. It’s ideal for both above and in-ground pools and also works excellent with saltwater swimming pools. Assembly and usage are quite straightforward; all you need is to join some parts together and drop it inside your swimming pool.


  • Saves Time, Reduces Brushing and Cleaning
  • Chlorine-Free/environmental friendly
  • Uses 20-year technology
  • Reduce chemical use
  • Hassle-free setup


  • ​Less efficient in large pools
  • No additional replacement electrodes

3. XtremepowerUS Solar Pool Purifier System

XtremepowerUS Solar Pool Purifier SystemNext in the list is the powerful XtremepowerUS solar Pool Purifier which is a perfect solution to any algae problem. It comes as a complete set of algae killer ideal for cleaning your swimming pool in no time.

It’s for sure a simple solution for that complex pool problem. With a capacity of up to 32,000 gallons, it offers visible results and a continuous pool sanitization effectively and cost-effectively. It’s 100% safe to the eyes and skin and doesn’t cause hair de-colorization or skin dryness.

It also reduces the use of chlorine consumption and chlorine demand in your swimming pool by 80-90%, giving you healthier and safe swimming water. The solar technology ensures there is continuous sanitization by providing the needed energy to activate the copper anode and spread the ions all over the swimming pool.


  • Compatible with salt or chlorine pools
  • Effective on large-capacity swimming pools
  • Effective, robust solar panel
  • Deliver promising results
  • Save Money


  • Used in direct sunlight only
  • No additional replacement electrodes

4. Original Solar Pool Ionizer

Original Solar Pool IonizerHere is another well-designed ionizer created to give you the best pool sanitization. By reducing the chemical usage by 80%, the Original Solar Pool Ionizer will deal will all the algae in your pool with high efficiency.

As a pool clarifier effective in up to 35,000 gallons pool, it ensures you keep your pool clearer and crystal clear. Additionally, this model is an automatic pool cleaner that uses solar technology for the production of the electrical current required to ionize the copper electrodes.

When it floats on the water, one –it’s exposed to sunlight and 2 –it moves all-round the water spreading the copper ions. With the atoms killing the microorganisms and algae without needing your input, this device makes it super easy to maintain the pool.


  • High effectiveness in chemical reduction
  • Effective on large-capacity pools
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • High-quality and high-efficiency
  • Low price, low maintenance


  • No additional electrodes for replacement

5. Sooriyan Solar swimming pool Ionizer w/LED

Sooriyan Solar swimming pool IonizerMy next best solar pool ionizer is the top-quality Sooriyan Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer that comes with LED which lights up to show functionality. It works by filtering the water using the charged mineral ions, and it is ideal for use in spas, pools, and all similar water containing bodies.

The best part is, this Sooriyan solar pool ionizer is compatible with chlorine and saltwater pools. When used in a saltwater pool, it extends the salt cell’s life, and in chlorine, it reduces the consumption by 80%. Impressive, right?

Additionally, this model requires zero installation; all you need is to deepen it to the water right out of the box. With the copper testing kit provided, with this model, it’s super easy to sanitize your pool and also keep the copper ions balance to avoid staining.


  • Works very useful on all pool types
  • No electric or installation costs
  • Kills algae before it grows
  • Copper test kit Included
  • Led ionization indicator


  • No way to replace the LED
  • Doesn’t include a replacement anode

6. Pool Ecologix Solar Pool Ionizer

Pool Ecologix Solar Pool IonizerLastly, we have the durable Pool Ecologix Solar Pool Ionizer. It comes as an effective pool cleaner providing security and peace of mind to keep your swimming pool safe and clean in an environmentally friendly way.

As a unique model, it does come with a robust hard plastic shell providing it with perfect strength and protection. As a self-powered unit, its solar panel ensures it gets enough cleaning energy. That provides enough copper ions for keeping microorganisms and algae off your swimming pool.

With its underwater ion-dispensing anode, it will reduce your chlorine usage by 80%. The best part is, no installation hassles needed, all you need is to drop it inside the swimming pool and leave it to do the rest.


  • Provide security and peace of mind
  • Fresh and Salt Water Compatible
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Sturdy Hard Shell Plastic
  • Easy to use


  • Require cleaning after every two weeks
  • Takes some time to shows its effects

Best Pool Ionizer (Buying Guide)

Solar-powered pool ionizers are complicated devices for many. That means there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to buying one. Here are some of the aspects to consider while making your decision.

​1) Pool Capacity

The effectiveness of a solar-powered ionizer varies with various pool sizes. The efficiency is measured by how big your pool is, in gallons. You can come across some models that are highly effective in a pool with a capacity of up to 40,000 gallons or more, while some are less powerful in the same size.

So, I recommend you buy the best. How? You might ask. You have to know the capacity of your pool and check how capable the ionizer is at that capacity. Usually, this information will be available at the product description; else you got to check on the user’s manual.

2) Anode Bar

Anode bar is a crucial element in a solar pool ionizer as it generates the much-needed mineral ion ideal for water purification. Mostly, some ionizers come with the anode and even a spare, but others don’t, you need to buy it separately.

To avoid all the stress of getting the anode separately, I recommend you buy one that comes with at least one or more if you need a replacement.

While at it, check on the durability of the anode. How do you do this? Check on the size and its condition before purchase. Mostly these anodes require replacement after 2-3 years of service while some can need replacement after one year. So, get one that lasts longer for you to enjoy a cleaner swimming pool for longer.

​3) Ionizer Basket/Filter Screen

The next thing to consider is the ionizer filter/basket screen which is used to collect the debris while ionization takes place. For you to know if it’s working correctly, check for a bluish tint at its basket bottom. It needs to have that for optimal efficiency.

4) Copper Testing Strips

As I mentioned earlier, solar-powered pool ionizers use copper ions for water purification, and it’s always in high concentration. The high density can lead to pool staining and discoloration, and this where you need the testing strips. It will tell you if the copper level is in a healthy state or not.

​5) Metal Cleaning Brush

The metal cleaning brush is an abrasive implement and is used for cleaning rust and corrosion buildup which appeared on the solar pool ionizers. Without this, the rust and corrosion can lead to contamination which you’re working hard to get rid of.

Best Solar Pool Ionizers (FAQs)

How often should I clean my ionizer electrodes?

Electrode cleaning doesn’t have strict rules on how often they need to be cleaned. However, I recommend you check them every 2-3 weeks.

Can I use my ionizer in a salty water pool?

Most of the solar pool ionizers work with both chlorine and saltwater system. But if you aren’t sure if it’s designed for use in saltwater pools, I suggest you consult with the supplier.


A wise pool owner will always recommend using solar pool ionizer since it’s safe and cost-effective. Even though it doesn’t eliminate the use of chlorine, it does reduce the usage exponentially. I would recommend you get the best solar pool ionizer if you need some easy time keeping your swimming pool clean and safe. Use the information I have provided here to find the ideal model for your needs. Good luck!

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